Lesbian Beauties 9: Asian Beauties

Lesbian Beauties 9: Asian Beauties


126 Mins
Sweetheart Video
DIRECTOR: Dana Vespoli
THEMES: Lesbian Sex, Asian Girls,
STARS: Jayden Lee, Asa Akira, London Keyes, Jessica BangkokMarica Hase, Charmane Star, Mika Tan, Gia Grace


This all girl adventure features some absolutely stunning Asian women. It isn’t often I get see some of my favorite girls all crammed into the same flick. The set ups are really good here. They do a nice job of telling stories with minimal dialog and limited time frames. We even get a little girl on girl romance without sacrificing the hot sex. Mika Tan opens the movie as a professor who is the object of sexy student Gia Grace’s co-ed crush. They dance around things for a bit and then act on their desires. Great stuff here from Mika who proves once again that she is one of the most consistently hot women in the history of XXX. Charmane Star overcomes a language barrier with hot exchange student Marica Hase and gives her a tryst to remember. For pure eye candy you can’t beat matching Asa Akira with Jayden Lee. These two women are simply stunning. The sex they have is enough to make me rethink my position on lesbian smut. London Keyes and Jessica BangkokMika Tan & Gia Grace

Mika Tan is a TA for a college literature class. Gia Grace stops by to thank her for helping on a paper. She brings coffee and a bagel and then hangs around uncomfortably. Mika tries to get a rational explanation, but they end up kissing. It’s a very sweet, soft kiss that really does heat up the screen. They linger on each other’s lips and touch gently. Mika finally stands and takes her student by the hand. She leads her to the bedroom where they slowly undress one another. Mika gently takes charge, kissing her way down Gia’s tummy and nibbling the inside of her parted thighs. On top of the young students, Mika maneuvers herself so that her breasts are in reach of Gia’s hands and mouth. Gia gently rolls Mia over and dives in, burying her face between the gorgeous older woman’s legs and driving her crazy with that eager tongue. The lovely ladies rub their bodies up and down on one another, grinding and pleasing with fingers, tongues and pussies. Moving into 69 Mika shows us just how much she likes pleasing girls with some beautiful looking oral sex. This is a really well shot scene that is paced nicely and is strokeable largely because Mika Tan is so fucking hot.

Charmane Star & Marica Hase

Charmane’s roommate is into some odd stuff. Apparently it involves women from around the world coming to visit. When she arrives, the language barrier is pretty tough to get over. There is a long and awkward dialog scene where Dana tries to use her phone to translate. She finally leaves Charmane and Marica alone. What are two gorgeous Asian girls to do? Marica is the one to break the silence, telling Charmane she is pretty and pecking her on the cheek. Charmane plays shy but pretty soon the kissing gets more passionate. They take each other’s tops down and give some breast play. Both women have firm, natural breasts that are just begging to be kissed. Marica licks Charmane’s tummy and her breasts, finally taking those nipples into her mouth and sucking them. If things were awkward a few minutes ago, the Japanese babe’s tongue between Charmane’s thighs make everything fine. Returning the favor, Ms. Star kisses her new friend up and down, bringing sexy little squeals of joy from Marica’s lips. Charmage gets on all fours and the lovely new girl pushes her face deep into her folds to really get the job done. These two make great eye candy together and the tongue action gets them both off.

Asa Akira & Jayden Lee

When model Jayden Lee shows up late for Asa Akira‘s photo shoot, the tension is a bit high. Asa is snarky and Jayden is bitchy. Watching the tall actress/model change into her outfit seems to perk Asa’s interest a bit. Asa rips into her a bit and that takes some of the edge off of Jayden. They get close while looking at shots and eventually kiss. Things get intense quickly and Asa loses her top so that Jayden can suck on her firm breasts. The eye candy on display as Jayden spreads her long legs and Asa works her beautiful face up to that sweet pussy is just off the charts. The oral sex is intense as Asa puts a lip lock onto Jayden’s shaved pussy and holds her down while the leggy model bucks and moans. Turning things around, Jayden has Asa breathless in seconds with her probing tongue. They get together and grind pussies, giving us legs and feet and pretty faces all over the place. The sexual intensity in this scene is the highest of any in the movie. Asa and Jayden grope at each other, choke one another and look fucking amazing in the process.

London Keyes &Jessica BangkokLondon Keyes is showing a house to Jessica Bangkok


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