Brazzers 10th Anniversary

Brazzers 10th Anniversary
360 Mins
THEMES: First Time anal, Big Tits, Big Cocks, Big Asses, DP, Outdoor Sex,
STARS: Madison Ivy, Mia Malkova, Jayden Jaymes, Nikki Benz, Kagney Linn Karter, Kourtney Kane, Monique Alexander, Phoenix Marie, Rachel Roxxx, Ava Addams, Manuel Ferrara, Kieran Lee, Ryan Madison,


Ten years is a long time to have a successful porn company these days. Brazzers has decided to celebrate a decade of decadent dominance with a delectable double dose of DVD depravity. This disc is packed with star power and features a pair of first-time anal scenes. It’s also got six hours of running time to make it a whole lot of bang for the buck. There aren’t a whole lot of duds in this collection. Let’s start with the two anal firsts. They kick off each disc which I thought was pretty clever scene placement. Madison Ivy starts things off in a scene that high on production values and sexual intensity. Madison looks fantastic and her ass is just perfect. This scene sets the bar very high. Disc two’s opener feature pretty Mia Malkova giving up her booty for the first time. She’s fucking gorgeous and shows more than enough energy to make her scene a perfect bookend for Madison’s. Do not miss these anal debuts. In between there are plenty of hot scenes to enjoy. Ava Addams does a hot revenge DP in front of her husband. Rachel Roxxx and Ryan Madison do a little BDSM-themed fucked. Kourtney Kane gets sweaty in a gym scene and Phoenix Marie closes out the first dick by seducing her well-hung stepson into anal sex. After Mia’s anal debut, Monique Alexander turns up the heat even more. She is a horny newscaster who gets her tight ass banged and her pretty face plastered live on air. Kagney Linn Karter plays a lazy maid who prefers to fuck than clean. Very hot scene from KLK. Nikki Benz pops up in a red latex outfit and gets her ass drilled hard. Finally Jayden Jaymes gives us some office sex in the finale. Fun fantasy set up here and hot backdoor action as well. This is a six hour epic DVD with two first time anal, serious star power, big tits, hot role play and much more. If you pick up this DVD you will happily keep it in your collection forever.

Madison Ivy & Mick Blue

While blowing smoke during a therapy session (Hey, see what he did there, clever) Madison talks about her addiction and how things from her dreams are becoming real. She then dances in a set that looks like something they used after the cast of Game of Thrones was done for the day. There are steps, columns, torches and even a huge snake. There are also two other girls on hand. Like Madison, they are masked, dressed in stunningly exotic outfits and writing together with the snake. Like the snake, they are just props though. It is not until Mick Blue is brought in that the action begins. He is a slave who has brought here to help Madison. She is to be given as a gift to the ruler of the underworld and wants her slave to touch her untouched temple first. Showing off her flexibility she throws her legs up over her head and moans her encouragement as he eats her beautiful little pussy. She is plenty wet so he just slips right in to her pussy. He pulls out after a few strokes and gently fucks her pretty face. The mask adds some exotic kink, when she takes over; the oral action gets white hot. Madison looks up into the camera and rubs that long dick against her pretty face as she licks the full length. He turns her around and slips it between her perfect cheeks, eliciting a wide-eyed reaction from Madison that is just classic. We get some good anal and then a lengthy A2M blowjob that is beautifully shot. Now that she is all warmed up, Madison gets on top and works his dick with her ass. When she is riding cowgirl it’s like she is expertly jerking him off with her tight butthole. Madison’s ass looks amazing and she really takes that dick hard. For her first anal scene she certainly takes it deep and hard. They finish up with Madison opening her mouth and letting him unload all over her pretty face. She drains very drop and sucks him clean. This is an intense opening scene that is simply fantastic.

Ava Addams, Kieran Lee & Manuel Ferrara

In a cleverly edited opening that tells a long story quickly, Ava asks for help getting revenge on her cheating husband. She wants two guys (Manuel and Kieran) to beat him up and make him watch them fuck her. They don’t waste any time, putting her between them on the couch on all fours as their cocks take her at both ends. Ava enthusiastically sucks while her pussy gets plowed hard and deep from behind. They flip her over and switch ends without missing a beat. They flip yet again, this time putting a cock in her ass while her mouth stays busy. They put her on top and pull her legs back so that one cock can fill her ass while the other fucks her waiting pussy. With her husband tied up and watching, Ava takes a big cock in each of her lower openings and screams out in absolute pleasure. The DP footage here is hard, fast and pretty hot. It’s hotter of course because the set up gives it that extra little something. She gets blasted right on her pretty face and then is still being spit roasted until the second guy (Manuel) pulls out and drops an even bigger wad right on top of the first one. This one is hotter because of the set up, but pretty good all around.

