Fantsy Baseball Post: Preseason Prediction from an Expert


Fantasy Baseball Post Leage (sic) 1 Expert Pre-Season Prediction

Baseball Prospectus & ESPN baseball expert and injury guru Will Carroll kindly took a look at our league and gave his pre-season predictions.

Of the PeterNicole North West Division, will says

Snow: Weak on the corners, very little depth, but has some serious upside. Matching Ichiro and Bonds in the OF is bold. Five closers and one decent starter? They should win saves, but they’re punting way too many categories. This ZIMA isn’t going to hold.

Teagan: Very solid, bit shaky in the OF, but deep. Good balance, nice gamble on Clemens. This team has the look of a winner.

Kobe: Good balance. This guy’s been reading up on prospects, but he’s relying on too many of them. Solid pitching if they stay healthy. There’s some upside here and one heck of a keeper team.

Devinn: Umm, no. There’s just not enough offense here. Everything’s middling to overrated. Now, he does have Johan but that seems to be the only good pick he made.

Sunny: Interesting lineup. A bit older than I’d expect in this type of league. Solid enough lineup if everyone stays healthy. The pitching is great, so I can see his draft strategy. He’s going to own most of the categories there. I’m not sure he has enough offense, but on any given week, he’ll have enough to win.

In this division, I think Sunny and Teagan are head and shoulders above the others. I’d take Teagan on balance, but H2H strategy might play out for Sunny.

Prediction: Teagan, Sunny, Kobe, Devinn, Snow.

Wow, I got picked last in my division. Call that motivation. The rest of the PeterNicole North West Division won’t see me coming.

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