Anyone Know a Good Lawyer?


Wow, I just got home from a great day and read Gene Ross’ sight.
I may just go through and pick Skeeter’s hilarious lies apart one by one, but first…does anyone know a good lawyer? It might be fun to talk some of this with someone who can tell me exactly what to do.
For the record…Bridgette DID knock a drink out of my face. (It was an empty cup with ice in it.) She never spit in my face. I can quote you exactly what she said to me though….I can also say this….Bridgette called me at home a month later and apologized for knocking the drink out of my face and yelling at me. She also never said anything about me putting my hands on her. Never was an issue and there were plenty of people around who saw it. Notice that he has these clear memories, but never says what night it was or where it was?
I don’t know why Skeeter is still so angry with me. He’s lying about a lot of things and just mis-remembering a lot of other things.

This is all still Skeeter talking ABOUT me rather than to me. Last he said was “This is buried.”

Thanks for all the emails guy, but don’t worry about it. I just don’t like the fact that he lied about Bridgette and lied about Aurora (Doing a scene with me) and about Seymore and about Zupko and about……What he has against these people is beyond me. What Gene Ross has against me, I don’t know that either. I know why Skeeter is mad at me, but generally when someone says something is buried it means…..well, what does it mean?

I’ll make a list of the lies tomorrow and we can start sifting through all of the misquotes and faulty memories

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