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Rog Blog 1/18

Vegas, Award Winners & First Day on the Floor
Vegas: Wednesday: After a few too many Red Bull & Vodkas and very little sleep, I pulled myself out of bed and down to the Denny’s attached to the Casino Royale for the ADT breakfast gathering. It was a collection of the usual suspects (If I try to name everyone I will leave someone out and that would suck.) I know that I sat with Morbid and Bono because we discussed the RRCC nominations. I was on my way to the Daily Noise studios to announce the winners again this year. Though the winners were still a secret, I gave Bono a few hints. Of course I had given quite a few people hints at the Circle Bar the night before, including Robby D who started texting me right away to find out if he had won.

This was my first year in Vegas without a car or a ride, so I found out the hard way that the cab line at the next hotel over can take a while. Thankfully the guys at Daily Noise weren’t expecting me right at ten. I ended up making it in time for the second half of the hour. Last year I did the show and announced the awards with Aurora Snow and Porn Valley Princess in tow. This year Aurora was on the floor and PVP was too sick to make it. With no time to find a replacement, I was flying solo. That didn’t make for the best eye candy, but I think the show went all right. None of the winners (Full List Here) were on hand to give speeches, but at least one…ahem, Robby D, was on the phone trying to find out the results. He was on a photo shoot with Shay Jordan so I passed my time waiting for a cab by fucking with him a little bit. First I texted him that Jules Jordan had won (again) and then texted Shay the same thing. Then five minutes later I texted Shay to tell Robby that in fact he had won. Just for fun I waited until Robby texted me back that he was excited to have won and then waited ten more minutes before telling him that Shay was fucking with him. (Why on earth didn’t one of us just pick up the phone.) At any rate, he was completely confused and didn’t have a clue as to who really won.

I took a cab back to my room and dropped off my trophies. By the time I hit the floor it was nearly 1. Next year I will have to do the show on a non-floor day because I lost about half a day of industry-only time. As soon as I got into the building, I paid a visit to the Digital Playground booth to let Robby know that he did actually win the award. He was relieved to find out that Shay and I were fucking with him and quite appreciative. I knew that I had to get started with interviews and since Nicole Sheridan was sitting right next to us at the Smash booth, I grabbed her up for interview number one. It’s been a few years since she and I have spoken, but she picked up where we left off and gave me a great interview despite the ridiculous noise coming from the booth.

Eye Candy: I know you are all just thrilled about this recap, but here is a little eye candy break. Here is Eva Angelina showing off her boobs in the office.Big Tits At Work…..great

More Vegas: Wednesday: After getting one interview under my belt, I wandered around the floor to get a lay of the land. There were a few missing companies and I seemed to notice a lack of booths in some areas of the floor. The companies who did show up certainly seemed to be rolling out the red carpet. It was tough to miss Jules Jordan’s Pornitentiary with razor wire and a huge guard tower. I stopped by the JM Productions booth to say hi to Kimberly Kane. We haven’t talked a lot since she stopped doing the KSEX show on Wednesdays. After losing half of my interviews last year, I only botched it one this year. Sadly it was the one I did with Kimberly. She had a lot of cool things to say about alt-porn, but we will have to come up with a time to interview again later. In the same booth, I got to talk with JM owner Jeff Mike. We had a long talk about what’s going on with the company. He suggested I pop on over to XPT with the biggest train wreck review of the week. That sounds like it could be a whole lot of fun.

Somewhere during the afternoon, Jeff gave me a call to tell me that Reel Big Fish was playing at the House of Blues. I love those guys so we arranged to meet up after the show and head over the Palms. Before I left the floor, I told both Sunny Lane and Hillary Scott about their Best Female Performer wins. Sunny was excited, but I think her mom was even more ecstatic. Hillary seemed pleased and made time for a quick interview. Since I lost our sit-down from last year, we covered some new stuff as well as the old. She insists that her quagging isn’t fake and that if I just haven’t felt a really good gag-fest of a blowjob. We’re working on a time when she can show me the error of my ways. Who knows? Stranger things have happened.

After catching dinner at the TI Buffet, we caught a cab to the Palms in time to see the band. It was a strange mix of people. All day on the floor I tried to talk to porn folks about the show, but no one seemed to know who RBF were. Then at the show it seemed to be people my age and then a whole bunch of 24 and under kids. Maybe there is a black hole when it comes to Reel Big Fish’s music. Maybe the hot chicks of porn don’t know who they are, but RBF put on a great show. They are a fantastic live band and made us laugh more than once. Hey Jeff “This song is from our new live album. It’s called SR.” Thank you sir, thank you ma’am, thank you sir, thank you ma’am. After a great night of live music, we hit the CafĂ© Lux for some late-night Asian Nachos. Year after year that amazing dish is one of the best reasons to hit Vegas. If you ever get a chance to have some, order up a plate and enjoy pure culinary Heaven. Once you’ve tried that, don’t miss the banana cream pie. It’s freaking amazing.

Eye Candy: A little blast from the past as Jasmin St. Clair shows us why she was such a star.

New Stuff to Watch For: I got nearly 40 new interviews so be on the lookout for a whole lot of audio files in the Interviews section. I’m still working on tightening up my interview skills so any feedback is always welcome. I’ve got Savana hard at work transcribing so those of you who still like to read the interviews will be able to enjoy some really good stuff. I also got a few video clips over in Vegas. They are similar to the one of Justine Romee that I uploaded to YouTube a month ago. Keep watching my YouTube Account for more updates. I’m going to try to add one per week for a while.

Eye Candy: I may not have stuck my finger up her ass, but I got a nice feel up Eva Angelina’s skirt at the Circle Bar. I didn’t get nearly as lucky as that guy did though.

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