Rog Blog: AEE Opening Ceremonies, Doc Johnson Toys & Worst Movie Discussion


Rog Blog: January 5th 2007

All Kinds of AEE stuff, New Doc Johnson Toys & Worst Movie of the Year Talk

Big Weekend: OK, not really big for most people, but I’ll be busy as hell. I have a lot to get done before Vegas next week. Lots of reviews to finish, some stuff to put up, packing and of course, the trip itself. I’m on a plane Tuesday night so I have plenty to get to before then. Thank goodness the Rose Bowl is over and the Chargers have a first round bye. I can actually work all weekend with minimal distractions.

AEE Kick Off: This year’s AEE is going to open with a bang, no not that kind of bang. It’s going to open with the Club Jenna Girls actually performing a ribbon cutting ceremony on January 10th at 10am in front of Hall A. Jenna will be joined by other Club J contract babes Brea Bennett, Jesse Capelli, Roxy Jezel, Ashton Moore, Chanel St. James, and Sophia Rossi. The ceremony will officially open the 2007 Adult Entertainment Expo at the Sands Convention Center. This was another huge year for Jenna, who sold Club Jenna to Playboy Enterprises last summer. Under Playboy, Club Jenna is expected to ramp up its production schedule and release 30 features in 2007 and also expand to TV channels, video-on-demand and mobile phone content. To read more about this event and Club Jenna, see Complete Release.

Eye Candy: Speaking of Club Jenna, how about some eye candy from Jenna Herself.

Older and Wiser for Tightfit: Earlier this week TightFit Productions announced that they would only shoot female performers who are over 21 years of age. That’s an interesting move made for some solid reasons. Women over 21 tend to be more experienced sexually and may be able to give more confident scenes. (Don’t shoot the messenger. I know that there are some teens out there who can fuck our socks off.) I just hope that they aren’t doing this with the hope that the Feds will get off of our asses. That just isn’t going to happen. (Not even now Mark, sorry to disappoint you.) In addition to this change in policy, TightFit is also ready to release “Sex and the Sybian” on January 26th, 2007. The project combines a take-off on a certain mainstream TV show and the world’s most powerful masturbation machine. Why do I think that if the girls from that HBO show had possessed the Sybian, they would have spent less time bitching and more time cumming? Among the lucky starlets who get to take a ride on this electric stallion are Avena Lee, Gianna Lynn, Lexi Barod, Sindy Lange and the always incredible Gianna. For those who don’t know what a Sybian is, just think of it as an orgasm machine. It looks like a saddle with various attachments for female pleasure. It is also well-equipped with a strong motor that provides some of the most intense vibration allowed by law. I’m not sure how they will work that thing into a story, but it should be pretty interesting.

Eye Candy: Since we’re still on the Jenna train, how about some more Jenna in a very hot outfit.

Doc Johnson Glows in the New Year with Shimmer Vibes: We all know that everyone parties too hard and we need something to help us unwind. Adult novelty superpower Doc Johnson has just the thing for the adventurous toy lover. Their new Shimmer collection of vibrators are sure to shed some light on any situation. The sleek six inch vibes has waterproof metallic surface with an iridescent surface that is completely unique. To help users get a good handle on things with Doc’s patented easy grip multi-speed dial controller. The Shimmerâ„¢ collection is available in four metallic colors: Purple, Banana, Pink and Red. It is available for $14.99 at Look for a review of the Shimmer from Savana very soon.

Eye Candy: Sticking with the Jenna them, here is a little girl on girl action with Jenna at the center.

Eye Candy: I hate flying to Vegas, but if I could wait with Jenna Jameson then maybe I wouldn’t be quite so upset.

Worst Movie of the year: As I said yesterday, I am not ready to bring this award all the way back, but people have asked, so let’s take a look at a few of the nominees. First up is Rob Rotten’s truly foul porn/gore fest Porn of the Dead. It’s a niche movie of course, but I just don’t know how many people are dying to see people fucking covered in blood and severed body parts. The cast is actually pretty good and the music is very good if you’re into that genre. It got a D-, but I wouldn’t really give it a chance to win the award. Velvet Tension also got a D-, but that one almost doesn’t count. It is a really soft, handjob movie and also may have some strong niche appeal. The first serious contender for the title is Justin Slayer’s Dingo: When Big Ain’t Enough 2. This one is a contender in part because the girls are pretty hot and the budget is there. It should be a good movie, but it isn’t. The camera work is atrocious and it is impossible to watch. Mark this one down as a day one carry over as we discuss this issue further tomorrow. As always, comments and questions are welcome.

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