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I Told You So: I hate to say these words, I really do, but I did. I told you so. When the Kim Kardashian Sex Movie came out, I was convinced that something fishy was going on. I’ve always wondered how companies get around that whole 2257 thing when it comes to these celebri-porn flicks. As soon as we found out that Kim was suing Vivid I said that we would soon see a settlement. Well folks, that’s what we have now. Vivid paid Kim a few million to ‘settle’ her lawsuit. Doesn’t this happen every time? The ‘offended’ celebri-victim threatens a suit, but never stops the release of the tape. After the publicity dies down, they quietly settle for an amount that seems oddly like what they probably would have been paid for the movie up front. So, I have to say it, (Not that many of you doubted what I was saying) I told you so. Anyone want to guess what that American Idol chick is going to “settle” for after her tapes hits the shelves?

Eye Candy: Want to see something hot? How about Sunny Lane swallowing cum on

Another: Oh man, another ITYS moment. Remember that Don Imus thing that was controlling every news outlet until that kid shot up Va Tech? You know, the offensive speech brush up that we all though was so freaking important that we couldn’t talk about anything else for four days? Do you also remember that at the time I wondered outloud how long it would take for someone in the porn world to cash in? After all, if “Nappy Headed Ho’s” was offensive enough to get the bad reverend Sharpon in a tizzy, a shock jock fired and the nation paying attention to “hate speech” then it had to be a natural fit for porn. Now we get word that Kick Ass Pictures plans to release a movie called…..class? That’s right, “Nappy Headed Ho’s.” As if to draw even more attention to the situation, Kick Ass plans to donate a buck from each DVD sale to a Don Imus retirement fund. Forget for a moment that a multi-millionaire probably has little use for an extra grand or so. It’s just nice to see the porn community giving back.

Eye Candy: Talk about perfect casting. Here is Whitney Stevens on Yes, folks, the future ex Mrs. Rog is looking fine, fine, fine!

See Ya: Come on, how can I top Whitney Stevens? I can’t. That’s all for today. Be good everyone.

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