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Blog: August 1

Back, Rested and Ready

I’m Back: Did you miss me? I went away for a few days with the family and honestly feel quite refreshed. It was a family reunion in Texas where I saw relatives I haven’t seen in twenty years. I saw my father’s cousins, their children, their grand children and even though they were essentially strangers to me the weekend was so filled with warmth and love that it really recharged my batteries. Time away from this business and the drama that surrounds it is hard to come by for me these days. So unplugging and experiencing something new was just what I needed. I actually had a conversation with a woman who is 104 years old. (My grandfather’s cousin) It was amazing. Her hearing isn’t too great, but she lives on her own, played cards and dominoes and I was completely impressed. It is very possibly the last time I will get back there while both of my grandparents are alive, so having them there with my immediate family and the massive extended family was just what the doctor ordered. I feel refreshed, recharged and ready to give back into work with a much better mindset than I had just two weeks ago. I almost wish I weren’t heading off for vacation in a week and a half.

Eye Candy: Here is something different. Looking for sexy wallpapers? Check out the way Zazana strips down for your desktop pleasure. Probably not a good idea to put this on your work computer guys.

Who Should Play Jenna>: In recent weeks we have heard that it-babe Scarlet Johansen was all set to portray Jenna Jameson in the film version of Ms. J’s book “How to Make Love Like a Porn Star: A Cautionary Tale” Having such an A+ list starlet in the title role would certainly raise Jenna’s flick up there with The People vs. Larry Flynt . This week Scarlet strongly shot down any rumors that she might be taking the role however. Almost before the rumors could start up again, choice B, Jessica Simpson shot down any hopes that she might play Ms. J as well. Even though Jessica claims she was “guaranteed an Oscar” for such a role, she decided not to take it. (Whoever made her such a promise must not have seen “Dukes of Hazzard.” Yikes.) That leaves us with a still gaping hole in the title role for the movie. A number of women have been rumored to be up for the part including Elisha Cuthbert (Who was fantastic in The Girl Next Door and even better in this past season of 24. (Yes, I know she wasn’t ON last season that is the point!) Also in the mix is party girl turned walking cliché Tara Reid. I’m not sure how you go from Scarlet to Tara, but apparently that’s the way it works in Hollywood. So guys, who do you think should play Jenna? We’re going to make it a topic on Daily Noise tomorrow at 11 pacific and I’ll throw out anyone you suggest. Get on it guys, throw some names into the hopper.

Eye Candy: Just in case you need to be reminded, here are a couple of Jenna galleries to keep in mind when casting. First, a little Pretty Girl Jenna and then something a little harder. Jenna in Action

Marco Banderas: Male performer turned director Marco Banderas has begun shooting the first scenes for his upcoming website Joining the rush to provide content to popular internet sites, the critically acclaimed male performer will kick off his own content drive by boffing the always adorable Eva Angelina. Due to go live in about a month, will feature Marco banging the shit out of some of his favorite porn girls. Sounds like a good job to me. Says Marco of the project:

“ will deliver the high level of quality I bring to all
my scenes to my fans through the site’s videos and stills. I plan on updating the site with new content two or three times a month. This site will also give them another avenue to interact with me and I look forward to their feedback on the site.”

Yep, sounds like a really good job to me.

Eye Candy: For those of you who don’t know Marco by name, here he is in action fucking Vanessa Blue Lucky dog.

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