Rachel Roxxx & Ryan Madison

Rachel Roxxx is chained up in a spiked bikini top when Ryan Madison comes in. He likes it rough so she is in for a long day. He holds her hands behind her back and rubs her pussy through her tiny bikini bottom until she can’t stand it any longer. Rachel gets down and starts sucking his cock. It’s huge in her hands and she does her best to make it disappear between her lips. Nice POV shots here and she is quite lovely. He takes her from behind, letting her do a lot of the work. The way she moves her hips is really sexy. There are some hot shots of her fucked in front of a window to add to the fun. He picks her up and tosses her around in a very athletic and fun scene. Rachel takes every inch of cock and her body really looks hot in those stockings. When she is on her back with her legs high in the air flailing as he goes balls deep, damn that’s some hot shit. He finally pulls out of her and sits on her face while shooting his cream right into her mouth. Not done, he pounds away fro a while and gives her another wad all over her tits and face. Great high energy action in this one.

Kourtney Kane & Kieran Lee

Things get very steamy at the gym for Kieran Lee as eh watches Kourtney Kane work up a serious sweat. She tease him like crazy until he just can’t take it anymore and explodes her tits. He stands her up and with her clothes still mostly on, he manages to slide his dick into her and start fucking. Kourtney puts one leg up on his shoulder and starts taking him deep. She’s a very hot girl and the work out set up offers plenty of fantasy appeal. Once she gets all good and wet, that pussy just slides up and down on his cock so easily. I like the ass shots here, but things get even hotter when she drops down and starts sucking his big dick. They get down on the mat and go for some spoon that is perfect if you like long, lean legs and totally shaved pussies. I really like the way this scene is shot and the hot facial finish brings things to a perfect conclusion.

Phoenix Marie & Danny

Danny is none to happy when he is ordered by his father to stay home and keep his step mom company. Luckily for him, she’s Phoenix Marie and as she enjoys a bath she has Danny folding her undies. He hands her a towel, gets on look at those tits and is hooked. She teases him a bit, but just shoves those things in his mouth. This naughty stepmom know what she wants. Taking charge she orders him to lick her pussy. Danny does a good job, getting her ass and that puffy slit all wet with his busy tongue. His big cock really interests her so she leans back and lets him fuck her with it. Within a few strokes she wants it up her ass and he gives her the full length. This super hot size queen loves it so much that she just has to thank him by cleaning his cock with her hungry mouth. They finally move into the bedroom where Phoenix gets on all fours and arches her back as he takes her from behind. I love the high angle ass shots here. She knows how to move and that big booty looks spectacular swallowing that huge cock. Great anal action here and the body shots really show off her assets. They stand at the window with her tits pressed against the glass as he works his way deep into her asshole. He finally pulls out of her on the bed and shoots all over her face. I have a feeling that the relationship between this stepmom and her stepson is going to be a lot friendlier from now on.

Mia Malkova & Danny Mountain

Super hot Mia Malkova opens disc two with her first anal scene. The tease happens in the surf as she shows off her pretty body in a tiny bikini. There is some really hot footage of her playing in the sand and swaying her ass back and forth invitingly. She move on from the beach to do another tease segment in a red swimsuit on that cool outdoor set with the shallow water and huge white globes. This time she’s naked and really uses her ass to tease us mercilessly. Danny Mountain shows up and plants a serious kiss on her. They grope and tease each other outside for a while. They stay in the middle of the pool and put her on all fours on a pedestal. With her ass right there in his face he takes it in both hands and kisses I lovingly. Sliding her bikini bottoms down her thighs she finger fucks her tight butthole. Danny flips over and she attacks his cock with her mouth. Mia has a huge smile on her beautiful face ass he jerks his long prick into her lips. The reflection of the water makes for some really gorgeous shots as she kneels on the platform and makes his dick disappear into her mouth. She turns around and sticks her butt in the air, inviting him to take it. Danny works the head of his cock between her cheeks and fucks it slowly at first. Once she gets a few strokes back there it is open season. The eye candy is pretty spectacular, but so is the action as he pounds away on her really hard. The best shots of the scene come when she puts her feet on his thighs and pumps up and down on his stiff pole. Her body looks amazing and when he pulls her knees back and gives it to her full force, you will all agree that for a first anal scene, this one seriously kicks ass. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any hotter, she hooks her legs behind her ears and lets him take her ass while she’s folded up like an astonishingly sexy pretzel. That finally pushes Danny over the edge. He shoots his load right into her waiting mouth. This is a super hot scene and may be the best one Mia has ever done.

