Rog Blog: XRCO Awards


Rog Blog: The XRCO Awards

Her Name is Hillary Scott and She Ran Out of Speeches

XRCO Awards: This year’s show was moved to the Forbidden City in Hollywood. It was a nice, easy to get to location right in the shadow of the Capitol Records building. There was lots of parking and anyone who had to wait in line for valet a the Century Club (Or made the mistake of using one of those nearby structures that locks down at midnight) can tell you that available parking is a huge bonus. The inside of the club was nice, but small. In all honesty I don’t think we’ll see another XRCO at Forbidden City because of the size issue. The main room was pretty tight and it seemed that half the people were in the bar or outside. Not bad if you had a table (Or were told to sit at one reserved for a company that wasn’t there.) but the standing room only crowd was pretty big. There were so many people outside, that many of them missed parts of the show because there was no announcement when it began. That created a bit of a problem, especially or Tommy Gunn who nearly missed his chance to give his speech when he won for Best Male Performer.

Eye Candy: Nikki Benz has had a lot to say about the cat fight at the show, but here she has her mouth full of cock to say much of anything.

Trouble in Forbidden Paradise: I was outside so I wasn’t even close enough to the cat fight to really get a good feel of how big it was. According to all the stories I’ve heard and read, Lucy Lee and Tera Patrick had a flare up before the show. Water and wine were spilled, lots of cross words were exchanged and security had to get involved. There is some serious bad blood between these two women and apparently Nikki Benz shares Lucy’s feelings of distain for her former employer. That was the biggest hiccough in an otherwise solid night for Tera. She handled her co-hosting duties quite smoothly, keeping the show on pace and adding plenty of eye candy while we waited to see who would win the next awards.

Eye Candy: Not on stage, but it looks like Hillary Scott had a great year. She had a huge year, took home an arm full of AVN Awards and seemed a lock to clean up at XRCO as well. It was easy to predict that she would make a good showing, but I don’t think too many people were expecting her to walk home with five XRCO Awards. (A record I believe, though I’m not 100% on that.) She took the expected awards, Best Female Performer (It was great to see Gianna get nominated in this category) Best Actress for Corruption, Super Slut, Orgasmic Oralist and Orgasmic Analist. It would be pretty tough for anyone to argue against her in any of those categories. (Annette Schwarz should probably get some run for her oral skills and Gianna is fucking awesome.) Hillary looked amazing and had to accept so many awards that she ran out of people to thank. (What, no love for Rog?) Congratulations to Hillary on a great year and an unprecedented sweep of the XRCO Awards.

Eye Candy: A new video gallery from Twistys featuring Audrey Bitoni at her best.

Catching Up: My favorite part of any adult industry party is talking to the people I don’t get a chance to talk to as often as I would like. I spend a while at the bar talking with my old friend Adam. He’s doing really well with his Playboy Radio show. If they ever find a studio down closer to my house, I’m going to have to convince Adam that we should do a show together. I spend a long time outside talking to my good friend Ivan as well. He has just finished directing his first movie for Anabolic. It should be out soon. Given his great track record, it should be a very good project. He told me a lot of interesting things, including the fact that Tony T seems to have turned over a new leaf as a performer. I saw Tony, but didn’t say hello. I have nothing against the guy, but last time we spoke the told me to never bother talking to him again. Whatever. I also spent a good deal of time talking to Bono from He was very excited for Hillary and picked a lot of the winners ahead of time. Man, that dude is famous. Every girl who walked by knew him. I also saw Luke Ford and spoke with him for about ten seconds until he had to scurry off. It seems that Luke and I are growing old together in this business.

Eye Candy: Home of the monster facial, Wow that’s a lot of spunk.

And the Ladies: Of course what would an evening at a porn party be without the ladies. I got to see my friend April Storm for the first time since she fled Los Angeles for greener pastures (Literally) in Tennessee. She looks amazing and handled the evening with her usual professionalism and grace. Aurora Snow and Mika Tan were absent so I didn’t get to talk to them. On the other hand. Jenna Haze was there and even Shay Jordan popped in for a few minutes. She was showing off her girlfriend, no doubt to make me jealous. (Yeah, I can’t compete with a hottie like that.) Tricia Devereaux showed up looking amazing as always. Some day I have to remember to ask her how many XRCO Awards she won as a performer. It better have been a handful.

Eye Candy: How incredibly easy on the eyes is Jenaveve Jolie?

Overall: In generally it was a huge night for Hillary as well as for Brad Armstrong. Super hot Mia Rose won as Cream Dream. During her acceptance speech she wondered outloud if that meant that we like to jerk off to her. (YES we do.) Mika Tan won for Unsung Siren, but couldn’t accept in person because she was visiting family in Okinawa. Congratulations Mika, long overdue.

Eye Candy: Speaking of Mika Tan. Enjoy her perfection.

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