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Rog Blog 4/13/07

Skeeter Speaks, We Repsond

Once Again, the Ground rules: Just in case some of you missed the start of this rant reply, I’ll reiterate that this will not be a line by line retort of the rambling rant Gene posted the other day. I’m not going to turn this into something negative. After the nice things that Al wrote following Skeeter’s rant I am going to keep it positive. I’m also going to agree with a lot of the points Skeeter raised during his rant. Try not to be shocked.

Eye Candy: A little something for the harder crowd to start the day. That’s right folks, a gallery from Cum Farters. Cum Farters? Really? Seriously?

Skeeter Point 1: Double Standard: In the middle of this rant, Skeeter points out that Belladonna seems to get away with things that people like Max and Skeeter himself would be in trouble for. I don’t know what happened with Kelly Wells, so let’s put that aside for a moment. If someone, anyone hurts a performer on set, they should be held responsible. I don’t care if it’s Bella, Skeeter, Max or anyone. Fair is fair. While he spends most of his time going into personal attacks on Bella and her husband, I’m going to focus on the overall point. Yes, Skeeter there is a double standard, no question about it. Some of that is human nature and some of it is simply the nature of the beast we have created. Remember, we’re talking the difference in perception for rough sex movies OK? Why does a woman like Bella get more of a pass for her rough stuff than the guys? Well, they don’t on my site, but let’s deal with the realities industry-wide. I believe that there is a natural perception of girl on girl rough sex as somehow less harsh. I can’t exactly explain why I feel this way, but I did an informal survey of a dozen friends and found that we all pretty much had the same feelings. Perhaps it is our connection of rough sex in porn with sexual assault and violence in the real world. When we think of real world violence against women and especially sexual violence, we imagine it perpetrated by men. (Accurately so.) Perhaps it is the idea that a woman would stand a better chance of fighting back against a woman. Who knows really? From a strictly porn-fan point of view, this double standard may be more of an aesthetic thing. It’s prettier to see a woman be rough with another woman than when a man does it. Shallow perhaps, but a sexual reality. At any rate, Skeeter is right. There is a double standard at work. Women like Bella can get away with rougher sex than guys can. Like it or not, that’s the way it is.

Eye Candy: Speaking of rougher sex, how about a Midnight Prowl with Britney Stevens. That’s some crazy stuff.

Skeeter Point 2: Second verse, same as the first. Skeeter is right. Why should Max catch shit for peeing when we have countless ‘squirt’ titles on the market. Let’s be clear here folks. These chicks are pissing. They are pissing on themselves, pissing on each other and even pissing on the bloody furniture in the location houses. (Reason #648 not to let people shoot porn in your house.) I have been saying pretty much this same thing for a long time. Pissing is pissing and it does jack shit for me sexually. I know that some of you like it and that’s just freaking fine. I just generally don’t review ‘squirt’ movies because I don’t enjoy piss play. Calling it squirting doesn’t change what it is and that’s just wrong. If it’s OK for Elegant Angel, Evil Angel or JM, then it’s OK for Max. Just please, don’t piss on my floor and call it squirt.

Eye Candy: And speaking of ‘squirting’ here is something for that crowd. A little something from Squirt Bukkake to satisfy your need for pee pee.

Skeeter Point 3: Just for some balance, here is a point I didn’t quite agree on. Skeeter refers to the “fags on ADT” who don’t like Max and then calls them “cocksucking, motherfuckers.” Hey, everyone is entitled to like who they like and hate who they hate. Max is a big boy and I know he can take it. I don’t know what the current climate is over at ADT but I know that both Skeeter and Max have received plenty of love over there in years past. In fact, way back in the day, Skeeter had quite a fan base on the site. Perhaps things have changed, but a cynical reader of this rant might assume that Skeeter is turning on these people who supported him and working on currying favor with someone else. Perhaps he was referring to a specific group of “fags” and not the readership of whole site. I honestly don’t know. I do know that Skeeter was a big participant on ADT for a long time and as far as I saw was always treated very well. He’s got a lot of fans over there and I’m certain he didn’t mean to lump them in with the “cocksucking motherfuckers.” (Though apparently I’m lumped in, yeah?)

Eye Candy: As this site proves, sometimes it isn’t so bad being a mother fucker.

Skeeter Point 3: According to Skeeter, I am “so in bed with Jules Jordan.” Not sure what that means exactly. From what I hear, he hogs all the fucking blankets and has really cold feet. I’d rather share a bed with Jenna, but that’s just me. Look, Al said it already, consider Jules a great pornographer simply makes me right. He has made the most consistently strokeable porn on the planet for the last five years or so. If me liking Jules’ movies makes me “so in bed with” him, then what do we say about the people who like Skeeter’s work? Are they in bed with him? No. They simply enjoy his porn. I know that this thing goes way back and is very deep between Jules and Skeeter. I don’t pretend to know what it’s about and I want nothing to do with it. Apparently he thinks that I have some agenda to spread the word about Jules work. If we were talking about some fourth rate hack pornographer that I called the best thing in the biz, that would make sense. But really aren’t I just pointing out the obvious? I’ve heard it called Jules Jordan Envy and in reality, most people in this business should want to be as successful as Jules, no matter how he compares on a scale to your average transsexual.

Eye Candy: (Oh I’m getting good at this.) So do we think that this tranny on Nuts on Sluts is bigger or smaller than Jules?

Skeeter Point 4: Skeeter is constantly praising Jim Powers and for that he should be applauded. Powers is one of the true greats in all of porn. He can take literally nothing and turn it into strokeable porn. He can get great performances out of mediocre talent. He is a major creative force behind some of the most innovative lines in porn history. Though Skeeter throws plenty of insults around, he clearly has the raincoaters in mind when he makes sure that we all remember Jim Powers. Hell, until Skeeter came along I felt like a lone voice in the Jim Powers fan club.

Eye Candy: Not related to the above, just some fun from Riot Whores.

Skeeter, Final Thoughts: I don’t know when John Stagliano showed up on Skeeter’s shit list. All those years ago when he would call me up Skeeter made a big point on each occasion to say “The King himself, John Stagliano told me that he loves jerking off to my stuff.” High praise indeed and the sort of thing that someone should legitimately brag about. Apparently things have changed because now he’s taking shots at John as well as Jules and Otto and Chuck and me and….oh yeah Bono. Man, that was pretty harsh. Hey, at least the porn girls say he’s handsome. They don’t even go that far with me. I think I’m hurt. Then again, any woman tries to say that I’m handsome and I will know right away she’s lying. I left alone that part where he ranted about the comparison between Aurora and Bridgette. Sadly that thread became personally insulting and Skeeter shot back. No need to be rude to Bridgette. That just doesn’t help anything. In the end, Gene ran with this rant because it’s interesting. It gets people talking and it lets Skeeter get some things off of his chest. Sorry he still feels like he needs to take shots at me. Sucking Jules’ pipe, come on. Last I heard, all problems we ever had were buried. He’s got my email, still has my number so he can always talk to me if he wants. No hard feelings. I’ve got nothing but love for everyone. Then again, I ain’t sharing a bed with anyone but Mrs. Rog. (I ain’t handsome like Bono so I can’t get no love from porn girls.)

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