Mia Isabella Responds to Tyga Controversy

Mia Isabella Responds to Tyga Controversy


Late yesterday afternoon, news broke that the popular rapper Tyga has been cheating on long-term girlfriend Kylie Jenner with transgender model, performer, and HotMovies.com favorite, Mia Isabella. According to reports, the relationship between the two has been ongoing for more than three years, spanning both Tyga’s relationship with Jenner, as well as his previous relationship with former girlfriend Blac Chyna.

Social media, of course, ran with the allegations and the firestorm has been raging since. We reached out to Isabella and her team, but she is currently not giving interviews on the matter. She did, however; release this statement to us:

“I am sad that our beautiful community is still treated like second-rate individuals by some and used to create negative publicity, despite the recent progress in our beautiful country to accept the LGBT community as widely celebrated in a recent Supreme Court ruling, even an Irish vote in favor of LGBT rights. Aren’t all people equal? Isn’t love for all?”

While this comment does not necessarily confirm nor deny the rumors, Isabella did previously address the heart-wrenching position many transgender people are placed in when dating within the public eye. We spoke with Isabella just last month, after Caitlyn Jenner made headlines for coming out publicly as transgender. Ironically, Caitlyn Jenner is also the parent of Kylie Jenner, the 17-year old model Tyga is reportedly cheating on. Isabella had this to say at the time:

“I think it’s incredibly brave. It’s nice to see her [Caitlyn Jenner] in her true form. I’m so grateful I’ve lived my life empowered and unapologetically me. I can’t express enough how valuable freedom truly is. I get it as I now see what it’s like having dated and fallen in love with a high profile athlete that, in fact, is very much in love with me, but because of his position in a sports arena and male dominated world that would second guess his talents based on his love for a Transgender woman, we choose not to deflect his destiny in that world by denying ourselves not to face public scrutiny. It must’ve taken tremendous courage and I commend her bravery. With the love of self and family anything is possible. Congratulations, and welcome to the girls club!”

While social media will certainly continue the onslaught and gossip over the Tyga and Mia story, we here at HotMovies.com want to show our support for both the transgender community and Isabella during this ordeal, and we hope both are able to rise above the intense “public scrutiny,” and remember Tyga’s own lyrical advice,

“Make the wrongs right, all things aside, swallow our pride.

And just love each other all the time.

You got me and I got you, what else could really matter?

But lovin’ that’s what it’s all about…”


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