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Daily Noise Topics Revisted: I hit on a few topics yesterday during the Daily Noise segment that got the email flowing. Rather than print and answer each of them, why don’t I just go into the subjects a little deeper and try to clear up everyone’s questions/concerns. Hopefully I’ll cover it all.

Eye Candy: Before we get serious, let’s enjoy Lucy Thai from Asian Parade. She looks so good I can hardly stand it.

Porn Tax: Some people were confused by our multiple conversations about the proposed tax in California. First of all, it’s a state thing so don’t call your Congressman. It’s a State Assembly thing. Second, the AVN thing was worth noting. The Free Speech Coalition sent the same announcement out to all of us. That the AVN writer took virtually every word from the press release except the party designation for the man who introduced this bill is telling at best, downright dishonest at worst. I’m going to go with the former. We all know and could bet the farm on the fact that he if the offending legislator were not a Democrat, this same writer would not only point out the fact that he is a Republican, but would likely add “right wing” “theocrat” “fascist” and “poopie eating” to the story. To address another concern, I am not saying in any way that it is somehow worse that the bill came from a Democrat. If the guy responsible were a Republican I would have written the story in the exact same manner. That is how the story should be reported and the exclusion of the information is what I was upset about. This bill is a horrible idea, an intrusion on our freedom and an unfair tax on adult material. That’s the story and to leave stuff like this out just stinks of childish political cheerleading.

Eye Candy: How dare someone try to tax something as beautiful as Nautica Thorn with big loads of hot cum on her face. Bastards!

Gang Bang Math: We had a long chat about gang bang math on the show. Word that Erin Daye is going to attempt to fuck 1000 guys in one bang is pretty interesting. She’s pretty easy on the eyes, so that at least make the project more appealing than that awful Houston 620. The discussion about gang bang math had to do with what we think should constitute one person. If fifty guys show up and poke a chick five times each for sixty seconds, is that fifty or two hundred and fifty? I would vote for the former though clearly the use of gang bang math gives us the latter. Which will Erin use? Should we only count guys who go all the way to completion? I know that this is splitting hairs, but really, can’t we be real? Isn’t it enough that this young woman fucks fifty strangers in one sitting? Do we really have to expand it out to a thousand? Wouldn’t we rather see her take guys from start to finish rather than just having them pump away for a few strokes and then get back in line? Our discussion was not meant to disrespect Erin in any way. It was just sort of a general history of these gang bang movies for an audience that may not full understand what’s happened in the past. Hey, if she really wants to fuck a thousand guys, more power to her. I’ll check it out. I just hope that this is better than most of the other train wreck gang bangs they have given us. Go Erin, go.

Eye Candy: When it comes to doing bangbangs right, Anabolic has it down. Take a look at Tiffany Holiday from Gangbang Girl 36.

AVN on Imus: The final point of discussion on the show was the recent AVN editorial that discussed Morality in Media’s response to the Don Imus firing. In short, MOM wanted it noted that any attempt to clean up the airwaves should go beyond Imus and should include MTV, rap artists and others who use similar language on the airwaves. The AVN Editorial response to this blatant over-reaction and intrusion into free speech? They agreed with MOM’s take and even gave us a list of other ‘offensive’ material. I was shocked at first to read that this hall of fame writer would actually speak out AGAINST free speech, at least until I read the complete list. Throwing out a laundry list of petty complaints against everyone to the right of Air America, the writer (The same guy who just happened to make that glaring omission in the tax story) showed a stunning lack of support for the arguments that AVN itself often uses in the face of opposition. Don’t we tell those who find porn offensive that if they don’t like it, don’t watch it. Shouldn’t that be the industry response to the Imus situation? Don’t like him, don’t listen? (I don’t.) If you don’t like Rush Limbaugh, don’t call for him to be removed from the air by Big Brother. Change the channel. In running this editorial, AVN leaves us all wondering if they actually stand by this hypocritical, whiny list of complaints. I certainly hope that is not the case. The answer to unpopular or even offensive is NOT censorship. I would think that AVN would agree, but apparently at least one of their writers does not. And yes, I realize that it may have been tongue in cheek, but any attempt to curtail free speech should be immediately shot down. Then again, if some writer from some magazine writes something offensive……

Eye Candy: Some would consider Extreme obscene, but I think that Lizzy Borden and Gina Lynn together are just fine.

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