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League 2 (Roto) Update

Getting Busy Though action in this league (RogReviews League 2) has been slow overall, things are definitely picking up. There has been a lot more roster activity and thanks to LSB (of we even had some trade action. Though he has yet to pick a porn girl to name his team after, LSB picked up Mets stud closer Billy Wagner from Ryan’s Stormy Daniels team. It may prove to be a costly move as he had to deal Ryan Zimmerman and kid K machine Cole Hammels to land Wags. Of the five trades so far, Ryan has been involved in four of them, making him by far the most active trader in the league so far. Keep it up guys.

As Expected One would have to assume that Baseball Prospectus and ESPN expert Will Carroll would be leading the league at this point. He is in fact, but by only one point over MB’s Jenna Haze team. It is actually rather crowded at the top with four teams separated by only 5.5 points. My own team (Named after the awesome Shay Jordan) is 18 points back and looking to make a second half charge in a few months.

Trash Talk: So far this has been a quiet league with very little trash talk. In fact, only one owner piped up and he’s been silent for a while. Jeremy, who is apparently from my neck of the woods, just down the road in Huntington Beach had a lot to say right after the draft. In his post titled “Thanks for the trophy” Jeremy ran the smack pretty hard. “Wow, Best draft I’ve had!!!! What were you dudes thinking?? I guess I can’t say what I was thinking since Jeremy is ahead of my by six points, but at least half the league is looking down on his Overcast team. Maybe they knew something we didn’t know. Then again this smack is coming from the same guy who spoke up loudly against the Eric Brynes/Roger Clemmens/Barry Bonds for AJ Burnett/Corey Hart trade. Since then, not a peep.

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