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Staring a New Week, Hitting the Net

Checking the Web Coming out of another busy weekend, I decided to check the web and see who’s bitching at who. It seems that my old friend Mike South is in the middle of a war of words with HoustonDon. I missed how the whole thing started and I’m not about to spend too much time reading. It just seems strange to me when people go attacking other people for what they write on their sites. If Mike goes out on a limb with a major claim, it’s right for people to call him on it. He knows what will happen if he’s wrong. Looks like Don made some statements taking Mike’s side and that didn’t go down so well. I’ve had Don step in my behalf before and it doesn’t always come out the way we might like. I believe he said that I would open up a can of whoop ass on Kurt Lockwood if he treated me the way he treated Gram. That’s all I need. Some knucklehead mis-quoting Don to Kurt and then having the whole thing blown out of proportion until we end up with some big physical confrontation. Looks like the Mike Vs. Don fight has shifted into full flame war status and is already starting to claim collateral damage. (Skeeter and Mike taking shots at ADT in the same week? What’s up with that?) I have a feeling this one will fade away just in time for two more people to start something up.

Eye Candy: If you guys can’t get along, we might have to send in Cytherea to spray you both off.

Ashley Steele: I don’t believe I have had the pleasure of reviewing lovely Ashley Steele’s movies. Thanks to LukeIsBack I now know some of her feelings on the conflict in the Middle East. She posted a blog on MySpace singing the praises of a nifty little Anti-Israel propaganda piece. Everyone is entitled to their own point of view of course, but it amazes me how many people use things like this to define their “truth.” MySpace and YouTube seem to be homes to some of the most outrageous examples of absolute shit on the planet. (Please note that this is now a general rant and in know way an attack on Ashley or any view she may hold.) It wouldn’t be so bad if so many people didn’t people that this stuff is “truth.” It doesn’t seem like that long ago that nutbars had to order a videotape ‘proving’ (PLEASE note the use of sarcastic quotes) that the ATF started the fire in Waco. Now every jackoff with a wild hair up a body part can make a YouTube video and someone believes it. Since I don’t know Ashley I can’t speak to her overall mindset. I can say that she is damn lucky Sheldon Ranz isn’t around any more. He’d have her strung out and examined for offensive tattoos before she could say “They aren’t homicide bombers, they’re freedom fighters.” Oh relax, it was a JOKE! Ashley’s hot and I look forward to seeing her work as well as reading her blog posts.

Eye Candy: After that great Interactive movie last week, I’m in the mood for some more Jenna Haze. Nice to see that site doing so well.

Eye Candy: Since we had so much fun last week, here is another

Miami Vice: I had a little bit of time to pop in Season 3 of Vice yesterday. What a season. I’m only on the first disc and already we’ve had guest appearances by Laurence Fishburn and Steve Buscemi as well as one by Willie Nelson. I also keep forgetting that Det. Zito would later do on to play Deputy Chief Ben Gilroy on “The Shield.”

Eye Candy: Is that Vivid Girl Lanny Barbie playing with the POV Pervert? Yes it is.

Sad Day: Obviously everything we do in this industry takes a back seat to the tragedy that happened on the Virginia Tech campus yesterday. Something like this makes all of the Don Imus, Rosie O’Donnell, American Idol and porn drama seem the like the trivial crap it really is. My thoughts and prayers are with the families of those who lost loved ones. We can only imagine the pain you must be feeling right now. No words can comfort you, but know that you are in our hearts and our prayers go out to you today.

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