Fantasy Baseball Update


Fantasy Baseball Update

League 1: Week 2

Rog Reviews Leage 2

ESPN finally found a way to fix the huge problems we had during the first few weeks of the year. Whatever was wrong is fixed now. We have full access to our rosters, free agents and can pretty much move about at will. Perhaps now we will have our first trade of the season.

Digital Playground’s Cody Bang has his Kinzie Kenner team sits atop the league standings with a 13-4-2 record. (Ties? What is this soccer?) Apparently naming your team after a Lane isn’t a great idea. Both Sunny and Tory Lane have teams in the league, but they share the worst record at 6-14. A lot can change of course, but I would suggest that Tod Hunter (The last owner with a team NOT named after a porn girl) should not name his team the “Vanessa Lane Sexual Pretzels.”

Speaking of Tod. His team was selected by our baseball expert as the probable winner of his division. He is already a winner, though perhaps not the title he was hoping for. Tod’s team won the first trophy of the year. It was the Tera Patrick Mattress Queen Award. This weekly trophy goes to the team the does the least during a week. That’s right, an award for just lying back and doing nothing at all. We’re working on other trophies for trash talk, best moves and all that fun stuff.

So far I don’t know if any of the women represented are even aware of their tribute teams. I’ll work on that week. It would be great to hear from some of them and maybe bug them for some eye candy this season.

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