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Happy Birthday Sunny Lane, Reader Email & Stuff

Happy Birthday Sunny Lane: Just wanted to pass on some birthday wishes to cute little Sunny Lane. She’s an awesome little bundle of fun and I’m sure that she is out somewhere having a blast. In her honor, we will enjoy some great Sunny Lane eye candy. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SUNNY LANE!!!!!!

Eye Candy: Birthday girl Sunny Lane making POV fantasies come true.

Reader Email: Some insights into the Kurt Lockwood meltdown.

RM Writes:


I read the whole thing about Kurt on
Kinda funny, but more sad than anything. Just say
okay, park elsewhere, and chill out until it’s time to
have sex with that beautiful chick they’ve hired.
Anyway, you asked why a guy would take off his shirt
before a fight? Well, it is done for two reasons: One
being that you don’t want your shirt getting ripped
(which always happens because most fights devolve into
a grappling match) and second, without a shirt, the
person you’re fighting has nothing to grab onto, or
pull over your head and pummel you (like a hockey
fight). It is done moreso because of the latter reason.

Rog Replies: Thanks for the email and insight into the scuffle. Those are good points of course that make perfect sense. Watching the clip though, it looks like he was just kind of puffing up and posing. Your explanation is much, much better though. Maybe Kurt will drop us a line and explain his fighting style and his side of the story.

Eye Candy: Here is a nice gallery of Sunny Lane looking great in pigtails. Sexy birthday girl.

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