Rocco’s Perfect Slaves 6

Rocco’s Perfect Slaves 6

176 Mins
Evil Angel
DIRECTOR: Rocco Siffredi
THEMES: Anal Sex, Submissive, Choking, Gagging, Rimming
STARS: Misha Cross, Bailey Blue, Sarah Shavon, Nikita Belucci, Kayla Green, Skin Diamond, Bonnie Rotten, Amara Miller, Rocco Siffredi


Rocco brings us a collection of girls he calls perfect slaves. There is some BD play for sure, but it’s mostly a rough-ish sex title. Nothing wrong with that of course. The girls seem quite crazy for cock. They also seem way into some stuff that may or may not float your boat. I liked most of it, but some of it has me reaching for the fast forward button. The first scene seems to fit the title best. Misha Cross is a cute little thing who wants to learn to be truly submissive. Rocco uses Kayla Green to help teach these valuable lessons. Misha is sexy and totally filthy. Kayla is totally filthy so the result is a very hot, very dirty opening scene. The next one kind of lost me. Sarah Shavon and Bailey Blue are good performers to be sure. The action is filthy, but it seems filthy for the sake of shock value only. It just didn’t work for me. Now if you really love A2M, gaping and other anal games you might love it way more than I did. The next scene picked things up considerably. Nikita Belucci and Amara Miller did a lot of hot, nasty things together. Great group action here from two of the hottest women in the movie. Of course the two women in the final actually are the hottest of the flick. Skin Diamond and Bonnie Rotten team up for the last scene and it’s a great one. They are amazing together and even hotter sharing a cock. With Skin and Bonnie trying to outdo one another, the action is smoking hot. Skin looks amazing and more than holds her own with the legendarily nasty Bonnie. With lots of great anal this is the most complete scene. Skin taking it in the ass is a real highlight and makes the finale a can’t miss three-way. Overall this one is pretty solid. The sex is rough at times, but the whole slave thing gets a little lost. Still a lot more good here than bad.

Misha Cross & Rocco Siffredi and Kayla Green

Young Misha is wearing a schoolgirl outfit and big glasses. She is a cute little thing who wants to learn about submission. She has looked it up on the internet and really wants to learn about it firsthand. Her basic lessons include some spanking at first. He also slaps her, pulls her hair and has her lick his boot. Whipping out his cock he lets the little cutie gag on it until she is out of breath. If you like girls in glasses, this one gets hot really quickly with her looking up at the camera like this. He makes her ass gape with a few strokes and then spanks it hard and lout until it is bright pink. Misha likes it so far. He puts a glass plug in her ass and lets her wiggle her cute little butt for him. The sexy schoolgirl is doing fine, but Mistress Kayla Green arrives and decides that some more advanced lessons are in order. Oddly enough the older blonde bends over and lets Misha whip her ass with a belt for a while. Kayla shows Misha how to be submissive by enthusiastically sucking Rocco’s cock while the young girl is busy licking her ass. Kayla lets Misha suck for a while and gets a little severe. She shoves the younger girls face between Rocco’s cheeks and holds it there while she eats ass. Rocco teases and finally fucks Kayla’s pussy, pushing her legs back so far that slipping into her ass is just super easy. Misha drops her mouth down for a little bit of ass to mouth fun. Kayla is the one taking the dick in her ass for most of this scene, but Misha makes such good use of her mouth that she nearly steals the show. Misha gets up on top for some really intense anal action. She slams her hips down while he slaps her face. This is hard, fast and filthy so strap in. he finally shoots a huge load that the girls share. This one is pretty damn filthy from start to finish.

Sarah Shavon, Bailey Blue & James Deen

Bailey and Sarah get warmed up with some extreme finger play. Sarah shoves her whole hand up into Bailey’s butthole to get it all loosened up. When they switch places, Sarah pushes her colon right outside of her asshole. It’s a full fucking blown fucking asshole fucking rose. Holy fuck. And Bailey licks it like it’s made of chocolate. If that isn’t enough to scare you away, you can enjoy James Deen entering the fray. The girls kneel side by side so he can finger their holes. Both women actually have really nice butts so the eye candy factor rises rather rapidly. Then they start seeing how many fingers will fit into Bailey’s ass. This is such a side show scene that I just keep shaking my head and wondering where it’s going to go next. Oh great, Bailey and James spit on Sarah’s face. Look, I get that this is a rough sex video. I’m on board, but honestly I don’t see a whole lot of sex appeal in this scene so far. Eventually Sarah starts sucking his cock while Bailey takes ass eating duties. They give that up and eat his toes for a while. Sarah bends over and takes it up the ass. And things just continue, there is some serious wet works, slapping, spitting and the like, but nothing that really makes me want to keep watching. Both Bailey and Sarah take anal with ease and there is some eye candy from time to time. I just can’t quite put my finger on what I’m not liking. Maybe it’s the kitchen sink nature. They finally finish off with some sticky cream on the face and I’m ready to rejoice because we get to try again with the next scene.

Nikkita Belluci & Amara Miller

Rocco has set up a competition for the next two girls. Nikka Belluci and Amara Miller drive a dune buggy into the middle of an empty field where they are immediately surrounded by a bunch of guys. They do some sucking outside, but for some reason are taken into the house before we can really enjoy the outdoor action. They spank each other while the guys sit around watching. The guys bend the girls over so they can create a little fucking and sucking train. Three of them surround Nikkita and Amara so that they have enough cock to really keep them busy. The filthy redhead decides that one of the guys really needs to have his asshole licked. This is deep and rough oral action, but it is also quite hot. Monica gets up on the couch and shows just how far back her legs will go. With her feet up over her head, that pussy is just such an easy and inviting target. As hot as she looks, this Amara girl is really hot and seems to really get off being slammed hard. The guys move Monica into position to take two cocks at once. They are both pretty big, but she just slides her holes up and down on them effortlessly. If you like watching pretty girls get fucked, this scene is the perfect cure for what was missing in the last one. Once rivals, the girls share cock really well and crank up the energy level on this scene immediately. They share several loads of cock cream. This is more like it.

Skin Diamond, Bonnie Rotten & Ramon Nomar

Skin Diamond and Bonnie Rotten waste no time getting nasty. They grab a huge two-headed dildo and gag on it while a guy watches. The girls drool, choke and seem locked in mortal combat to see who can expand their esophageal passages the widest. The guy grabs Bonnie by the head and fucks her face while the girls go butt to butt on that big toy. Skin starts sucking while Bonnie Jill’s off (TM- Tina Tyler) to a west and juicy climax all over her hot friend. Skin takes it in the ass doggy style while Bonnie rams a toy into her pussy at the same time. Super hot looking footage here. Skin and Bonnie are good together, each challenging the other to be a bigger slut. Bonnie gets up on time in RCA and drops her tattooed body down on the dick. Skin gets on her back and lets him push her legs up high to take every inch. He grabs Bonnie and yanks her around by the hair while he’s fucking her hot little friend. I really love the way Skin looks with her legs pushed back. She proves again that she is a highly underrated star. The anal action on Skin is the best of the movie and Bonnie is right there for A2M clean up duty. He shoots a big load on Skin’s pretty face and the two girls share as we let things come to a hot close.

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