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How Bout Them Ducks>: You want irony? On the day the Ducks won their first Stanley Cup Championship, I was across the freeway getting sunburned at the Angel game. It may not have been what most would consider to be “hockey weather” but inside the Honda Center, the mood was pure chilly bliss. The Ducks completed a great season with a dominant win in the deciding game of a series that just wasn’t as close at it probably should have been. It’s pretty amazing that the Ducks are the first West Coast team to win the title. I don’t talk hockey very much, but there two things that I just love about playoff hockey. First, those playoff beards. They all end up looking like crazed woodsmen (Not the porn kind) by the end, but there is something kind of cool about that. I also love the handshake line at the end. There is something very sporting about two teams who beat the crap out of each other shaking hands and leaving their crap on the ice. Wouldn’t it be nice if we did that at the start of every AEE? All of porn’s feuds from the pervious year gone with a smile and a handshake. Yeah right. I’d suggest that we all grow playoff beards, but I honestly think that only Tod Hunter could pull one of those off. Maybe Mike Ramone, but I don’t know of anyone else. At any rate, way to go Ducks. That’s two titles for OC in the last five years. Not bad for a region with only two pro teams. As a little bonus, Ivan ( sent me a cool photo from his cell phone. He got to be there to witness history. Awesome.

Eye Candy: I can only think of one hockey themed porn, Anabolic’s Gang Bang Girl 25.. I couldn’t find a good gallery from that movie, but it’s damn hot. Instead, take a look at something else. Here is the always awesome Nautica Thorn from the Initiations series.

Reader Email: Oh brother.

Scrappy-Don’t Writes

Hey Rog. Great site. Thanks for reviewing so many porn flicks for us. I can’t even tell you how many times you have saved me from crappy or disappointing porn. I was over on Luke Ford’s site ( and noticed that when he talks about some porners he adds “who hates my guts” before the story. Two questions. What do you think about Luke and who hates your guts? You must have earned some enemies along the way. Thanks and keep up the good work.

Rog Replies: Oh man. First of all thank you for the kind words. They mean a great deal. I do what I can to save you from bad porn and even more importantly, to direct you to some good stuff. I’m glad I can help and honestly appreciate you writing. As for the other….wow. What do I think of Luke? I like him. I actually consider Luke to be a friend. He’s always been good to me and done right by me in every situation I can think of. What he thinks of me is another matter (or so I hear). As for who “hates my guts” umm, come on. The last time I talked about that some people got really snippy. Most people already know a few of those on the “he/she hate me” list. (Anyone else remember the XFL?) Skeeter Kerkove really doesn’t like me and never tries to hide it. Max Hardcore doesn’t like me much either. I have heard that a handful of the Vivid-alt crowd isn’t really in the Rog fan club. I’m sure there are others. Way back in the day, people were sure that both Kami Andrews and Hillary Scott hated me. I think we’ve put those rumors to rest in their respective interviews.

Eye Candy: Whenever we need some hot eye candy Kat Young is there to provide it. This little thing can certainly fill out a skirt.

Woodman is Back I’m not sure he ever went away, but that master of masturbatory material has a new movie out. I’m right in the middle of reviewing Xcalibur and should have the review up later today. So far so good and fans of the old Private epics will be pleased to know that Pierre is up to his old tricks. So far there have been a couple of mini-orgies, lots of elaborate costumes and dubbing that will make you laugh even when the movie isn’t supposed to be funny. Oh yeah, and there are hot chicks in it. Lots and lots of hot chicks.

Eye Candy: And speaking of hot chicks….here is the white hot Lorena Sanchez in a set from

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