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Spiderman 3, Rodney Moore & NBA Playoffs

Spiderman 3: Here’s a tip. Friday 9:30 AM shows tend not to be crowded. That’s how we were able to sneak off and see Spiderman 3 last weekend. I’m a huge fan of the series so far and loved part 3. It’s a little short on the action sequences that drove part two, but the character development and script were excellent this time around. It seems to set things up well for the next three installments. I really liked the way they switched things up to keep it from getting stale. As much as I enjoyed the Batman movies, they became increasingly less interesting clones of each other. I’m already looking forward to part 4, whenever that hits the screen. Next up, Pirates of the Caribbean 3. That one looks pretty good.

Eye Candy: I need to get my Kiara Marie interview up. You guys will love her. Here she is showing off some of her incredible charms on

NBA Playoffs: I know that everyone is debating the whole re-seeding idea, marveling at just how good the Pistons are, wondering if King James is ready to take it to the next level and shaking their head at just how bad Dirk and the Mavs were. From my chair, the playoffs boil down to three steps of happiness. The first came when the Suns bounced The Little Princess (Kobe) from the playoffs. It’s just so much fun to listen to him whine and bitch about the state of the team when he’s the one who stomped his spoiled foot and insisted that they move mean ole’ Shaq out of time. To steal a line from Tombstone, Hey Kobe reap the whirlwind. Reap it!. (No, Kobe, Rog said REAP. Please don’t go back to Colorado for another round.) Now that Kobe is gone, the next step will be to watch that wife beating moron (but great point guard) Jason Kidd join Kobe for the long summer. Given J Kidd’s trouble with things as complex as words, I hope he doesn’t read that reap statement and talk to Kobe. We all know how that might turn out. Once those two are done, all that remains is for someone to take down the Suns and knock out that dirty little hippie Steve Nash. He’s a great player, but I’ll be happy when I don’t have to see his face on the TV. I shouldn’t hate Nash so much because I really do like the Suns. Plus he’s never beaten his wife or raped a girl. That makes him a freaking Boy Scout I guess. NBA Action….it’s Fan-Tastic.

Eye Candy: Change of pace. A gallery from Gotta love a busty blonde MILF.

Porn Topic: Rodney Moore: I just finished reviewing Rodney Moore‘s recent release We Swallow 14 and I was impressed by the originality Rodney brings to his movies. Rodney is often mentioned in historical discussions about POV porn. Along with Seymore Butts, Rodney was one of the early pioneers of what has become one of the most popular genres in all of porn. That part is covered, so I wanted to address something else. As I was watching a few of the scenarios Rodney has in his movie, I couldn’t help but think that they look an awful lot the reality porn web sites and DVDs that are so popular these days. It would be easy to assume that Rodney in a van offering Melanie Jagger cash for her panties is simply someone borrowing from a popular genre. But you have to realize that Rodney was doing this long before Pink Visuals, Hundies and BrangBros came onto the scene. These reality porn giants have actually taken a page from Rodney‘s playbook with a lot of their stuff. I’m not exactly sure why Rodney doesn’t get his due. Maybe it is because he has bounced around from one distribution company to another. Maybe it is because he is outside of the normal Porn Valley production machine. Maybe it is because he often shoots women who are outside of the generally accepted standards of porn beauty. Whatever the reason, it’s a shame. Rodney Moore is a porn pioneer in many ways and we need to recognize his huge contributions to the world of both POV and reality porn.

Eye Candy: Speaking of great reality porn, here is a hot gallery of Bianca taking a ride on the Bang Bus.

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