Monique Alexander & James Deen

Beautiful Monique Alexander is the only reason anyone watches Chanel 9 News. Everyone knows it, especially her. James decides to do what he can to make her happy and starts groping her from behind during a boring interview about meteorites destroying the earth or some other science shit. It makes for some pretty funny stuff as he eats her and lets her bounce on his cock while the Dr. just drones on. During her sports report, James shoves his cock into her mouth. Monique is still so fucking pretty that any blowjob scene she does is boner inspiring to say the least. She grabs his dick with both hands and loudly slurps on it as she double fists him. Throwing her back up onto the desk, he eats her pussy until she can barely sit still. She turns her hips to the side and talks dirty while he slams his big cock into her tight, wet pussy. After a few minutes he gives her ass a try. This sexy newswoman is very happy to get her butt banged on set. As she furiously rubs her pussy, his cock stretches that back door beautifully. They do some really hot standing anal with Monique showing off her lovely body. She’s still so fucking pretty it hurts. The RCA is fucking perfect. I know that there are two first time anal scenes in this collection, but I’ll take this one any day. They time his popshot so she is doing her sign off right as he nails her pretty smile with a load of jizz. Dude, that’s just so fucking hot. Watch this one over and over.

Kagney Linn Karter & Kieran Lee

Bubbly blonde Kagney Linn Karter is a very lazy hotel maid who happens to be dressed like a slutty coed on Halloween. She naps through her cleaning time and when Kieran returns to his room he is upset. You know where this is leading, but the dialog is kind of cute. He uses the magic word service, and Kagney springs into action. She pulls his cock out of his pants and starts licking it, slapping it against her face and verbally worshipping his “big ass dick.” He fucks her face until she gags, but that barely slows the dirty little blonde down at all. She gets on the bed and has to beg repeatedly for it “in the ass” before he shoves his big dick between her perfect pale cheeks. Kieran fucks her hard enough for their bodies to slap together loudly while she throws out a serious stream of filthy talk. Fantastic anal sex from one of the naughtiest little babes in the biz. After some A2M, Kagney spins around and backs that ass up on his meat. He fucks her ass in doggy, while they are standing and finally jerks his load all over her pretty face. Any girl that can take this kind of an anal pounding is a star to be sure. It also doesn’t matter if she never picks up another towel, her job will always be secure.

Nikki Benz & Kieran Lee

We return to the shallow pool with the white balls for Nikki Benz‘ scene. Ms. Benz is rocking the red latex outfit with her ample ass sticking out the wide open back of the dress. She writhes around on her knees sticking that butt out like she is just begging to get plugged in the backdoor. Kieran shows up and gives Nikki a nice face cock to enjoy. She makes it wet and messy from the start with her full lips and tongue doing their best to keep him happy. He doesn’t wait too long before bending her over and sliding his dick inside of her. Nice ass shots here as Nikki’s cheeks poke nicely out of the well designed red outfit. They find a nice comfortable spot on the couch and she arches her back to make his cock slide more easily into her butthole. Visually the shots get really hot when the camera moves in close on her ass to capture every inch disappearing between her cheeks. Nikki spreads wide when she gets on top and lets him pound hard up into her tight ass. I love the way they use the water for reflection shots. It adds a great deal of eye candy to a very hot, energetic anal scene from Nikki. He shoots a big load all over her face and then bends her over for a final fuck with his ball batter dripping down her chin.

Jayden Jaymes & Kieran Lee

Kieran takes a serious chewing out at work for a mistake Jayden Jaymes made. A noble act to be sure and something she repays by allowing him to take out all of his frustrations on her. She rubs her foot on his crotch and slowly pulls her big tits out while he just stares, dumbfounded by his good fortune. She grabs his cock and looks rather thrilled with her own good fortune as it stretches the entire length of her face. Jayden makes it messy and sticks with the submissive secretary theme nicely. She flips right on over and spreads her legs to let him return the oral favors. Kieran does so with delight and has her juices flowing in no time. She is ready to lean back and take that dick inside of her wet pussy. Love the leg shots as her she flails those stocking-covered limbs in the air as he pounds on her. There are really good butt shots as well, particularly when she is in cowgirl making that desktop really rock as her cheeks roll up and down. He scoops her up and holds her in his arms while she drops her pussy down on his long pole. They break for a sexy POV blowjob with a lot of spit and dirty talk. No anal, but she gets her pussy fucked and then has her tits and face covered with goo. Good day at the office if you ask me.

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