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Skeeter Email & a New Interview

Skeeter Email: Last night I decided to let Skeeter’s latest porn lecture go and turn reaction over to you. I’m just tried of beating my head against the wall. He’s got my number. He’s got my email. He knows damn well if he has something to say he can say it to me instead of through Gene. It’s schoolyard stuff and while it is amusing, I have better things to write about. (Like the fact The Shield just keeps getting better and better.) No matter how many times I try to explain the difference between shooting someone in a similar outfit and blatantly ripping off a director, he isn’t going to listen. No matter how many times I remind him that I’ve been a Jim Powers fans since before he was in the business (Since before I was in the business for that matter) it doesn’t register. And before you all jump on me, I know….it isn’t about discussion. It’s about ranting and this insane hatred he has for Jules Jordan and for several other people. (Me included apparently though I thought we agreed to bury this shit years ago.) I just wish that some of the points he raises could be discussed in a way that doesn’t remind everyone of the worst parts about junior high school. And now….on to the email.

Eye Candy: Before we get to that, let’s look at something sexy. Stormy Daniels sucking dick is always a good thing.

Email #1JMartCT wtites:

Hey Rog, OK we get it. Skeeter doesn’t like Jules Jordan. He doesn’t like John Stagliano. He doesn’t like Belladonna. He doesn’t like Tricia Devereaux. He also doesn’t like you. Fine! What I want to know is why he calls you a trick all the time. What does that even mean? Anyway keep up the good work and try to avoid the insanity. Jim

Rog Replies: Thanks for writing Jim. Yes I think we can safely say that Skeeter doesn’t like any of the people you listed above. As for Skeeter calling me a “Trick” over and over, I can only assume what he means. I’m guessing he using the “a guy who pays prostitutes for sex” meaning of the word. Not sure where he gets that idea. It’s rather absurd actually. Anyone who knows me knows damn well I’m too fucking cheap to PAY for it. (And why do I know that some people won’t see the humor there.) It’s just schoolyard bully stuff. And apparently you aren’t the only one who finds it funny.

Eye Candy: One good Wicked gallery deserves another. This time we get jessica drake taking a big penis into her mouth.

Email #2: Anoroc writes

Rog…I don’t get it. You’re a “trick” and Skeeter is a “pimp” so shouldn’t you guys be best friends?

Rog Replies: Now that’s funny! Yeah, I guess if I’m a trick then Skeeter would be my crack dealer. I wish we could get along better. He has told me over and over that he’s buried things and that the past is the past, but his actions (speaking about rather than to someone) and his words don’t match that. Thanks for the laugh.

Eye Candy: How about one with a bunch of the Wicked Girls getting nasty.

Email #3: Old Ben Writes

Rog, Rog, Rog….Once more into the fire my good friend. Have you really learned so little about the people in this industry? After all these years do you still imagine that a well-crafted responses which accurately rebuts every one of Mr. Kerkove’s flawed arguments will really amount to a thing? You know better. He will ignore every word you write and simply rant on. Remember the list Roger. Complete every item on your list at least twice in 48 hours before you even consider responding to anything anyone writes about you. Until Mr. Kerkove writes TO you, simply ignore it as the meaningless background noise that it is.

Rog Replies: Your sage advice is always appreciated my friend. Yes, I still have my list and yes I turned to it rather than writing. (Hence the open call for email.) Last time I tried to address some good points Skeeter made and two weeks later he’s back to the same stuff. Some day I would love to actually interview Skeeter (Invitation has been out there for six years now) and hear what he really thinks about things. Until then I shall try to listen to your wise advise and focus on other things.

Eye Candy: Since we need something hot and since Aurora also got slammed by Skeeter, how about if we enjoy a young Aurora taking on two cocks. Fucking beautiful.

Email #4 BKFan666 writes

I don’t know if you remember or not. It has been years since I have written to you, but back in the day I wrote to you a lot. Usually it was to tell you how wrong you were about the Kerkoves. First your lack of love for Bridgette and then for your mediocre reviews of Skeeter’s early work. I was never able to convince you to change your mind about them, but you were able to convince me to stick around and enjoy your reviews for what they are. Wrong very often, but entertaining. I had to step up and write a little because I can’t believe what has happened. Skeeter seems to have lost all control. He is not only attacking you, but he is attacking Buttman. He is not only smacking Jules Jordan, but he is attacking fans. Some of us have supported him from him the start but there are some lines that even Skeeter shouldn’t cross. He can crap all over some people all he wants but he needs to remember that Buttman is a porno god and his fans deserve better.

Rog Replies: I do remember you. You were quite the passionate defender of Skeeter and perhaps the biggest Bridgette fan this side of Ramsey. I don’t know why Skeeter has issues with John Stagliano and I really, really can’t figure out why he turned on the fans at ADT. They were (most of them) always really good and helped make his movies VERY popular. I would be interested to hear what you think of Skeeter’s work of late. The last one I reviewed was Collision Course from Vivid. I’d be interested in hearing what a true Kerkove fan thinks of that one. Thanks for sticking with me and for writing.

Eye Candy: OK now I’m fixating on Aurora Snow. Here she is taking a big shot on her pretty face over on Peter North’s site.

Last Email: Seriously, this should be enough. Good for a great laugh. (Please forgive the editing Dog, but I really am trying to avoid any name calling. I hope I can do this justice without the more colorful passages.)

DogOfnroP writes

Hey Rog, Great idea turning over your page to us on this Skeeter mess. I have been trying to figure out why anyone listens to him anymore anyway. He just keeps going on and on and on about the same stuff. He reminds me of the end of 8 Mile and I keep waiting for someone just shut him down. Tell us something we don’t know. Yeah Jules Jordan is short. Yeah, John has HIV. Yeah you’re….well hell I don’t know what the fuck a trick is, but last I heard Skeeter was ragging on you for wanting to be around hot girls. Big crime there yeah? Remember this Rog. We can tell a lot bout a person by the enemies he has. You should be proud of yourself. You are now up there with the likes of Jules Jordan, John Stagliano and Patrick Collins. Even better than that. If you follow Skeeter’s logic, you MADE Jules Jordan. My gosh Rog, without you none of us would have been tricked into thinking that someone of that small stature could possibly make a good porno flick. It was all just a big conspiracy and you perpetrated it all Rog. Without your meddlesome agenda we would have all flocked to someone else. Damn you Rog. Damn you straight to hell. At the risk of offending the man Skeeter Kerkove has just unofficially singled out as the most influential man in all of porn (and if you put that a T-shirt without giving me full glossary credit I will hunt you down and force you listen to Hillary Scott quack gagging on a cock for days on end.) I want to leave you with just one question. Doesn’t this whole fucking Skeeter rant sound like one giant case of Jules Jordan Envy (TM-Rog). Gotta run Rog my lunch break is over and I have to get back to digging ditches like a good porn fan should.

Rog Replies: Just for the record, I never said that ANYONE specifically had Jules Jordan Envy. It was a general term that I’ve used to explain the state of the industry. Beyond that….. Ummmmmmm how the hell do I respond to that? I’m just going to stand here and watch that fucking thing sail into McCovey Cove. I hope everyone else got as big a laugh from this one as I did. Just what I needed. But you’re right my friend. It was me. I am the puppet master. To steal a line from J Rotten….”Do you ever get the feeling you’ve all been cheated?”

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