Rog Blog: Feeling better, fantasy baseball and Britney Spears.


Rog Blog 2/19

Getting Back to Normal, Fantasy Baseball & Britney Balled?

Feeling Better: It took a solid week on the good meds, but I’m finally starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks to everyone who sent along well wishes during my lost week. I’m still taking the steroids for another few days and the cough medicine still has me sleeping 14-16 hours a day. This stuff really kicked me in the ass and I want to thank you all for sticking with me. I was able to get some reviews done, but this week I should ramp thing back up and get to work on that Hillary Scott interview that I’m dying for you guys to hear. Once again, thanks for the good thoughts, prayers and well wishes. You guys are the best.

Eye Candy: I just got some new link in my in box. Let’s start with Kina Kai on She’s looking good. I’m going to have to check that site out a bit.

Reader Email: I’m starting to get some good emails so I’m going to try to keep up with them here. Hopefully you’ll find some of these questions interesting and maybe some of you can even help contribute some information.

JM (Not the production company) Writes:

Great site. I just finished reading an interview you
did a while back with Loni, the Filipina/Chinese XXX
star. She doesnt seem to have a website and I cant
find an appearance calendar for her. Can you shed any
light on how I can meet my favorite XXX star(actually
Kiki Daire is but she has simply disappeared)? Thank
you in advance.

Thanks JM

Rog Replies:

Loni is a mystery. I have tried to get in contact with her several times to get her the trophy she won as “Best Newbie” a few years back. She has dropped a few emails my way, but we never seem to be able to connect. Loni doesn’t have a web site and my last contact with her was through David Aaron Clark. (Hey DAC, any idea how we can contact Loni these days?) I’ll see if I can track her down and find out more about what she is doing for you.

I can tell you that Kiki got married and is 100% out of the biz these days. Thanks for writing.

Eye Candy: Another new site. For those who like busty housewife porn. This girl is really hot. I’m going to have to check out the site later.

Site Stuff From the Weekend: I scrambled quite a bit to get caught up over the weekend. The full batch of reviews did finally get up by Sunday night, including a really impressive feature called Yours Truly” from Wicked. It stars the awesome Mika Tan in a great role. It’s a light romantic comedy with pretty good sex. I also made it through Erik Everhard’s four and a half hour Jailbait 3. It’s quite a movie and even features a cameo from Max Hardcore. In addition to the reviews, I added a new gallery for everyone to enjoy. Savana Switzer and her friends threw another Rog Rules Party at KC’s Neighborhood Bar. They had a sex toy karaoke contest and it appears that a good time was had by all. One of these days I’m going to make my way back there and attend one of these awesome events. I also added a web site review for last week. It’s a great collection of reality porn for anyone who likes Asian girls. It also includes some great collections of babes from the past like Miko Lee. I’m going to try to add some interviews this week so stay tuned.

Eye Candy: All new sites today, this one features Abbey Brooks in a hot set.

Fantasy Baseball: Our head to head fantasy league is filling up pretty fast so I am going to open up a traditional roto league as well. If you would like to represent your company or your web site in the league this summer, please join up. Send me an email with Fantasy Baseball in the header and I’ll send you a league invite. This should be fun. We’ll see who is the king of fantasy baseball in the porn world.

Eye Candy: For those who might have forgotten, Hannah Harper is a very hot woman.

Brit Balled: I was pretty much out of it for most of the weekend, so when I was half awake on the couch and heard someone talking about Britney Spears going on a wild weekend that ended with her balled, I perked up. Did she finally just go all the way in some way that we can see? Is a Britney’s wild weekend sex vid coming? Are there more panty-free pictures on the net? Oh no, that would be too easy. Instead, the former pop princess just spent the weekend getting inked, checking into and out of rehab faster than Keith Olbermann send an audience fleeing for sanity, clarity and an ounce of talent and then went and shaved her head. Instead of waking up to Britney between the sheets, I was shocked into wide-awake status by this improbable declaration. It is now entirely possible that those kids are better off with K-Fed.. Wrap your mind around that one for a while.

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