Mystery Girl

Mystery Girl

147 Mins
THEMES: Dream Sex, Blowjobs, POV, Facials
STARS: Sheena Rose, Belle Noire, Gabriella Paltrova, Marley Mac, Charli Piper, Brock Doom, Tommy Pistol


This is another very interesting movie from director Mr. E. It’s not your usual porn so enter it with that in mind. It’s kind of a cross between pro-am and alt-porn. Now before you run away, let me explain. It combines some of the best elements of both genres. It’s basically a series of scenes (mostly blowjobs) featuring Brock (Or B Rock Doom) in very simple sets. Kind of like a younger, thinner Ed Powers with a bigger dick. The stripped down look is enhanced by very creative lighting and the ambiance is created by a great soundtrack and a dream-theme. Kind of like Eon McKai with less pretense and a near-zero douche bag factor. What I liked about the movie is how they made something simple into something interesting. Brock plays a man obsessed with and consumed by his dreams. He explains to his therapist (Tommy Pistol) and we follow him through his sexual dreams. It’s more of a mood than a plot, but it works more often than not. The music is very impressive and the ragged editing style adds to the overall feel. The girls are pretty hot as well. I really liked Belle Noire‘s scene a lot. She has a pinup girl look before a sexy oral exchange in a chair. Gabriella Paltrova is beautiful as always. I dug the way Marley Mac sucked cock while sitting on her skateboard. She was a tad aloof, but that was always kind of an alt-porn thing wasn’t it? I like the creativity here. It isn’t often these days when I can say that I am entertained from start to finish. This is a very cool little movie. It won’t be for everyone, but if give it a chance you might just see how much fun you can when people get creative.

Sheena Rose & Brock Doom

The first dream Brock describes begins with Sheena Rose wandering through a dark parking garage in some tight shorts and a bright read top. She wanders around until she runs into Brock who invites her back to his place. She finds her way into bed and starts rubbing her pussy. He eventually joins her. This is a very simple scene with a guy, a girl and a bed. The lighting is unique and creative. There are times when the camera(wo)man casts a harsh shadow. There are even times when they stop and reposition. None of this is cut out. Some of it I get since this is a dream, but we see the camerawoman at times. Though it feels a little raw on the edges, I like the way they have lit this scene. There are cool shadows and enough skill on display her to set this aside from what could have been just some dude banging a tattooed girl on a mattress. When Sheena gets a chance to give head, she starts slowly with a lot of tongue and builds up nicely. He slides in behind her and takes her by the hips, working his cock into her. In addition to the interesting lighting, I really like the way her ass looks in doggy. It’s Sheena’s best feature and nicely displayed. They finish this first scene with a shot all over his dream girl’s mouth.

Belle Noire & Brook Doom

When Belle Noire wanders into his dream, she is as confused as Brook. They end up in a workshop of some kind. She is a vintage pinup look with her green dress that she loses quickly to show off a black bra and panty set. Really nice body shots as she opens up and slides her panties down. The camera moves in close as she rubs her pussy. Bella finds a chair, sits back and spreads her pink folds beautifully. It’s right there for the taking so he gets down and gives her a taste. The lighting is more traditional in this scene and it appears that the camera is stationary which causes us to lose a little as he blocks her out with his head. Sliding off the chair she rubs her nipples and shows off her natural boobs before taking his cock into her mouth. Those bright red lips look fantastic as she slides him in and out. Wrapping her hand around the shaft tightly, Belle sucks and strokes to perfection. There are some really good shots and she works her tongue up the side while stroking it and making perfect eye contact. Wow, that’s good stuff right there. They leave in some instructional talk right before the popshot that doesn’t really play into the dream aspect. Either way, Belle takes a big load all over her face and plays with it perfectly.

Gabriella Paltrova & Brock Doom

Gabriella Paltrova is next. They meet on a dark landing and he starts taking pictures of her. She acknowledges that it’s kind of weird but lets him snap shots while she stands there smoking. He invites her back to his place and she follows. They settle in on the couch and he starts playing with one of her natural boobs. She relaxes a little as his mouth makes its way between her parted thighs and starts lapping up those juices. I like the lighting again, but when you have a pretty girl enjoying herself, that’s really the focus of the action. When the pretty brunette turns her attention to his cock, she gets lots of slobber all over that knob. The messy head looks good on camera with her spit glistening against his throbbing flesh. They go for 69 for a while before she kneels and takes his load. The post-pop cum play on this one is pretty damn special as she makes a huge mess of her face for his still shots.

Marley Mac & Brock Doom

Tattooed skater girl is hanging out in the dark apartment on 4/20. He talks her out of her shirt and admires her perky little titties. She’s a little playful and laid back and he puts her on her knees and takes out his dick. Marley spends a lot of time working on the balls and then gives great eye contact during some hands-free sucking. The creative lighting makes some of the footage hard to see, especially when he goes down on her. He ends up shooting his load in no time at all, bringing a huge smile to her face as jizz drips from her chin.

Charli Piper and Brock Doom

Last up is Charli Piper who also has a bit of a pinup look as she teases him on the couch. He is trying to mess around on a keyboard, but she slowly takes off her heels and rubs her stocking-covered feet on his legs until she has his full attention. They get her naked from the waist down and she starts playing with her clit. I’m not sure if this is another dream, but the camera is still moving all over the place. There is some foot play here as they go at a nice slow pace. He stands next to the couch and she starts sucking and playing with herself at the same time. Working hard with her tongue, Charli gives a really energetic blowjob. He shoots his load and she goes in to clean it up. We watch the stills being shot as she checks her bustier for stray cum.

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