Rog Blog: Rose Bowl, Nomination Reactions and Worst Movies of 06


Rog Blog: January 2nd

Rose Bowl Hangover, RRCC Nomination Critique & Worst Movie

Rose Bowl Wow, two days later and I still can’t talk. (Why does Mrs. Rog have such a big smile on her face?) As I wrote a few days ago, my cousin came through with an extra ticket to the Rose Bowl at the last minute. I called my friends and arranged to tag along for the usual camp out that accompanies a trip to Pasadena. We got there at a little past 8AM and found a nice place right under a big tree. As much as I hate the Rose Bowl for the lack of facilities, horrible traffic flow and sardine seating, it is really tough to beat the surroundings. Sitting out there on the golf course with great friends, food and tunes, enjoying the sun on New Year’s Day, it’s just pretty sweet. It was a beautiful day as usual and even the twenty minute line to get into the Rose Bowl couldn’t dampen my spirits. (How exactly can it take that long to get into a place?) I had no idea where my ticket was when I said good bye to my friends and headed towards tunnel 5. When I came out from the tunnel it hit me, I was staring at the 50 yard line. I made my way down to the 8th row and when I found my seat I found myself resting right on the 46 yard line. Yeah, someone was looking out for me in a big way. Sitting in such great seats was only half the fun of course. The game itself was pretty damn sweet. The Trojans broke open a low scoring first half with an Arial attack that made some us wonder if Carson Palmer had snuck into the locker room and threw on Booty’s jersey. It wasn’t quite enough to wipe away the nightmares of Vince Young, but it was still pretty cool. So a big thank you to my cousin and her finance who scored me the tickets, to my friends who included me in the pre-game festivities, the Trojans for a great game and for the fans who seemed to handle the whole day with class and very little ugliness.

Eye Candy: Interracial action care of White Teens Black Cocks.

RRCC Nomination Critique: There have been a few emails coming in about the RRCC Nominations as well a bit of feedback over on as well. One poster there was quiet shocked that Penny Flame didn’t make the cut. Good call there. Penny is a very sexy woman who gives good scenes. She is one of that Bryan Xin’s Short & Sleazy earned a nod as Best All-Sex Movie. At least one poster also felt that Belladonna was unfairly left off the list as both director and performer. I like Bella as a performer and have nominated her for this award more than once. I just didn’t think she had that great a year. Yes, she returned to doing boy/girl scenes, but the spark just isn’t there. She is a high-energy performer who can handle rough sex scenes as well as anyone in the industry. In the past she did these scenes with genuine energy and a great deal of enthusiasm. The scenes I saw this year lacked those things. Lots of girls can limp their way through these Viagra-fueled hate fucks. At her best Bella is the kind of woman who can make these scenes work. I just didn’t see that this year. What I was a series of rather flat scenes from a woman who looks like she is either bored, jaded or both. From someone else, I might expect this. From Bella it’s a huge let down. As for her exclusion from the director category, I’m not as likely to see that argument. I’m sure I’m in the minority, but I am not impressed by the “look what I can make girls do for money” porn. I didn’t see anything in Bella’s movies that we couldn’t have seen from any number of hacky shooters out there taping lifeless prick cushion movies. Had she demanded from her stars the same energy she used to bring to the table, the I would agree totally. That’s just a sample of what you guys think. How about some love for some of the women, directors or movies that are often overlooked? Gianna maybe? It’s still fine to bag on my picks, but I know I got some of them right…right?

Eye Candy: We all know that Tory Lane can suck the chrome off of a trailer hitch, but check out her handy work on

Worse Movie of the Year: I did away with this award a few years ago and haven’t brought it back. Many of you asked about it because it was fun. Of course I was giving to Lizzy Borden every year and she actually has a really great sense of humor about it. I even joked about naming the award after Lizzy and she liked the idea. This year, there were seven movies that scored a dismal F rating. One of them was a compilation so I could come up with a six-dvd field from those. I could also add in a few of the D- movies. A few of them came from big companies and star directors (Justin Slayer) and probably deserve a look for the Lizzy Borden award. I’ll run down some of these tomorrow for fun. In the meantime, shoot me over your nominations for worst movie of the year. Let’s see if I missed some real stinkers.

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