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Jules Jordan Interview

Last Night’s Laugher: Yeah, I wrote plenty last night about the BTS, but I’ve got a little bit more. First, I forgot to thank Skeeter for bringing up my name on the BTS. Flashing the URL at the bottom would have been nice, but I’ll make sure to add this DVD my special shelf. (What did you call that Kim? My “Vanity Shelf”?) It was also more than a little flattering that both Skeeter and Jenna mentioned “quagging” which of course is a phrase I coined a while back. More gratifying still was Jenna’s response when he tried to explain to her what “quagging” was. Not only did Jenna know what it was, but she cut him off in mid-sentence and said “I don’t like quagging” either. Thanks Jenna, you really helped make my weekend with that one. That discussion was followed by Skeeter doing a demonstration of what he thinks I want to see in a blowjob. As truly horrifying a it was to watch, it was also so painfully off base that I just had to laugh. It is pretty clear that someone doesn’t fully understand what quagging actually means. There is a world of space between fake gagging to the point of sounding like a goose being torn to shreds and licking on the tip of a dick like it’s a vomit flavored lollipop covered in broken glass. Somewhere in this huge valley of possible blowjobs lies what I like. I’d like to think that Skeeter knows that and he’s just (as my friend Simon would say) taking the piss out of me. At least we know one thing. Jenna certainly knows the difference. Cheers to that.

Eye Candy: I wonder if the girls on understand the difference between quagging and sucking?

Jules Jordan Interview: I’ve added my Interview with Jules Jordan to the page this week. It was a short Vegas interview so we didn’t cover his whole history. Consider it a “state of everything Jules” interview if you will. Give it a read and/or a listen and let me know what you think. Hopefully we will sit down for a longer interview soon and will cover his history in the industry, the early days and all that other good stuff. It was actually good timing for the interview because I also just posted a review of his latest movie Buttworx starring Gina Lynn, Maya Hills and Alexis Texas among others. Check it out, it is probably his best new work of 2007.

Eye Candy: Amy Reid on Baby got boobs all right. Perfect boobs.

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