Mother Lovers Society 13

Mother Lovers Society 13

97 Mins
Sweetheart Video
DIRECTOR: Melissa Monet
THEMES: Lesbian Sex, Older Women with Younger Girls, Incest, Big Tits, Big Asses
STARS: Nina Hartley, Samantha Rone, Natalia Starr, Julia Ann, Abella Danger, Nina Elle, Ela Darling, Jade Nile

This tale of forbidden lesbian love features plenty of older/younger play as you would expect. It also features a little bit of sisterly lust and a lot of family drama. Nina Hartley is at the center of the drama and the star of the opening scene. Distraught about the return of her oldest daughter, Nina is comforted by her other daughter’s smoking hot friend Natalia Starr. Natalia is gorgeous and Nina is thrilled to be playing with her. Their scene is nicely shot to show off the younger girl’s gorgeous body and she comforts Nina and learns how much experience means. The plot thickens thanks to Nina Elle. She’s hot with a bit of a bitchy streak. This leads her to target Jade Nile for a little lesbian revenge sex. Very hot premise and a great payoff. Perhaps the best scene comes when Julia Ann can’t quite get revenge on her ex-friend. Instead young Abella Danger turns that wicked intent into a perfectly lusty scene between two gorgeous women. Julia Ann looks amazing as always. Abella is a perfect partner for her, showing off that great ass and learning quickly how to please a mature woman. That’s my favorite scene of the movie thanks in no small amount to my massive crush on Julia Ann. The finale switches from the older/younger dynamic and hits us in the face with years of repressed incestuous desires. Ela Darling and Samantha Rone play it perfectly. They are cute together, passionate and provide some wicked hot action. I liked the story here and the performance by all involved are pretty good. They don’t get too bogged down in dialog, but set up the emotion of each scene nicely. If you like lesbian sex with age difference and a bit of emotional edge and kink, this is a really entertaining little feature.

Natalia Starr & Nina Hartley

Finding her friend’s mother (Nina Hartley) distressed, bikini clad hottie Natalia Starr offers comfort. A few hot kisses and suddenly her mind is off whatever was bothering her and onto the sweet young pussy that lies just beneath the thin cotton fabric. Nina seems to love Natalia’s breasts which makes sense since they are firm, plenty big and rather spectacular. Nina lays flat and allow Natalia to straddle her face and experience what years of experience can do. This gives us maximum eye candy as Natalia grinds on Nina and show off that perfect body. After a quick round of eating, Natalia is on the receiving end again, this time with her feet pinned back behind her head. What a pretty picture this provides. Natalia shines here and takes Nina’s mind off of her troubles for a bit.

Nina Elle & Jade Nile

Nina Elle is not happy that her friends are trying to force her to tell her secret. She decides to turn her attentions toward young Jade Nile. Planting a kiss on the innocent young thing, she quickly melts her resistance. Hade has a lovely slim body and Nina lets her fingers and tongue explore her smooth skin and tiny breasts. As they shed their clothes, Nina takes control and guides her young friend. An experienced mouth on her pussy has Jade moaning and writhing on the couch like she’s never felt anything so wonderful. Throwing her legs up in the air, Nina lets Jade try her hand at eating pussy. Apparently she’s a natural because things go very well. Their legs entwined, they trib for a while, getting off and exploring their bodies with probing hands. There is some great footage later when Nina shoves her big tits into Jade’s mouth as the younger girls cums from the intense finger play. Jade gets led by the hair between her blonde lover’s legs for the final round. Very hot scene with the young girl getting taught how to properly love another woman.

Julia Ann & Abella Danger

After Nina hurt Julia Ann‘s daughter with the revenge lesbian fuck, the statuesque beauty returns the favor. She marches over there with something to say and sees Abella Danger. Julia is too good and is about to chicken out, but young Abella isn’t about to let this lovely woman get away. She actually bends Julia Ann over after a kiss and gets the action started. The shots of Julia Ann from behind are delicious and young Abella dives right in to taste that sweet pussy. She turns her over and spreads those long, perfect legs for a better angle. They get undressed together and both of them have beautiful bodies. Abella has an ass to die for and Julia is just head to toe fantastic. Using her fingers on her friend’s daughter’s clit, Julia makes Abella squirm and squeal beautifully. The 69 shots are pretty spectacular as Abella gets on top and wiggles that pretty butt while Julia drives her nuts. This scene is the best combination of gorgeous older performer and super cute younger performer in the movie. I love the kissing and pussy eating. This revenge play didn’t have quite the edge of the last one, but wow does it look good.

Ela Darling & Samantha Rone

After discovering her that she was secretly adopted Ela Darling is seriously down in the dumps. Her bratty sister Samantha Rone comes out and starts shit, but they work it out by revealing secret, once-forbidden fantasies. Now that’s it’s OK, they kiss and get it on. They kiss and get dressed slowly. Ela was taking charge early, but Samantha is happy to unleash a whole lot of repressed fantasies. There is a really sexy shot of Ela pulling her finders from Samantha and letting the blonde taste her own cum. Though this scene doesn’t fit with the older/younger dynamic, it features two pretty young women and some semi-taboo fantasy appeal. When Samantha bends over and shows off her ass, the eye candy factor gets pretty strong. Both girls seem to know just how to use their fingers to get each other off. Not sure how mom would feel about the girls going at it in the backyard, but after fucking Samantha’s friend, she doesn’t have the moral high ground anyway. These two may not have gotten along as sisters, but it’s great to see them coming together over something as beautiful as girl on girl love.

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