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Sick, Trying to Catch up

I hate being sick: I absolutely fucking hate being sick. I’ve been stuck in bed for the better part of a week now and this shit won’t go away. Everyone else in the family is sick as well so that leave it up to me to take care of them. Sadly it has me quite a bit behind on the site. Sorry about that. Yes, I know. I should see a doctor. When I can find an hour’s worth of time when I’m not looking after someone else, that is exactly what I’ll do. In the meantime I am going to pop Airborne like crazy and use every over the counter cold remedy I can. (And hope like crazy that it’s not actually bronchitis.) There is a lot of stuff I’m working on as soon as I can get back on my feet. For now I can peck out a few reviews to keep the content updated. As soon as I get better, look for some more interviews including a really good one with Hillary Scott.

Eye Candy: Some more Cassia Riley from

Kurt Lockwood Meltdown: In a thread over on performer, director Kurt Lockwood takes some serious swipes at a reviewer. (Click Here to Read the Thread) I’m not trying to add fuel to the fire because I’ve never had any interaction with Kurt personally. I can say that I have received several similar emails over the years from angry performers, fans, directors, husbands and company reps. I was actually in the process of emailing Sex Z to get a copy of LA Vice to watch before the XRCO nominations. Reading Kurt’s bitter email has changed my mind. I think that Astro did a find job of replying to the email and it’s best if I leave it alone. (In my current condition I might write something that will further upset the temperamental ‘artist’) All that needs to pointed out is the difference between Kurt’s response to criticism and Eil Cross’ response after Corruption. It’s not like this is Kurt’s first trip to this particular barn dance. That’s enough of that.

Eye Candy: We all like cute girls so how about a site with cute right in the title, Cute Angie really is.

And that…is all: Yeah, that’s all the energy I have today. I’ve got a couple of reviews to put up. JM has a funny flick called Cuckold that is great and I’m in the middle of Tom Byron’s House of Ass 3 with my girl Aurora Snow.

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