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CelebriPorn Update: I’m still waiting for my copy of Kim Kardashian: Superstar to arrive in the mail so I can’t even tell you if it’s good or not. I can tell you that the highly anticipated movie has already opened the door for one of its stars. No one has offered Kim a contract yet, but Vivid has decided to make Ray J their newest director. For those of you who haven’t a clue who Ray J is, don’t feel bad. He’s apparently a hip-hop ‘star’ and the brother of Brandy Norwood. He’s also the lucky fucker who drops the hammer on Kim in Kim Kardashian: Superstar. It would be premature for us to assume that a guy who was never really shot porn before might be unqualified for the position. Perhaps he’s a genius behind the camera. It would also be unfair to say that Vivid is essentially telling us that anyone can be a porn director. I’m sure that isn’t the message they are sending. It would be quite a slap in the face to say that a faux-rap star is as qualified to make porn flicks as someone who has been working in the industry for several years. On the other hand, he did nail Paris’ pal on tape and found himself as the lucky star of the latest celebriporn phenomena. Perhaps he deserves to have his porn career fast-tracked. After all, he wouldn’t be the first guy to ride a hot girlfriend’s coattails into the business and then carve out a niche behind the camera. The term suitcase pimp usually applies, but let’s wait and see what Ray J can do before dubbing him one of those. It won’t be easy though. After all, when your first movie is Kim Kardashian: Superstar, how do you top it?

Eye Candy: Devon has a new contract with Shane’s World, but has been delighting us for a long time. Here is Devon in all her porn star glory.

Tourney Talk: The bracket are getting a little tighter and check out the Pac 10 in this first half of the Sweet 16. As of right now, UCLA is in and both USC and Oregon are ahead in their games. If both teams hold on then we’re looking at 3 Pac 10 schools in the Elite 8. That’s pretty damn good considering how little some people think of west coast basketball.

Eye Candy: Diabolic’s web site has scenes from pretty much their entire catalog. Great stuff, including this video gallery of Kacey getting her pretty face blasted. I need to get on over to her web site and review it.

Reader Email: A few weeks ago I opened up the discussion on some of these ridiculous running times. Most of you didn’t weigh in, though it has led to some very interesting discussions during my weekly KSEX review and during the Pornograffiti segment on Daily Noise. There was one really interesting reader email though. It’s a little long, but I’m going to print it all because I raises some very interesting points. I’ll print my reply in the next blog and also open it up to you guys once again. What are your thoughts?

Reader X Writes:

I’ve noticed that this is a pet peeve of yours, Rog, and I think it’s an issue where the perspective of the reviewer is different than the perspective of the consumer.
To properly review a DVD, of course you need to watch the whole thing if you’re going to be fair – so if you’re going to review a 5 hour DVD, you have to watch 5 hours in 1 or 2 sittings – that’s definitely a chore, and it’s probably one good reason why I wouldn’t want to be a reviewer.
For the consumer, though, it’s 5 hours of material that one can choose to watch in any way one wants. I feel no compunction to watch any DVD, especially porn DVD’s, from start to finish. I feel perfectly happy knowing that I’ve only watched portions of the DVD’s in my collection – there’s more to see – maybe I haven’t even watched the best parts yet – maybe I never will. If a porn DVD gets me off and I enjoy what I see of it, I consider it a good DVD. If I watch a lot of it and it keeps getting me off, I’ll consider it a great DVD. Does that mean that I watch the whole thing? Rarely. Some of my fave DVD’s, like Stephanie Swift’s gang-bang DVD, are my faves because I know that any time I go back to see my favorite sections, like the very beginning of the main gang bang scene, it’s going to get me off. I’ve never watched that entire scene though, and don’t care if I ever do. It’s still great.

Erik Everhard’s stuff gets substantial criticism from you for being too long, but I think his stuff is great. His tease material is great, his set-ups are great, the outfits that he puts on the women are great, the women themselves are great, and the sex is blisteringly hot, though I can’t say that it’s still hot 30 minutes into a scene because I’ve gotten off and stopped watching long before then. Chances are that when I come back to the DVD, I’ll check out a different scene or watch the scene that I enjoyed so much again.

My attitude towards length of a DVD – no problem, so long as what is on the DVD is hot stuff.

Once again, I leave it open for discussion. My reply tomorrow.

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