Blog 8/3 New Hope For Celtic Nation, A New Take on Jungle Story & A New Side of Obama

Blog: 8/2

New Hope in Beantown, New Attitude From Obama & New Review of Jungle Story

Dawning of a New Era? Or Error?: What a week for the Celtics. Kevin Garnett in the Green? KG playing alongside Paul Pierce and Ray Allen? Is it me or is that a really good combination? It is certainly the best collection of talent the C’s have had since the “Big Three” went away. I have heard so many Celtic fans excited about the team for the first time in forever. (Hey, don’t forget they were two wins away from a trip to the finals not that many years ago.) I know that I should probably be excited as well. No one seriously thinks that the Celtics are as good as the Spurs, the Suns or the Mavericks. They probably aren’t even as good as the Bulls, the Heat or the Pistons. On the other hand, this power trio seems pretty tough to stop. If they can jell properly what is to stop them? We’re talking about three guys who all command double teams. No team in the league can double three guys. With a decent point guard and any play at all from Perkins at the center position, this is a very, very good team. On the other hand, I just can’t help but wonder if Ainge made a huge mistake dealing away Jefferson, Green and all those draft picks to bring in a couple of guys who are on the wrong side of 30. If it doesn’t pay off quickly then this team could be in for another decade long rebuilding process. I know, stop being so negative, but how can I not be nervous? Len Bias, Reggie Lewis, the ML Carr era, Tim Duncan, Eric Montross, Rick Pitino, Chauncy Billips, Greg Oden….It’s hard not to be worried. I’ll try to be optimistic. Now where the hell can I buy my KG jersey?

Eye Candy: It took them a while, but finally got Gianna. Mmm she is so fucking hot.

Jungle Story Reviewed: Another critic has weighed on Robby D’s Jungle Story. Don Houston of gave it a look. He gave it one of the lowest overall scores I’ve seen for the project (If you factor in what Den would have scored it without the choking.) but he found some good points to the movie. Not the script, which is good. Unless you’re my mom, the script is the last reason you should be watching the movie. Apparently Don found the scenes to be lacking in chemistry and doesn’t seem to like any of the women in the cast. He did note, as did Astro, that interracial means more than just black guys doing white chicks. Give Don’s full review a read here. While you’re at it, read Astro’s take and of course you can see what the king of internet porn critics has to say about it by reading Den’s review here. I think it’s really interesting how four different critics can watch the same movie and come up with four such different opinions. Some day we’re going to have to get a bunch of us together for a round robin discussion. Maybe we could pick a few different movies and do a podcast or something.

Eye Candy: Some sites hit it on the head, gives us just what the name implies.

Obama Talking Tough: I’m still holding off my feelings about Senator Obama until he decides what he wants to do with the self-employment tax. (He has implied that he wants to increase it will put him right down there at the bottom of a list of people I would vote for. That is a big no-no. Self employed folks already pay as much as someone working for a paycheck plus all of the contributions usually made by the employer.) This week the Senator gave us all something to chew on when he said that he would consider sending troops into Pakistan to go get Bin Laden. I wonder how this is playing with his anti-war supporters. (Anyone want to weigh in?) On the one hand he is campaigning against the war in Iraq, but he is proclaiming that he would go against the UN and essentially invade one of our allies (And I do use the term loosely) to send our troops on a suicide mission to catch Bin Laden. Don’t get me wrong, there is a part of me would agree completely with such a mission. The Pakistanis have not been very helpful in bringing that old freak to justice. I’d just have a lot of questions for him about this. I’m really surprised that we haven’t heard more from the anti-war crowd on this. God forbid the President should even utter the vaguest thought in this direction. All freaking hell would break loose yet it seems that Obama is getting a pass. Interesting.

Eye Candy: In case you missed Gangbang Auditions 22, here are a few video clips of Cindy Crawford looking hot as fucking hell.

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