Vegas Daytrip With Kaylynn


My Vegas Daytrip With Kaylynn
as experienced by Carly Milne
The invite came to me just a week ago: would I like to accompany Kaylynn to Las Vegas to watch her shoot a tongue fetish thing?
Well, what would you say?
Six a.m. is usually an ungodly hour for me to awaken, but with an 8a.m. flight to catch, I didn’t have much choice but to drag my sorry ass out of bed and get it clothed. My husband unit graciously drove me to the airport where I waited for Kaylynn out front of the Southwest terminal. Five minutes go by, then ten… then my phone rings.
“Where are you?” Kaylynn asks me.
“I’m outside waiting for you,” I tell her.
“Well, I’m inside waiting for you!”
How about that ” a pornstar that’s on time, if not early! We agree to meet somewhere in the middle.
The night before I had watched Kaylynn dance at the Blue Zebra, where she was wearing a kilt that barely covered her shapely ass, a white button-down shirt tied at her waist so it showed just the right amount of skin until it was time to show all the skin, and the highest fucking heels I’d ever seen. When she came offstage to chat with me, it seemed like she was ten feet taller than me.
“How do you walk in those things,” I had asked her.
She smiled. “You put one foot in front of the other.”
“No, I mean without breaking your neck.”
“You know how you see girls moving their lips when they walk in shoes like these? It’s because they’re saying little prayers with every step.”
I laughed.
This morning, though, she wasn’t in sky-high heels and a barely-legal skirt ” she was in comfy black pants that showed off a different view of her shapely ass, a pink t-shirt with no bra that hinted at nipples, and her waist-length hair was stuffed under a cap.
“I had maybe three hours of sleep,” she tells me. “I got home from dancing last night around 2am, and I didn’t sleep at all because I’m nervous about flying.”
Heading through security was the usual hullabaloo. I ran my Spongebob Squarepants purse through the x-ray without exception, but Kaylynn’s rollercase gets searched. The offending instrument? Manicure scissors.
“Aw, come on… give a girl a break,” she begs security, but no dice. The scissors are history. We headed for our gate, pausing for a drink along the way, and then debate where to sit once we walked on to the tarmac.
“Front or back,” I asked her.
“Well,” she said, looking at the plane. “If we sit in the front we won’t see everyone else dying when the plane goes down.”
“If the plane goes down, we might have a better chance of escaping if we go in the back,” I told her.
“Good point.”
The back it was.
We landed in Las Vegas an hour later without incident, and met up with Mike Sprite, the man behind Not only was he shooting Kaylynn for his tongue fetish line, but the whole shoot was being covered by the Playboy Channel show Sexcetera as well. Before taking us to the location, we all stopped for breakfast at an all-nighter with tinted windows and tons of slot machines inside.
Mike and Kaylynn each lit a Marlborough and discussed some girls they’ve worked with before, with Mike talking about how flexible one of them was, and Kaylynn mentioning that the same girl had suggested that she get a boob job.
“I’d thought of getting a boob job and a nose job before,” she says, exhaling a steady stream of smoke into the air. “But I changed my mind. I can spend seven grand on something else instead.”
Mike changes speeds. “So how did your tongue get to be so long?”
“I don’t know how it happened,” she admits. “People just kept asking me to stick out my tongue, so I did.”
Mike explains to her how the tongue video is going to happen. He plans on shooting her solo at first, just sticking out her tongue for the camera and doing tricks with it, then she’ll work with implements, such as lollipops and Popsicles.
“I can’t believe I’m finally shooting this video with you,” Mike gushes. Apparently Kaylynn has been well requested by his fan following.
“I just haven’t had time,” she explains apologetically. “They say you can rest when you’re dead… sometimes I wish I were.”
They discuss the tone of the video some more. Kaylynn will be talking to the camera a lot. She lights her fourth cigarette since we sat down. They discuss music for her scene.
“If you put my tongue to country music, I’ll never fuckin’ forgive you,” she warns.
“No, your tongue will be more of a tribal drum music thing.”
He assures her she’ll like it. I can’t say that I’ve ever thought tribal drum music would fit in any kind of porn, but what the fuck do I know? I’m just a fly on the wall.
After picking up some provisions from the grocery store, we arrive at the location ” a large and lovely house not far from the Las Vegas airport. Kaylynn sets up shop in one of the back bedrooms and starts to do her make-up as Mike tapes her. She looks at the camera momentarily, then goes back to putting foundation on her face and sings, “Painting the roses red… we’re painting the roses red…”
“So what kind of tricks can you do with your tongue, Kaylynn,” Mike asks.
“I licked my own neck.”
Mike moves his face from behind the camera to give her a ‘yeah, right’ look.
“You don’t believe me?” she challenges.
“No, I’m sure I will when you show me.”
