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In the day and age of “the player” we (speaking for all females), usually have no idea what your guy objective is when first approached. Some aren’t as (pensive) defensive as I, but the thoughts form eventually. There are different levels upon which females “operate” when considering a guy. Consciously or subconsciously, a women’s levels are not entirely different, just more involved than a man’s and with lots more mental, and sometimes fairly vocal, footnotes. Thus, our collective “complication,” as you guys like to say. (Please Refer to Fig 1.a.)
Hey, I’m willing to admit fault and take responsibilty on behalf of women everwhere. Call me your feminine scapegoat! Baahh..
Girls *do* want to feel wanted, desired. Who doesn’t?! It’s a great feeling to be welcomed into anyone’s thoughts often enough to be persued. Some astrological signs (I use “signs” as to not gender-type) however, just enjoy the high of the chase. So henceforth, I bring you…
Jennnn’s Guide to Feminine Levels of Consideration
(Fig 1.a)
10) One night stand
He’s just too hot to pass up or damn it’s been awhile since I’ve gotten laid, hmm..
9) Fuck Buddy (PERIOD)
No talking, just tap that ass girlfriend. And regularly. It’s your cardio for the week.
8) Guy Friend *w/ benefits*
You know this will eventually turn ugly but for now, it works.
7) Guy Friend *w/o benefits*
One whom you’ve gotten to know personally and has since fallen for you or vice versa.
6) Honest to goodness Guy Friend
A good friend with whom you relate, can talk and don’t have to worry about the whole “sex thing” getting in the way.
5) Blind Date or The One-Date
One with whom you were awkwardly set up and feel obligated to have a go with at least once as a favor.
4) Casual Dating Buddy
A date with potential of leveling up..
3) Potentional boyfriend
2) Non-Exclusive Boyfriend (aka “the non-boyfriend”)
Otherwise known as fear of committment or complete denial that it’s OVER. Not to be confused with a Fuck Buddy or a Guy Friend *w/ benefits*
1) Exclusive Boyfriend
A guy with whom a girl would seriously consider losing herself and become completely vulnerable. (RARE)
I hope this helps all you guys understand our throught processes a little more. If not, I don’t know what to tell ya – you’re screwed!

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