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New Interviews: OK, false start over the weekend. The new reviews with Sunny Lane and Lacie Heart are finally up. These two came out pretty good I think. The background noise is worse on Sunny’s, but that floor is so damn loud. I’ve got to experiment with the mikes I have and see what I can do to cut that down. Lacie was a lot of fun even though she may never forgive me for that scathing review of Roughed Up. (Apparently someone forget to tell her that a B- is hardly a bad reviews.) Perhaps she appreciates the honesty because I was able to get her to fess up to her criminal past for the first time. Funny, she doesn’t look like a crook. Sunny is just a ball of energy from start to finish. From the introduction to her breasts (Mama and Mia) to the presentation of her RogReviews Critic’s Choice Award, Sunny was giggling, flirting and giving us some great answers to straight-forward questions. Enjoy them and send me over any reaction or suggestions. (You can also leave comments on the interview blog pages.

Eye Candy: I’m still on a Mika Tan trip. This time it’s a Schoolgirl fantasy for sexy Mika.

Next Format: We’ve all ready stories about dropping DVD sales and by know everyone has heard about the HD vs. BluRay battle. More and more web sites are popping up with original and exclusive content and VOD seems to more popular than ever. Over the years I have focused on reviewing adult movies. Back in the mid-90’s it was VHS or nothing. I did a handful of web site reviews back then, but mostly it was tapes. Then DVD came along and I did a mixture of reviews for many years. Eventually VHS died completely and I have been focusing on DVD reviews with a few more web sites thrown in. It looks like HD is going to be the format of choice for the porn biz, so I am going to start reviewing those discs as they come out. I’m also curious about how all of you are getting your porn. Many of you have been reading this site for better than a decade and some of you have probably seen your porn purchases evolve. Are you doing VOD stuff? Are you buying those pay-per-minute VOD deals at one of the big sites? Are you a member of some big super sites like So shoot me over an email. What is the future of porn? What direction should I take my reviews? Is it time for me to throw my old Betamax out? (Kidding, I’ve never even owned a Beta player, I promise.)

Eye Candy: Yes, yes…more Mika Tan. This time it’s three-way office fantasy with Mika and Avena Lee. Love those glasses.

Reader Email: No HD-DVD talk today. This one is a little simpler.

Mr. Ames Writes

When are you going to reveiew InTERActive by Hustler/TERAvision… the trailer looks pretty sweet.

Rog Replies: I agree totally. It looks really sweet. As for when I’ll review it…as soon as I get it. It will probably be one of those DVDs that I turn around in less than a day because I’m really looking forward to seeing it. When will that be? I guess that depends on who is sending out the screeners. I get stuff from Hustler so if it is them, it will be soon. I don’t get anything from Teravision/Vivid so if it’s them, I’ll have to wait and order it from someone. Let’s hope it’s coming soon from Hustler.

Eye Candy: I’m going to keep posting Mika Tan Galleries until someone comes up with a girl in the business with better deep throat skills. (Or until she emails me back.)

Mainstream Movies: In between reviews last weekend, we actually got a chance to watch a few mainstream movies. I can’t tell you the last time I went to the theater to see a movie so we’re way behind on the Oscar nominated flicks. We started with Little Miss Sunshine and I was pleasantly surprised. I wasn’t expecting to really like it, but it was excellent. Great little movie that was oddly better than I expected. I really enjoyed it. We also watched “The Queen” which I really loved. It made me want to read more about the situation after Princess Di’s death. Excellent movie. Of course my favorite movie of the year is still The Departed.

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