My Wife’s 1st Cuckold

My Wife’s 1st Cuckold

136 Mins
DIRECTOR: Sean Michaels
THEMES: Cuckold, Cheating Wives, BBC, Big Cocks, Interracial Sex
STARS: Sarah Vandella, Kayla West, Olivia Wilder, Ashley Graham, Sean Michaels


This is a pretty hot little cuckold movie with one scene that is so good, I may have to watch it again and again. Sean Michaels is the guy dishing out the dick in this one. He finds white wives in need of big (black) cock and gives it to them. The result is a bunch of happy wives, a fun, sexy flick and a whole lot of great IR action. The first scene is hands down the best. Sarah Vandella is a superstar and shows it off perfectly here. She comes on pretty strong with her husband away. Sean resists at first, but no one is going to turn her down for long. When hubby arrives, Sarah is really enjoying the cock and she torments him while banging her new lover. It’s a great scene with hot cuckold action and some of the best blowjob footage you will see all year. Kayla West goes a little crazy for her new trainer. He tries to keep it professionally, but her mouth on his cock turns the workout into a fuck session. When her husband (AVN Hall of Famer Tim von Swine) comes home, she makes him hold the camera while she takes Sean’s huge cock. This is a really fun scene. Olivia Wilder welcomes Sean to the neighborhood in a special way. She fucks him and then has her husband watch. The final scene with Ashley Graham was my least favorite. It was pretty solid, but just didn’t have as much spark as the first few. Overall this is a hot cuckold movie with good variety and sexy female talent. The Sarah Vandella scene is easily the highlight and should not be missed.

Sarah Vandella & Sean Michaels

Sean comes over to talk with blonde wife Sarah Vandella about insurance policies. She is very forward and he does his best to focus on business, not wanting to cause problems with her husband. She kisses him and grabs for his cock and all professional restraint goes right out the window. The gorgeous blonde helps him out of his pants and then deep throats his massive cock. She is one of the best cock suckers in porn and puts all of her skills on display. When she isn’t taking that whole cock down her throat, Sarah has some choice words about her husband. This is one of the best blowjob scenes I have seen all year. She is very turned on and when he puts her on her back she goes crazy for the kind of tongue lashing he has in store for her pretty pink pussy. She goes back to sucking and right in the middle, her husband shows up. She tells him to sit down and watch and then really lays on the dirty talk. Sarah deep throats until snot is running out of her mouth and she doesn’t miss a beat. Keeping it hot, she squats over Sean and rides his long dick, singing his praises to her husband who sits and watches. Sean fucks her from behind and she tells her husband how good it feels. This is a great scene on every level. Sarah looks gorgeous, the sex is intense and the cuckold action is top notch. Sean finishes by shooting all over her ass and watching Sarah scoop it up as a sexy snack.

Kayla West & Sean Michaels

Kayla West sets up a camera for her personal work out. Her trainer Sean shows up and is only a little curious about the camera. They stretch for a bit and then he is shocked when she reaches back and grabs his cock. He wants to remain professional, but eventually she talks him into it. Dropping to her knees, she sucks on his long cock, working it with her hands and lips until it throbs for her. Her husband comes home, she confronts him about pictures of him fucking other chicks and then tells him to grab the camera and film. When everything settles, he has the camera in the perfect position to capture the action as Kayla works hard to keep that big black cock nice and wet. She is less mean than Sarah was, but still plays up the cuckold talk really well. After licking her pussy, Sean positions her over his dick while her husband declares that it can never fit. It does of course, and she just loves every throbbing inch. Great looking cowgirl as she rides hard and Sean grabs that ass . They have her bend over the couch and go for doggy. Lots of hot talk here, but the sex is what really makes this one hot. Getting down on the floor she works hard to get that cum all over her face. I really liked this scene a lot. It was sexy, naughty, and playful and I liked Kayla a lot more than I expected to.

Olivia Wilder & Sean Michaels

Olivia shows herself into her new neighbor’s house to introduce herself. She presents a very serious and personal problem to him. Her husband can’t fucked and she has serious fantasies about being fucked by a black man. He doesn’t want to get off on the wrong foot in the neighborhood, but Olivia is quite insistent. He doesn’t hold out for long though because she just looks too fucking good in her tight little shorts. She takes out his cock and runs her tongue over the head in circles while jerking off the shaft. He takes charge and has her rubbing her pussy while she waits for him to fuck her. For some reason, her husband comes back from jogging and goes right to Sean’s house. He finds them sucking and she confronts him about cheating with his secretary. She makes him sit there and watch as Sean bends her over the desk and fills her up. She makes him strip and sit there naked while she praises Sean’s size. Eventually hubby sits there jerking his dick while his pretty wife sits herself down and works every inch of black into her tight pink pussy. Hubby has to beg for them not to do an internal cumshot so she has him kneel right next to her while she takes a big facial instead.

Ashley Graham & Sean Michaels

Last up is redhead wife Ashley Graham. She calls up a service and orders her ideal guy to cheat with. She can’t wait and has her hands down her pants when Sean arrives. He plants a big kiss on her lips and starts things off exactly as she wants them. The cock comes out, she proclaims it to be “way bigger” than her husband’s and then starts sucking it greedily. Her husband shows up and they invite him over to watch as she wiggles her ass and sucks on that huge dick. The camera gets in close for a basic cuckold POV shot. They both talk to the camera about teaching her husband how to properly fuck her. Sean eats her and then slides his rod into her. The cuckold talk is good here and the action isn’t bad, but after three really good scenes, this one is a step down in terms of overall heat. In addition to her red hair, Ashley has a clit that really stands out. It’s huge and pops out as Sean fills her pussy with dick. She takes the dick just fine and keeps up the dirty talk. This one just isn’t quite as hot as the others for me. The load ends up all over her tits to close things out.

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