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Rog Blog: 1/21

Friday in Vegas: My Date With Shay Jordan

Vegas: Friday Morning: After another late night on Thursday, I wasn’t as bright and cheery as I might have been. I grabbed another quick breakfast at Denny’s. You know, I joke with Mrs. Rog that I drink more during the four to six days that I’m Vegas than I do the entire rest of the year. That’s actually the truth. Vegas also fills my Denny’s quota for the year. I eat there four or five days in a row in Vegas and then maybe twice during the rest of the year. With a nice pancake breakfast in my stomach I hit the floor for another interview in the Digital Playground booth. I had one more girl to get to. I have interviewed Katsumi twice before, but this time we talked about her new contract. I’m still curious to see what this signing means. Either DP is adding some edge to their movies or Katsumi is going to tone down her scenes. From the interview I gather that is it s a bit of both.

Eye Candy: It’s football day so let’s do a cheerleader theme. First up is Sexy Cheer Girl Brandy Diddler.

My Lunch With Londo: I wasn’t feeling really well on the floor on Friday, but I made my way from booth to booth trying to get interviews. My good friend April Storm didn’t make it to Vegas after spending a few days in the hospital. That made it tougher to get into the Pure Play Media booth, but I did manage a couple of good interviews. Asian hottie Miko Sinz has impressed me all year and is even prettier in person. She has shifted to girls and solo only, but there are still plenty of scenes for us to enjoy. Micha Moore was right there next to her so I slid over and got an interview with her as well. By the time I finished with them, there was just enough time for a quick lunch. You see, I had a 2 PM appointment with jessica drake and I wasn’t about to miss that interview again this year. I cruised over to the CafĂ© Lux with my friend Londo Cat (The man who runs the Mr. Marcus forum over at I had to have another plate of Asian Nachos even if my stomach was threatening to make it a very long day. I’m afraid I wasn’t great lunch company because not only was I felling ill, but we ended up sitting next to Pat Myne. I don’t know if he recognized me, but he tossed a few dirty looks my way. Maybe he just didn’t like the conversation. Londo, you have my sincere apologies. I was a horrible lunch companion.

Eye Candy: Just moments before kickoff and I’m scouring the net for more cheerleader shots. Dirty Aly wears her uniform well and she wears nothing even better.

Stars, MILFs, Legends & Extreme: I made it back onto the floor in time for my interview with jessica. We have tried to get this done for several years, but something always happens. I was determined not to let that happen again so I camped out inside the Wicked fortress. When it was finally my turn I made sure to ask her right away about the unusual spelling of her name. The audio or the interview should be interesting because ten seconds into the interview, someone cranked up the music. jessica was a great interview and I even got her to do some preliminary Rog Rules shots. She will have to do some more back home, but we have some good eye candy to enjoy until then. I went back over to the Pure Play booth where I was able to present Sunny lane with her Rog Reviews Critic’s Choice award as Best Female Performer. She and Hillary Scott tied for the award and like Hillary, Sunny was quite pleased to get her hands on some hardware. It was a great interview and as you can see some from the shots, Sunny is quite proud of those sexy cheeks she’s carrying around behind her. From there I got the chance to interview Krystal Summers who was recently named Best MILF by Den over at She is a beautiful woman who did a pretty good job given her limited interview experience. Krystal recently worked for Sinsation and their director Dee, so I got a real treat. I got to interview Dee. It’s hard to believe that this woman has been around for ten years, especially since she doesn’t look a day older than when she started. As we talked, I think I fell even more in love with her. Dee has that old school sensibility about her. You know, she actually thinks that women are beautiful and that enjoying them for a few seconds before the Phizerections take over is a good thing. We also had fun talking about the fact that she has been in just about every ethnic line ever created, even those that don’t come close to matching her own genetic make up. I also got her to do a little sexy Spanish dirty talk. I know you guys are going to enjoy that interview. So there I was, feeling pretty good about my day, if not enjoying the best of health. Then I popped into the Extreme booth to get a promised interview with my old friend Lizzy Borden. We got about two minutes into the interview when she was yanked away to go help Paris humiliate some fat old guy in his underwear. I waited for a while, interviewing Lizzy’s Suicide Girl make up artist. She was interesting, but stopped when Ms. Borden came back. Moments later, Zupko took her away again. This time I grabbed Brian Surewood and had him pretend to be Lizzy. That was fun for a few seconds, but we were distracted by the site of Paris taking cell phone shots up her own skirt. We took the interview on the road, trying to find out who Paris was sending the shots to. She didn’t seem all that amused. With Lizzy still flittering about I continued the wandering interview. Tom Byron gave the obligatory Nelson Muntz political commentary and talked about Jules Jordan’s booth. Eventually Lizzy came back and we got an interview. I don’t know if the audio for that cluserfuck will ever find its way to the site, but it was an experience to be sure.

Eye Candy: If you want a good half time show, try sexy Evita from
My Date With Shay Jordan: I still wasn’t feeling well after the show and ended up taking a nap for much of the evening. I managed to get out of the room for one simple reason. I had a date with Digital Playground girl Shay Jordan. She looked amazing and since we were both tired, we decided on something simple. I took her upstairs at the Venetian (Oh stop it guys, she has better taste than THAT) and we had an ice cream. Shay is a gorgeous young woman who seems to have her stuff together. I told her over ice cream that she was the first winner of the Next Big Thing Award. She has beauty, class and a great sense of humor. It is going to be fun watching her develop into a star. If you haven’t had the pleasure, check out Shay. (Sexual Freak 3: Shay Jordan) I think you will find her to be almost as hot on screen as she is off. Our date ended early, but hopefully Shay will honor me with a second date next year. From that high, I went back to the Circle Bar and hung out with some considerably less attractive people. No offense to Van Styles, Tim Von Swine, Vince Vouyer or Mike John, but when you’ve eaten ice cream with Shay Jordan, beer with the guys isn’t quite as easy on the eyes. It was a lot of fun though. I do enjoy talking with these guys. There are people in this industry who really get it. They understand that they make movies for all of you. You guys (and a few ladies) who spend your hard earned cash on smut and want something good for you buck. I finished my evening with a conversation with Jeff Steward of JM Productions. He suggested that I drop some train wreck reviews onto XPT. Maybe then I can get a link up over there. Jeff had a really sexy young college girl in two. Apparently she’s a Girlvert groupie. That’s fucking hot and so was she. Thanks to some great conversation, lots of beer and the lingering high from my date with Shay, I went home happy even though I still felt a little sick.

Eye Candy: Are you sick of cheerleaders yet? Here is Lightspeed Heather stripping after practice.

Football Break: That long Reggie Bush catch and run was awesome. It was a flashback to the “Holy Shit” factor he brought to USC games for years. But…and keep in mind, I love Reggie…WTF was that pointing shit and that flip? Reggie, act like you’ve been there before. To his credit, he did the taunting during the game unlike the classless, cowardly Patriots players last week. I’d still like to see Reggie let that awesome fucking play do all the talking. It was plenty.

Eye Candy: Back to the cheerleaders. Jordan Capri shows off her flexibility in her uniform. DAMN!

YouTube Video: I have uploaded the first bumper video for the site. It stars Jesse Jane and you can See it Here. This is my first time with Windows Movie Maker, so any feedback you have would be appreciated. I’m probably going to change the closing credits and maybe search for a better font. Any ideas you have, shoot them over. I’ve got another half dozen of these to go, so keep your eyes peeled.

Eye Candy: I liked Jordan so much, I brought her back for another round.

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