Vampire Cheerleaders

Vampire Cheerleaders

141 Mins
Burning Angel
DIRECTOR: Joanna Angel
THEMES: Cheerleaders, Vampires, Tattooed Girls
STARS: Joanna Angel, Jesse Lee, Krissie Dee, Draven Star, Veronica Layke, Tommy Pistol, Michael Vegas, Small Hands, Seth Gamble, Mr. Pete, Wolf Hudson


Joanna Angel and the crew are back with this funny little romp. It’s a cheerleader movie, it’s a vampire movie, it’s a flick with inked up chicks getting boned everywhere. It’s a very funny movie of course, but also a pretty sexy one. Joanna is great because she always is. She stars in the first scene and it is my favorite. As the head cheerleader just trying to get to State, Joanna has to motivate and feed her team. She finds a new player on the team and devours him. The sex, both in and out of uniform, is very hot. The big facial finish is a great way to kick off the movie. Non-vampire Veronica Layke gets into it with Michael Vegas. This is a pretty hot scene from a girl I haven’t seen before. Jesse Lee and Draven Star double up on one luck (and yet not) jock. Krissie Dee steals the show with a super hot three on one scene. She’s cute, tight, boisterous and just fucking hot. This is a scene I will watch again for sure. Throw in a big all girl cheerleader vampire orgy with all of the girls and you have a nice little package. This one is good for a few laughs and more than a few strokes. Bonus points if you like tattooed girls, vampire humor and cheerleader skirts and really, who the fuck doesn’t?

Joanna Angel & Small Hands

Joanna is captain of the cheer squad so it is her job to get food for the rest of the girls. She finds a new guy and tries talking to him. After a few seconds she just shoves her tongue in his mouth and goes about harvesting his fluids. They get hot and heavy right away. Joanna loves the way he rubs and fingers her pussy. She grabs his cock and starts gagging on it. Joanna is hot every time, cheerleader uniform or not, so this movie is off to a great start as she kneels and makes that hard shaft disappear. He bends her over and licks her from behind, making her get very loud again. After another quick BJ she bends over on the bleachers and begs him to fuck her. He flips her over and she throws her feet (complete with tennis shoes) up in the air as she gets fucked. We know that the movie is about vampires, so I doubt this will end well, but for right now, this guy is enjoying some very good fortune with the foul mouthed cheerleader. Joanna is quite verbal as she takes the dick and then rides on it for a while. It wouldn’t be a Joanna Angel scene if she didn’t take it in the butt, so she bends over and lets him slide right into her wonderfully tight back door. Getting used to it there, she mounts up and really bounces hard. She finishes the scene on her knees, jerking a big load of cum all over her face. Perfect end to a super hot scene. Well, perfect for us, less so for the guy who goes from lustfully bliss to lunch in the flash of a fang.

Veronica Layke & Michael Vegas

Veronica is new to the school and wants to join the squad. She is turned away and ends up with the janitor (Michael Vegas) watching her undress. Since her prospects are limited, she just decides to fuck him. She kisses her way down his chest until she finds his cock and then devours it. Not nearly as focal as Joanna, Veronica is still quite pretty and does a good job with her hands while sucking. He flips her over and eats her pussy. When she sings his praises he says that he watches a lot of porn in his office. It’s some funny dialog, but her tight little pussy is really what catches my attention here. They use a chair for missionary and he starts right out with some good hard thrusts in her hot little hole. She gets on top for a ride, really showing off an ass that is quite beautifully shaped. They get down for some doggy and she really takes it hard this way. Again, that great ass kind of steals the show. She kneels and takes his load on her face. Very nice scene from a pretty cute girl.

Jesse Lee, Draven Star & Seth Gamble

Jesse Lee and Draven Star push star athlete Seth Gamble against the locker. We know what they really want, but they settle for his cock first. The girls take turns sucking his cock and letting him hold their heads in place as he pushes back against their throats. Jesse spreads out on the bench and lets her girlfriend eat her pussy while Seth fucks her face. The hottest footage of the scene comes when the girls kiss each other while stroking his cock. This kind of two girl BJ fun is what makes porn such great fantasy material. Jesse shows off some skills when she gets on top. Her ass is pretty good, but the way she moves her hips is bound to get your blood pumping. Her redheaded partner flips onto her back and gets solidly rammed as well. They start out intense and just double down until she is rubbing her clit and looks ready to explode. Seth has the girls stacked on top of one another so he can move from pussy to pussy. They ask for cum on their faces so he stops fucking, loses his condom and lets them work the jizz right out of his throbbing pole. He gives them a huge load that they share and wear before ripping his throat open with their fangs.

Krissie Dee, Mr. Pete, Wolf Hudson & Tommy Pistol

Krissie invites a couple of jocks and the resident werewolf (Tommy Pistol) over to stuff her holes. Apparently this keeps her from needing to feed. The jocks jump right on the cute little Asian cheerleader and fill her with fingers. As soon as she gets a look at their cocks, she goes into overdrive, sucking one and loudly cumming from the other’s finger fucking. They put her on all fours and she fucks back to take cock. This little thing is a real ball of sexual energy. She also takes dick pretty deep in that tight little pussy. Tommy watches while Krissie just puts on a fantastic show. They lay her on her side and fuck her at both ends. Her shaved pussy and pretty mouth both take a whole lot of dick. I really like her hot little body and the way she fucks like she intends to rip their dicks off inside of her holes. They eventually turn their attention to her ass and this just makes Krissie even louder. Tommy finally hops in and this little undead hottie now has a trio of turgid totems to enjoy. They finally give her the DP she was asking for at the start. Both holes get totally stuffed and she screams out for more, when her mouth isn’t full of cock that is. Watching her squat on a cock and jerk the other two dicks is enough to make the post-fuck biting session seem somehow like a good trade. They leave her face totally covered in hot good. Damn, this girl is sexy.

Joanna Angel, Jesse Lee, Krissie Dee, Draven Star & Veronica Layke

The team realizes they really need Veronica to get to the state finals and she is willing to go all the way for them. That means a little biting and whole lot of pussy licking. They focus early attention on Veronica to get her warmed up. She seems to enjoy being licked and sucked all over. Krissie finds her captain with no one to service her holes and dutifully takes care of Joanna. Joanna fucks Jesse from behind with one hand and shoves fingers down her throat with the other. Krissie seems to really like being spanked and Joanna is happy to dish it out to her cutest team member. Their big orgy is a perfect way to kick off their efforts to make it all the way to state.

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