Rog Blog 2/9: More HD talk, Super Bowl Commercial Hype, New Reviews

Rog Blog 1/9

More HD Email & Weekend Stuff

More HD Feedback: I am not going to let this become a back and forth between Don and BluGenie, but any time someone has good information to offer, I am going to put it out there. As you may have read, BG pointed out that Island Fever 3-HD was not the best example of HD picture quality. Don disagreed and now we have the final word on this. I’ll say once again that my side by side comparison of the HD and DVD versions of the movie were quite different. If, as BG says, there are better examples, then I’ll be thrilled to see them.

BluGenie Writes

Rog, While I don’t want to get into a “back n’ forth” on your website, I just thought I’d let you know that ouston Don is misinformed about current HD DVD and Blu-ray players. ALL of the players currently on the
market can output in 1080i. He is correct that only the new Toshiba XA2 player has 1080p output. You can verify this easily enough by looking at the
manual that came with your HD player.

Take care!

Ye Olde “BluGenie”

Rog Replies: Thanks again for the input. People should check their manuals to find out what sort of output they are capable of. I still say that the HD on IF3 was much better than the DVD. You say Cuddly Pines was better and I trust that this is the case. Hopefully Wicked will return my email and I’ll have more HD reviews in the near future.

Eye Candy: I just reviewed this site so enjoy Asia from

Anna Nicole Smith R.I.P.: This is shocking news and yet it’s not. Former Playmate of the Year, Guess Model and tabloid train wreck Anna Nicole Smith is gone. I’ve never shied away from the fact that I had a huge crush on Anna at just about every phase of her career. When she was doing Playboy and Guess she was one of the most stunning women in the world. She had curves, a million dollar smiles and breasts to die for. She went through her fat period and then ended up as a tabloid favorite. Her life had been through more ups and downs than a whole amusement park full of roller coasters. From her freakish marriage to a nearly-deal billionaire to the tragic death of her son a few months ago, Anna lived her life with a dark cloud following her around. I realize that many of her problems may have been self-imposed, but for right now let’s just let the dead rest. Besides, Anna Nicole was the same age I am. There is something painfully creepy about celebrities dying at my age. How morbid is it to wonder if the Anna Nicole Playboys and autographs I have just went way up in value? Yeah, probably.

Eye Candy: Since we’re doing hot Asians, we might as well take a look at one of the hottest ever, Ms, Sabrine Maui..

Super Bowl Commercial Outrage: So we all got a good chuckle about the whole awkward kiss Snickers commercial. Two straight dudes kiss and it’s going to be uncomfortable. In an effort to butch it up, they tear chest hair out. Silly, kinda stupid and not all that offensive right? In fact, doesn’t it kind of make straight dudes look bad? We the usual groups of mucky-mucks got all bent out of shape and Snickers has pulled the spot and the web site that went along with it. To be perfectly frank I didn’t see what was on the web site, so there could have been some offensive stuff there. But the commercial itself was hardly anything to get upset over. I would probably be more upset with these people except for two things. First, a suicide prevention group is now upset over the GM (I think it was GM) commercial that features a machine jumping off a bridge. (It was a dream.) Come on people. It’s a commercial about an out of work machine who is at the end of its rope and jumps. Get that, a MACHINE! I think that these people are taking things just a little too serious. (Hmmm, a suicide prevention group taking things too seriously?) Secondly, I do think that there is some cause for concern over the Super Bowl ads this year. It was right after that Snickers commercial and that big beer one with the guys slapping each other that I turned to my brother in law and said “It looks like sex is out this year and violence is in.” I’m not saying that the commercials were too violent, but I have to wonder. What’s more offensive to people, some cleavage or a bunch of guys smacking the shit out of each other? At any rate, anyone who thinks that the Snickers ad is gay bashing should really look more closely at who they are making fun of. It’s us straight dudes.

Eye Candy: For those of you who can’t make to her in-store signing in Hawaii tonight, enjoy some Tera Patrick.

New Reviews: In addition to all of the DVD reviews I’ve been adding daily, there are a couple of other reviews to check out. In the Web Site Reviews section, I posted As the title would indicate, it’s a site about hot Asian girls taking big dicks. The exclusive scenes are really hot, but the bonus stuff is a real treasure. Anyone who likes Asian girls and wants a site with enough stuff to jerk to all month should check it out. In the bonus stuff there is a LOT of Miko Lee, Mika Tan and other favorites. The newer scenes also feature Mika, Tia Tanaka, Asia and the usual hotties. Our favorite toy reviewer Savana has also been busy. Her fourth new review in the last month is now up. Check out her take on the Triple Love Bullet. There are more coming from this talented young woman and I hear they even had a second Rog Rules party complete with sex toy karaoke. Photos from that even should be coming soon. As always, feedback on web site reviews and toy reviews are more than welcome…they are encouraged.

Eye Candy: We haven’t seen anything new from Melissa Midwest in a while. Looks like she knows how to heat up even the coldest winter.

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