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What Day Is It?

Seriously, What Day Is It?: From the Way too much information file comes this lovely tidbit. I lost a whole day this week thanks to a particularly nasty stomach flu. I hear it’s going around and it certainly made its way through our house. On the good side, the really bad stuff only lasts about 24 hours. After that though you just sleep. I was supposed to hit the Angel game with an old friend on Wednesday, but had to call it off. From 9:30 AM to 11:30 PM I literally slept without moving more than a few feet to take care of unpleasant flu business. After that I slept a full night Wednesday night and felt human again on Thursday. Forgive me if I’m even further behind with my email and blog entries than usual. I’ve been struggling to get the reviews updated and some new audio interviews edited and ready to go. Hopefully this stuff is over for me and I can nurse the rest of the family through their bad days and finish up the month on a high note.

Eye Candy: Nothing makes ya feel better than something fresh and cute. Abigail is both fresh and cute as well a naked in this gallery.

Bye Bye Bi-Sexual Britni: Gene Ross has run a couple of posts from the porn star formerly known as Bi-Sexual Britni. ( Apparently she is now writing a blog about her life as an abused woman. She is writing on LiveJournal under the name Bessi. ( party. (Side Note: What a party that was. Porn star sex in the bathroom, Mason and her mom showing up and Jules Jordan breaking his trophy.) Even though we had ‘discussed’ her victory, the trophy exchange and some Rog Rules T Shirt shots in great detail, it was apparent when I met Britni that she had no idea who I was or was familiar at all with anything we had previously discussed. After a short photo session, I told Mrs. Rog “I don’t think she has any idea what’s going on. I’ve been talking to her husband the whole time.” Fast forward a few years and appears that I was dead on about that one. Apparently I never actually spoke to Brinti during those trying months of the 2002 election cycle. So I can’t speak about the facts as described in her blog as a whole, but I can certainly believe that Britni was actually a character who has very little contact with fans, critics and haters the world over. Stay tuned for more.

Eye Candy: For those of you who missed the Tamed Teens review earlier this week, here is a gallery of one of the hot young babe getting royally reamed.

This Just In: Holy shit what a way to end the night. I was chatting my friend LSB (From the other day and he told me that my good friend Skeeter Kerkove was “talking shit” about me in the BTS of his movie “Jenna Haze is Ravaged.” I had heard this of course and read Skeeter’s “he’s a trick” remarks over on Gene’s site. Still, when I saw the tape on a friend’s shelf today I couldn’t help but borrow it. Wow, Skeeter did more than just call me a trick. He actually says that he has “no respect” for me because I “got into porn to be around young girls.” Interestingly enough he said this while he was sitting next to a naked Jenna Haze and am actually “around” porn girls about seven days a year. No matter. What is kind of sad though is the way he’s trying to turn Jenna against me by saying that I “will turn on” her at some point. I wouldn’t expect Jenna to ever talk back to a director on set on my behalf, but I would hope that she knows better than that. I think most people I’ve done business with and written about over the last ten years would agree that I an honest and fairly trustworthy person. I would hope that those who call me “friend” would consider me to be a good and loyal one. I know one thing for sure. People trust me with things because I don’t turn on them. For example, certain directors over the years have called me at home, usually on Sundays when I was enjoying football to vent their feelings about other people in the industry. Though such conversations were never actually “on” or “off” the record, I have never once posted the transcripts or the audio messages. Anyone I’ve ever interviewed will tell you that nothing asked to be “off” the record was ever included, no matter how much traffic it would get the site. I’ve never turned on anyone and I don’t intend to. Perhaps Skeeter was going back to that old idea that I hate all women with implants (Mika Tan, Katie Morgan, Jesse Jane, Hillary Scott, Stormy, Serenity, Tera Patrick, Teagan, jessica drake…need I say more?) or that I only like “little girls” (Gianna, Kristal Summers, Brandy Taylore…you get the picture.) At any rate, I still don’t know what his problem is. Last I heard from Skeeter he said “It’s buried dude, we’re good.” That’s the way I left it, so who turns on people? Now Jenna, that’s another story. Excuse me darling? You said that you think I’ve given you good reviews that you don’t deserve. Step up and explain yourself girl. Which movies? And as a final note because I’m in such a good mood, here is the quote that started this little anti-Rog rant. “Only one person won’t love this movie. Roger.” That is what Skeeter said to Jenna. I haven’t even reviewed the thing yet and after reading two other reviews on ADT I think it’s safe to say at least two other people in the world didn’t like it even as much as I might have. Maybe tomorrow I’ll watch the movie. Anyone care to weigh in? On the movie? On things I’ve done over the years to earn mistrust? On this obsession with me loving “young girls”? On anything? I’m just laughing too hard to write more tonight. And in all seriousness Skeeter, since it is buried as far as I’m concerned, the mike is yours any time you want to sit down for that interview. I’m sure the fans would love to hear what you have to say. I know I would love to hear your take on a lot of these things first hand. Peace.

Eye Candy: And since we’re talking about Jenna Haze, gaze at a bit of her perfection right here.

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