Rog Blog: Vegas Day 2: Naked New Girls in My Room & Drunk in the Shower with Jeff


Rog Blog: More Vegas, ADT Party

Thursday on the Floor, ADT Party & HD DVD

Vegas: Thursday: I grabbed a quick bite at Denny’s on the way to the floor on Thursday. I had a much busier day scheduled, starting with a round-robin in the Digital Playground booth. Every year, Adella runs one of the tightest ships on the floor. When you show up at 10:!5 for an interview, you’re going to be sitting down with someone to interview within moments. I honestly don’t know how she does it. I sat down first with one of my favorite girls, Jesse Jane. We’ve done the interview thing several times before, but this year we had some very serious business to get to. In the past she has promised me a few things, only to act like she doesn’t know what we’re talking about on the air. Click Here to Hear Jesse’s Promise. After Jesse, I got to sit down with Shay Jordan. She would be named “The Next Best Thing” two days later and her great interview is part of the reason. Before leaving the DP booth, I also got Jana Cova, Robby D, Lacie Heart and Sophia Santi. It was a very good day for interviews and you’ll be hearing them very soon.

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Anabolic/Diabolic: The next stop on my booth tour was at the Anabolic/Diabolic booth. They always have a nice collection of young babes and this year was no exception. First on the slate was Whitney Stevens. This sexy young girl is a naturally busty teen with an older sister in the business. She bears a striking resemblance to Lacey Charbet and that is a very, very good thing. Her stories about sex with big sis are bound to delight many of you and frighten others. Apparently I missed some great Whitney flash shots from the day before. (Thanks Bono) She did give me a bit of a show though. When I handed her the Rog Rules T shirt, Whitney just pulled off her own shirt and put mine on. I got a couple of nice bra shots. Guys, those things are real and yes they are spectacular. While my heart was still pounding from Whitney, Ashley Jordan joined me. She is a slim blond with perky boobs and a different look. As I interviewed her, Whiteny sat nearby and kept flirting. She insisted three times that I was hot. This of course was very flattering and at the time, seemed quite sincere. (Check me later for how that turned out.) Ashley was a very good interview as well and both of these girls should delight raincoaters for most of 07. Before I left the booth for the day, I got to interview director Ricky D. He should not be confused with Robby D and is actually related to ex-Extreme movie maker Ivan. He has some interesting ideas and has a lot in store for us this year. I’m happy to say that I was able to get him to talk just a little bit of smack about his big brother. We could have the first great talk-war of the year brewing.

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Miss Aurora Snow: It is always a pleasure for me to sit down with Aurora Snow. This year we had quite a bit to talk about. Her web site has been down for a while after a conflict with her web master. With any luck she will have her site back by the end of the month. If that doesn’t happen, she has a second URL ready to launch. With some dance gigs in Pennsylvania set for February, there will be a lot of stuff to put up on her site when it does go up. I also learned that she is back with Jay Ashley, but that perhaps I didn’t miss my chance. Apparently Jay likes to watch and Aurora thinks that it would be a good idea for us to play a little strip Trivial Pursuit. (The we in this case would be she and I.) I got a nice video clip and she had some nice things to say to her number two fan, our sexy toy reviewer Savana Switzer.

Eye Candy: Alicia Rhodes likes it up the ass and we like watching her take it in that hot British bum.

Director of the Year: I cruised back over to the JM Productions booth for an interview with director Jim Powers. Jim has been around for a long time and is one of the most prolific directors of our time. I was tempted to sit down and do the whole two hour thing, but I tried to keep it short. We talked about some of the revolutionary lines he has started, his unusual sense of humor and what it’s like to go largely unrecognized by too many critics. That would change when AVN gave him Director of the Year, which was a nice touch. This was one of those interviews where people kept popping in. We get a guest spot from Johnny Thrust, Ashley Blue and a young man who wanted to get into the bukkake line. I hope you guys enjoy that one.

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There’s a Naked Girl in My Room: I was on my way back to my room to change for a quick dinner at Outback and then the Adult DVD Talk party when I ran into my old friend Monstar ( He had a very attractive woman with him who just happens to be new talent. Well hell, why not hop on over to my room for an interview. With Monstar there to make sure she didn’t attack me, young Kiara Marie gave me one of her first interviews. The busty young blonde has a serious (and Rog means SERIOUS) booty. She stripped down and got all decked out in the Rog Rules gear. The shirt barely stretched over her massive natural beauties and that backside was nearly too much for the tight boy shorts. You can check out this girl in such classic titles as “Black Dick in Daddy’s Daughter.” Be looking for good things from this babe folks. I hate to say it, but even with incredibly dirty feet, she was worth being a little late to dinner over. (Thanks for understanding guys.)

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Party Time: After a great Outback steak, we all took a cab over to the Palms or the Adult DVD Talk party. Our beautiful host Devinn Lane had things well in hand by the time we got there. It was an interesting mix of some old friends, new friends and a couple of people who apparently think I don’t like them. How does this happen? Am I that aloof? Come on people. The party was a lot of fun and I even got a chance to interview two new girls. Look for a solid interview with Bobbi Starr. She’s a very sexy woman who handled herself wonderfully. I did my best with Tommy Ryden, but things got a bit out of hand. It’s hard to blame anyone though. I had a very sexy woman sitting next to me and people wanted to listen in. It became a bit like an interview by committee and I don’t know how it’s going to sound. Everyone seemed to have a wonderful time. My friend Alicia who was in town to help me pass out trophies, hit it off with Jim Gunn and the two vanished at some point during the night. Even the ever elusive David Aaron Clark made an appearance. It was late in the evening (and I blew that room away….) and after many beers that ADT’s Stroker cornered Jeff and I with his mike. Apparently someone thought it would be a good idea for him to interview the two of us for his podcast. We searched for a quiet place with no smoke and settled into the giant shower at the back of the suite. Three middle-aged men with facial hair in the shower might be a horrible idea of a gay porn flick, but it made for an interesting conversation. We had just enough alcohol to let the words flow as we retraced our steps in this industry. Jeff’s roots are considerably deeper and more interesting than mine, but I chimed in when I could. Things were just getting pretty good when Stronker ran out of space on his recorder. I’m afraid we will have to wait for another time to finish this podcast. I look forward to it. Consider it another successful party. Oh and as far as I know, no one had sex in the bathroom at this one. Maybe next year? Anyone want to volunteer to join me? (Sorry Tom, women only for this offer.)

Eye Candy: Give a little love to the Latina hotties out there.

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