Blog 7/14: Cleaning Out the Inbox


Blog 7/14 Cleaning Up the Inbox

Cleaning Up: Time to clean out the inbox once again. Lots of eye candy, a few news stories and some reader email. I hope you enjoy. Please drop me an email if you have something you want to ask or have a topic you want to suggest.

Eye Candy: OK, lots of new galleries from these guys so I’ll just pick a few. Here is one for the anal lovers From a site called www.AssHoleFever. Insert your favorite Roger Pipe/Luke Ford/Gene Ross joke here. How about a couple of girls going at it on Insert your favorite Teagan Pressley/Lela Star joke here. And of course, some Deep Throat action from Krissy on Enjoy.

More KSEX Shake Ups: Things are changing every day at KSEX. Now Lexi Lamour and Ethan Cage have announced that they are ending their relationship with the station. Their open letter of resignation reads:

We regretfully issue our resignation from our KSEX show due to a personality conflict with the owners/management. Stemming from the public firing of Wankus to the censoring of our show and forum posts, we can no longer justify investing our time and efforts into project which meets with disrespect by the management.

The fun, familial atmosphere is no longer. Make no mistake, until the last few months, we enjoyed doing our show and looked forward to it each week. But take away that positive incentive, drive our friends away, treat talent with a lack of respect and inject a negative attitude…this is what you are left with; A mass exodus of people that cared about their shows.

The beginning of this letter started with ‘We regretfully…,’ It’s not regret in our actions of leaving KSEX but that of not being in the position of having that open communication with the fans that we had on a weekly basis. Maybe that will change in the near future but in the meantime we would like to thank all the listeners and viewers that checked out Roadhead, and hope that you had as much fun hanging out with us every week as much as we did with you. Thanks to all the guests that have appeared on the show, your time was appreciated.

We will miss seeing all of the other hosts and staff that made the good times at the station so good.

Ethan Cage & Lexi Lamour

Stay tuned, there are bound to be more changes. In fact, I don’t know where I stand with my weekly slot on Sunny Lane’s show. Last I heard, she was waiting to get settled into the new studios and wanted me reviewing a movie every week. I’ll have to call her and see when she wants me to start doing reviews again.

Eye Candy: Got bunch from this family of sites, but how about checking out The always hot Cindy Crawford getting hosed. Yep, that ought to do it.

That’s All: OK, it’s later than I thought and I have two new interviews to work on first thing in the morning. (Eli Cross and Shy Love) I’ll do more email box cleaning tomorrow after I get those interviews up. In the meantime, has anyone ordered the Toastie DVD yet? I just finished watching Charm School and it’s too bad Leilene isn’t releasing a sex tape. Nice!

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