“Maybe I will, maybe I won’t,” she says defiantly as she does her eye shadow.
“You know that it’s impossible to lick your own elbow?” he asks her, still shooting.
“I can do that too.”
Mike looks as if he’s going to faint.
“I have to go brush my tongue,” she says, heading towards the bathroom. “Do you want to film me doing that?”
Wordlessly, he follows her. Then it’s time for a smoke break, and an impromptu photo shoot.
With break time over, it’s time for work. Mike asks Kaylynn to walk into his shot and introduce herself, then tease the camera with her tongue. She does exactly that, introducing herself to the camera, licking her lips, flicking the tip of her tongue from between her teeth.
“At the airport they told my my tongue was too big and I could only take one carry-on aboard,” she says. Mike smiles broadly and gives her the thumbs up. Then she sticks her tongue out. It goes well past her chin… Gene Simmons be damned. She moves it left, right, up, down, then flicks it in and out really fast, lizard-like.
At this point Sexcetera moves in for some behind-the-scenes shots of Kaylynn’s action. That’s when she licks her neck, much to Mike’s glee. She tries to touch her nose, but can’t ” so she goes for her chin instead, rubbing her tongue around, and even getting the underside. “It’s important to lick my chin so I can get all the cum off of it,” she says sultrily.
Then she gets aggressive.
“You want my tongue, don’t you,” she says, getting right in the camera’s ‘face.’ “You want my tongue, you sick fuck? I bet you want to stick your cock against it and press it down into my throat…”
She continues on in that vein for a while until Mike gives her a final thumbs up and goes for a smoke break. Kaylynn and another girl start comparing tongues and tongue tricks.
“I can make a cum cup,” Kaylynn exclaims.
“How the fuck do you do that?” I asked.
So she showed me, curling her tongue to create the perfect reservoir for man batter. Interesting skill, that. Then she went and did her interview with Sexcetera. You’ve got to love a TV show that encourages their guests to be topless.
After Kaylynn and a late-appearing Keri Windsor snuck off for a smoke break, they both reappear wearing thongs and matching tops, and hop on the bed where they kiss for the cameras and play with each other’s tongues. Keri sucks Kaylynn’s tongue, then tells Kaylynn to suck hers, which she does. A lot.
“Ow, I wanted it back,” Keri teases.
Then Keri licks Kaylynn’s eyeball.
“That was gross,” she announces.
“You wanted to do it!” Kaylynn says.
Then they start getting friskier. There’s just one problem: Keri goes for Kaylynn’s freshly-pierced belly button. Kaylynn freezes.
“Oh God, did I hurt you?” Keri asks, jumping off the bed.
Kaylynn’s response: “Mother slut fucking bitch cunt!!!!”
But she gets Keri back by biting her ass.
Kim Chambers then enters, wondering what all the fuss is about. She winds up joining Kaylynn and Keri on the bed for a little playtime, where Kaylynn decides she wants to play with Kim’s belly ring, seeing as it’s not a fresh piercing.
Then all the girls that are there for the day’s shoot get on the bed, all decked out in their best lingerie, wielding bananas. They giggle, they compare tongues… you know, just like at a regular slumber party. Then they all start peeling their bananas and begin licking them, sucking them… both Mike and the Sexcetera crew are deathly quiet as they watch Kaylynn stroke her banana with her tongue, wrapping it around the shaft and pulling it upwards.
Kaylynn and Crystal then move on to the kitchen, where they start tonguing doughnuts. Kaylynn picks up a chocolate one and sticks her tongue through the hole in the center. Noticing that there’s a good bit of tongue sticking out, Crystal moves in to suck it.
“She has the longest tongue in the whole world,” Crystal announces to the assembled.
Kaylynn goes for another doughnut. Crystal takes it from her and licks some of the goo from the inside, then offers it to Kaylynn, who licks it off her tongue. The second the camera cuts away from her, she spits the offending goo into the sink.
“I don’t like that lemon crap,” she says. “It tastes like someone jizzed all over it.”
“She told me it was cream filled,” Mike says.
“She lied,” Kaylynn tells him.
Seeing as it’s hot outside, Kaylynn and Gloria head for the outdoors with Popsicles and take their seats next to the pool after noticing that there was far too much dog poop on the lawn for them to sit there comfortably. Kaylynn licks her colorful Popsicle much like she did the banana, teasing her tongue up and down the length of it, sucking the head a little, then sticking the whole thing into her mouth while pressing it against her tongue.
With a day of tongue play under her belt and a date with the Blue Zebra for one last night of dancing, Kaylynn packs her bag and waves her goodbyes to everyone. And much like we did just seven hours before, we go back to the airport and hop a plane home, where I felt compelled to share with my honey all the things Kaylynn taught me about tongue play.
But that’s a different story for another time.

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