153 Mins
Zero Tolerance
THEMES: Comedy, Parody, Sex toys, POV, Costumed Sex, Furry
STARS: Aiden Starr, Dick Chibbles, Gaia, Peter O’Tool, Chloe Addison, Anthony Rosano, Tommy Pistol, Violet Monroe, Veruca James, James Deen, Dani Jensen,


Wow, this is a crazy collection of parody scenes. The guys from Wood Rocket definitely have fun making smut. If you like to laugh while watching porn, this is perfect. The parodies are funny and only have to carry a single scene. That allows them to give some variety and try different things. We get some really crazy make up and costumes here. Like Peter Jackson Hobbit movies? Violet Monroe gives you a memorable fuck. The makeup is very good and I don’t know how she did that with her voice. It’s a good scene because she is so hot. If you want a sitcom parody, enjoy busty Aiden Starr getting banged on her desk. In a Parks and Rec style humor fest, Aiden manages to be quite hot. Sexually this scene is probably the most solid. The Toy Story parody is pretty funny. It starts with a good solo scene and then features Dani Jensen getting plowed by James Deen. It’s another very solid scene sexually. Gaia stars in a rather bizarre POV parody. It’s kind of creepy, but she is really hot so that is fun. The SpongeBob finale is probably the highlight. It’s not the best scene sexually, but it is pretty amusing. The costumes are great and the sex is fun. It’s a little creepy to see SpongeBob and Patrick double teaming Sanding, but hey, whatever floats your boat. If you’re looking for something fun, funny and light, this is a great collection. It’s porn parody in bite sized morsels.

Violet Monroe & Anthony Rosano

Anthony stars in the title role of “The Knobbit.” He is called upon by the wizard to go on a great adventure. He runs from some unseen danger and comes face to face with a creature in the cave (Violet Monroe). The makeup is really good and her dialog is hysterical. She probably should have gotten an award nomination just for the damage she did to her throat talking like that. Once they determine that she doesn’t literally want to eat him, she drops to her knees and greedily devours his man meat. She lifts his cock and spends a lot of time licking and sucking on his balls. When he is hard, she slips “The Ring” over his knob and starts making with “the sexes.” She hops on top and starts riding. Violet is very pretty and even with the makeup and odd look to this scene, she looks great riding. Still, the idea here is a Hobbit parody so you have to allow for something that isn’t your typical porn scene. She rides him hard, spreading her cheeks and bucking her hips wildly. The sex is good and I like the visual style for what it offers from a parody perspective. They finish with a shot on her face and she gobbles up every last drop.

Aiden Starr & Dick Chibbles

In “Porks & Rec” Leslie (Aiden Starr) needs to do some wild things so that her new husband Ben can’t say that she has no skeletons in her closet. When she walks on tightly wound Ron (Dick Chibbles) polishing his wood, she insists that they have sex. He agrees and she drops to her knees to suck on his big stick. The busty blonde works really well down there and the moans loudly around his dick. Her tits look especially good as they shake with each and every stroke of her head. He pulls her up onto the desk and eats that pussy raw. In this position he can easily slip his dick into her and pump away. She is quite boisterous as she fucks her hard enough to make those plump tits dance on her chest. I really like the way she squats on him and takes everything he’s got. Aiden is a curvy little fire hydrant of a fuck toy who isn’t lacking in energy. They finish with a hot facial shot as she proves that she can be bad as can be.

Verucca James, Dani Jensen & James Deen

For a horny Sex Toy Story parody we start with Verccua James giving her adult toys a serious workout. She pushes it into her pussy while pulling on her nipples. Nice solo play as she spreads her legs wide for a while then turns her ass up to give her pussy some reach around action. The solo fun sets us up for later. The toys aren’t too happy with how Vercuca abuses them. Inside the drawer, Woody (James Deen) and Jessie (Dani Jensen) decide to make some new toys. How do they do that? They fuck of course, duh. To the dollhouse they go for some good old fashioned banging. He goes down on her for a few seconds before grabbing her legs, pushing them back and slipping his dick into her wet little pussy. Dani is a very good looking girl and her little hole swallows him right up. When she finally gets around to sucking some cock, Dani makes it messy really quickly. She plays with the spit and makes a whole lot of dick vanish. They start to fuck and Dani’s body looks good when she’s busy riding his rocket. (Maybe that’s why they call him Woody.) The spoon action is really good. They lock eyes as she works into her. She really seems to be having fun at this point. I love the way she rides in reverse cowgirl with her feet up on his knees and her sweet little red muff working up and down on his throbbing pole. James finishes in doggy by creaming all over her back. Not sure if that will help make more toys, but it makes her smile even bigger.

Gaia & Peter O’Tool

The “Rob Ford Sex Tape” segment wins the award for thing we would least like to see actually happen. Yikes. OK, reality aside, Peter is very funny as the insane Canadian politician and Gaia is always sexy. She comes in and starts playing with her pussy for the camera. Turning the toy over to the political, she screams her way through a loud squirting orgasm. That is all the Mayor can handle. He whips out his cock and starts jerking it. Like a good whore, Gaia sees a cock and just has to suck it. The POV action her is really good ass Love the eye contact. He bends her over and fucks her hard from behind. They move into standing doggy and she shows off her pretty ass. Gaia spins around in time to catch a nice load right on her open mouth. Eat that up good girl.

Chloe Addison, Anthony Rosano & Tommy Pistol

The last scene is pretty creative. Spongeknob Squarenuts features Anthony Rosano and Tommy Pistol as everyone’s favorite underwater sponge and star shaped creature. When Spongeknob and Patrick decide to ask Sandy Squirrel (Chloe Addison) they find her receptive. First she gets warmed up with a toy. Patrick eventually helps her while his pal stands next to the bed so the horny little blonde can eat some sponge dick. She finds her way to Patrick’s pink penis and gives an enthusiastic blowjob. They put a condom on him so he can fuck her from behind. Tommy and Anthony stay in character so well that it wears a little thin. Chloe is cute though and really looks good in doggy as she chokes on dick and gets rammed from behind. They flip her over and Anthony tries to fuck her. The costume makes it tough so the sexual energy is rather minimal. She can do more when she is on top and riding the other cock. They cum on her tits. This one is more about the odd parody and humor than any real sexual heat.

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