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As Rog mentioned, Evil Angel and Jules Jordan won a HUGE case against piracy just a few days ago. On Friday, August 10th, a jury at Federal Court in downtown Los Angeles found in favor of our companies against Kaytel and it’s owner. YAY!!!!!!

What does this mean? …
Well, almost three years ago we were getting reports from video stores in New York that they were seeing our product in other stores for insanely cheap prices. The adult business has been dealing with bootlegs since the days of VHS, so Jules Jordan purchased some of these cheap DVDs that we were hearing about, and surprise, surpise… they weren’t authentic.
While the covers looked good enough that they almost fooled us, the DVD inside had horrible picture quality, and a lot of the menu items such as behind-the-scenes and the other extras just flat out didn’t work.
Through a lot of investigating from Jules, Evil Angel and our lawyers, we traced the copies back to a couple distributors here and there, and most specifically, to a Canadian licensing company who had never licensed our product.

We were very happy over the last couple of years that we have received very professional cooperation from the legal system. We were given authorizations on our warrants to search three different companies, based on evidence found in invoices and other documents.
The pirated titles in this case belonged to John Stagliano, John Leslie, Rocco Siffredi, Joey Silvera and Jules Jordan. THOUSANDS of copies were made.

Here is some more background on the case:

Evil Angel was awarded $11.2 million in copyright and trademark violations and Jules Jordan $5.3 million in copyright violations and violation of right to publicity.

Here are XBiz and AVN articles about the actual win in the copyright case:

So finally, I want to thank all of you who support the entertainment industry, and especially all of you who are fans of Evil Angel.
While this specific case dealt with hard counterfeit DVDs, the entertainment industry is battling piracy on a daily basis in the form of illegal online copies and downloads. Please know that we do love our fans, and the best thing we can do for all of you is continue to make qualtity movies for your enjoyment. :)

-Tricia Devereaux

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