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Interracial Means Interracial, Senators Talk Trash and Reality TV Show Chicks are Both Trashy and Hot

Jungle Story: The early reviews on Robby D’s “Jungle Story” are in and everyone loves the script……KIDDING….jeez. I reviewed the movie last week. (Review Here) and found it to be pretty good. Not because of the script, but because the sex was really hot and the cast kept up the theme of the scene throughout the sex. A small thing perhaps, but it helped to make the light feature dialog work. Over on AstroKnight gave it a mixed review but hit on a theme that I think is important. He specifically points to the fact that Jungle Story is an “interracial” movie. Too often in porn we use that word to only refer to scenes between black men and non-black women. In fact, some people use it to apply only to BM/WF scenes. While those scenes certainly qualify as interracial, the word means a whole lot more. The King of all porn reviewers, Den from disagrees. In his review of Jungle Story Den specifically says that it is not an interracial movie because it has only one BM/WF scene. (Between cheating wife Carley Parker and new neighborhood stud Jean Calude Baptiste). It also features a BM/AF scene with Keeani Lei taking on two black guys. There is some white on black action as well as white on black in the movie. Overall Den liked the movie more than Astro did, but he didn’t like the choking (15 seconds during the Parker/Baptiste scenes) and the fact that there is no BTS as part of the bonus materials. Those are the only two reviews I have been able to find so far. Appropriately no one is really focusing on the script. This is one of the lightest scripts I have ever written. It really is just a feature light with themes, but I think it was very well done. Robby had the actors stay in character throughout and that adds a lot of fantasy appeal. I’ve written close to ten scripts that have been turned into movies and this is by far the most faithful execution of what was written. He kept the dialog and the feel in tact virtually from start to finish. It was fun to see, and even more importantly (to me) the sex was really hot. If any of you have rented or purchased the DVD, I would love to hear your thoughts. Good or bad, send them over. If you see any other reviews, let me know. I’d like to link to those as well. And yes folks, a possible sequel to Jungle Story is in the works.

Eye Candy: One for the boob lovers. Euro Hotties from Christoph Clark’s Big Natural Tits

Edwards/Clinton Flap: I’m sure most of you have already seen the video clip of Hillary and John at the recent Democrat Party debate. (In case you didn’t here is a YouTube version of the exchange.) The two are talking about cutting the number of candidates down for future debates. I have heard people slam both of them for this, heard them both try to pretend that the comments were taken out of context and just shake my head. Look, I agree with them for the most part. These 10 candidate debates are a mess. You can’t ever really hear anyone say anything. Everyone has fifteen seconds to answer questions that require more than a bumper sticker answer. Does anyone think in a million years that Dennis Kucinich or Ron Paul could ever be elected President? Look, I’m not going to hang these two out to dry, but Edwards had better be careful what he wishes for. Does he really want to cut out all of the non-serious candidates with little to offer the debate and not a snowball’s chance in hell of being elected? Senator Edwards, the door is right over there. Careful not to let it hit your hair on the way out.

Eye Candy: Is there anyone hotter lately than Bree Olson? Somehow I doubt it very much.

Britni Back: After not getting the reaction she wanted from Gene Ross, the artist formerly known as Bisexual Britni hit up Luke Ford this week. She tells some pretty horrible tales and it’s pretty clear that she wants nothing to do with her ex. I have to wonder if Dennis kept her Rog Reviews Fan Fave Award. He certainly led the campaign that won it for her. Hey Bessi, if you want to talk about what happened, you’re welcome over here. I still remember how clueless you were when I met you and how I knew right then that it was Dennis doing all the talking. You were sweet though and if half of what you say is true, then I am glad you got your yourself to a safer place.

Eye Candy: Performer on the Year Hillary Scott take on a black dick.

Reality TV Weekend: I swear, VH1 is like crack for TV junkies like me. They have a couple of new shows that I watched over the weekend. Scott Baio: 45 & Single was really interesting. I’m not sure if it will continue, but for now this show has great potential. I also watched the Brett Michaels thing, whatever it’s called. It is great for one reason only. It proves that white chicks are just as capable of being ignorant, washed-up star fucking, gutter whores as women of color are. After sitting through parts of two seasons of “Flavor of Love” I was starting to think that we had seen the worst collection of human garbage around and hated seeing such horrible racial stereotypes on TV. If you watched either of those seasons or the Charm School thing you know what I’m talking about. If you tried to write these characters for a work of fiction you could be tarred and feathered as a racist. But these are real people. Scary. Now we can watch a bunch of (mostly) white chicks behave just as horribly as they look to be the latest skank on Bret’s wall of shame. My biggest question at this point is why the hell I can’t seem to turn away from such a collection of human garbage. It’s crack I tell you, televised crack.

Eye Candy: Let’s try something new. Something from a hot busty teen from Why do I suddenly have an urge to go out in the woods for a picnic?

Toastie: I was tough on the Flavor of Love girls, but the truth is, some of them are pretty hot. (And I have a huge crush on Leilene.) One of the girls from that show is the latest star of a celebriporn flick. Jen or “Toastie” is the most recent to go all the way for the cameras. This isn’t her first venture into adult entertainment of course. She was Natalia the Scissors Vixen and would crush men’s heads between her legs. The preview clips show her being spanked and this looks to be more of an actual porn flick than what we saw from the Kim Kardashian tape even if Jen isn’t quite as hot. Let’s hope this one does really well and opens the door for other reality TV stars.

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