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Digital Playground Butching Up, Carter Mouths Off & What Exactly is a Cougar?

Digital Playground: Unless you have been under a rock for the last three years, you know that Digital Playground is best known for high profile features like “Pirates.” They pride themselves on being a company with mainstream sensibilities. Their collection of contract babes are about as well-covered on the mainstream side as anyone. Even their gonzo efforts have taken a high gloss, glamorous look over the years. Robby D‘s “Jack’s Playground” movies have always been a mix of hard core sex and pretty girl solo footage with non-porn babes. With such a solid foundation and company reputation it is understandable that the average porn fan might see Digital Playground as a company more for couples than hard core raincoaters. Things have changed a bit lately and some porn fans might have missed it. In addition to the “Jack’s Playground” stuff, Robby D has also been shooting his own Hand Held titles. Movies like “Ass Addiction“, “Throb” and his “Control” series still deliver the technical brilliance people expect from Digital Playground, but the sex has been increasingly harder and (at least for some of us) hotter. The Hand Held stuff is more along the lines of what Jules Jordan, Van Styles, Jonni Darkko and other gonzo with gloss shooters are putting out. People expecting Robby‘s movies to be softer stuff like Digital Playground usually puts out may want to take a look. He isn’t doing triple anal cream pie felching flicks, but this definitely isn’t Celeste stuff. Speaking of Celeste, her stuff has also added a bit of an edge. I just finished reviewing “Jesse in Pink” which was a very hot movie and featured absolutely no slow motion sex. For a few years, Celeste has been making gorgeous movies, no question about that. They have been on par with the stuff that Andrew Blake does in terms of beauty and style. That style leaves something to be desired from a raincoater standpoint. What she did with this new movie was keep the attention to detail and the stunning look to the movie. Taking away the slow motion and unleashing Jesse Jane and Shay Jordan has given us a great looking movie that is also highly strokeable. It seems that in many ways, Digital Playground is letting both Celeste and Robby cut loose a little bit. It has been fun to watch and should only get better.
Eye Candy: It’s been a while so how about some Faith Belle naked.

Cougar?: Yeah I know what it means, but huh? I’ve seen and heard the expression used in porn and in the mainstream world. I know that a cougar is a hot older woman and I like that term a whole lot better than “MILF” but where exactly did the phrase come from? What does a cougar have to do with a woman? Does anyone know where this came from?

Eye Candy: For a change of pace here is some Battle Team Lakers from

Carter Mouths Off: So former President Carter is slamming the current administration. Nothing new there and yet every time he does, we have to revisit the idea that this kind of post White House political banter isn’t something other former Presidents have felt the need to do. In this latest round of bitching, includes Carter saying that the current administration is the worst in history on issues ranging from the environment to foreign policy. Former President Carter has as much right to free speech as the rest of us, but I really don’t like the Pandora’s Box he has opened. We didn’t hear Ford slamming the Carter Administration over gas shortages, double digit inflation and unemployment or the Iranian hostage situation. We didn’t have Bush Sr. hanging around adding his two cents after the Somalia disaster. Frankly I think that Carter’s unending criticism only adds to the state of overly-polarized political cheerleading. It is bad enough when talk radio, celebrities and bloggers do it, but when a former President who was not subject to such attacks himself does it, it just sets us up for more ugliness in the future. It’s OK though. He has a right to say whatever he wants. As for his specific claims that the Bush Administration is lacking when it comes to foreign policy; how about at reality check. Mr. President, say hello to Mr. Kettle.

Eye Candy: And since I hate the ugliness so much, let’s look at Veronica from

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