Evil Angels: Asa Akira

Evil Angels: Asa Akira


395 Mins
Evil Angel
THEMES: Asa Akira, Anal Sex, Gapes, A2M, POV, Big Cocks, Lesbian Sex, Oil, Cum Swallowing, Strap On, Solo, Fem Domme, Face Sitting, Humiliation,
STARS: Asa Akira, Jynx Maze, Jessie Volt, Manuel Ferrara, Danny Wylde, Keni Styles


This volume of Evil Angel’s star themed compilation series is just perfect for me. It’s six freaking hours of Asa fucking Akira. What more could anyone ask for? She is the biggest star in adult entertainment in the last five years and this collection is perfect. Asa gets fucked in every possible way during this movie. The nine scenes come from nine different Evil Angel directors. They have her fucked by guys, girls and herself in this epic collection. Anal sex abounds, especially on the first disc. Her lengthy first scene with Jynx Maze is an anal and gape fetish fest. It’s also white hot and should not be missed. The Manuel Ferrara scene is really cool. The set up is laid back and fun and then the sex is just blistering. Disc one closes with another fantastic anal scene between Asa and Danny Wylde. These three scenes alone are worth the price of the DVD. Disc two gives us a lot of variety. The first scene on the second disc is a girl/girl tryst between Asa and Lea Lexis. I’m not a huge fan of girl on girl action, but this one is just white hot from start to finish. There is a second lesbian scene later on disc two. Jessie Volt gets to play with Asa and doesn’t play gently. Great strap on sex as she fucks Asa with a huge dong. We also get to see Asa in a hot POV and very artistic solo scene. And just to add something different we get a boy/girl with Keni Styles from one of Asa’s best movies ever. If you are a fan of Asa’s, you may have most of these movies already. You should still have this collection because it’s wall to wall perfection.

Asa Akira & Jynx Maze

Super hot opening scene starring Asa Akira and Jynx Maze. These two hot babes are wearing skin tight workout clothes and talk about how they are looking forward to making each other gape. They know how to play with each other and put on a great show. Asa knows how hot Jynx’s ass is and she makes sure to show off every inch for us. The tease is long and very ass-specific. He has the girls stand side by side, spread their cheeks and wink at him. Asa turns up the heat by tonguing Jynx’s tight butthole. Super hot, great eye candy and wonderfully filthy. This is why we love Asa Akira. Jynx returns the favor and even breaks out a speculum to really get up in there. The action definitely takes on a heavy ass fetish feel, but it’s well shot and the girls are gorgeous. If you don’t like it, skip ahead because things get even hotter. He finally gets his cock into the mix and the girls double up on it beautifully. The girls make it very messy, passing the dick back and forth and kissing periodically. The camera gets in really close while Asa is sucking cock and Jynx is eating his balls. That’s pure POV fantasy right there. Asa gets bent over and fucked in the ass. Jynx hangs around and provides a warm and willing mouth whenever he pops out. After making her gape, he switches the girls so now it’s Jynx’s turn to take it between her perfectly shaped cheeks. The anal action is great, but having the second girl right there for A2M and to add a pretty face to the eye candy is pretty frigging awesome. Add some bonus points if you are really into ass to mouth because there is a whole lot of it here. Three is a really great segment with Mike fucking Jynx in mish with Asa underneath him sucking his balls. That will make you stand up and take notice. He finally pulls out and shoots a load right into Asa’s mouth. She holds it there until Jynx can come up and they can swap it back and forth several times. This is hard core anal for over an hour and if you don’t love Asa by now then stick around there are still five more hours to go.

Asa Akira & Manuel Ferrara

With the camera rolling, Asa drives to see Manuel after shooting three scenes in one day. She takes the camera to New York where she shows us a little bit of where she grew up before a sexy solo. We also get to watch her rub lotion all over her body and get ready for the scene. Her routine includes playing her sweet pussy until it is nice and juicy. The build up to this scene is nothing short of perfect. This is why we have this disc, to see Asa being awesome. When she gets to his hotel we don’t wait long before they get down to action. They get on the bed and she grinds against his lap while they make out. Manuel grabs the camera for some super hot POV blowjob footage. Asa fingers herself while she sucks, staring right into the camera as she goes to town. He does a pretty good job of holding onto the camera while fucking her pretty face. She looks great sucking, but wants it in her pussy. Pulling her knees up to her chest she takes that massive dick deep inside of her tight hole. They bend her over right in front of the camera so we can see the expression on her face as she feels him bang her from behind. In between positions she is on her knees sucking cock or eating his balls like a good slut. Good mix of POV and second camera and throughout, her energy is fantastic. Her hands and mouth work out a big load that Asa spits onto her stomach so she can lick it up again before swallowing. Super hot POV action. If you have very wondered what it would be like to fuck Asa, this is probably as close it you can get.

Asa Akira & Danny Wylde

In this scene Asa wants to teach how to be a whore. The first lesson is to wear a sexy outfit and masturbate. Her stockings and little black outfit covers the first part and her fingers on pussy takes care of the second criteria. She breaks out a plug in vibrator and goes to town with it. Danny shows up thinking this is a class about flowers. Instead he learns quickly that Asa has other lessons in mind. She thinks that Danny will make a very good whore (And somewhere Rob Black is smirking) and uses her mouth on his long cock. Asa sits on his face and enjoys his tongue. Once he has done a good job she bends down to turn it into a hot 69. Danny learns his lessons well and smacks her gently before grabbing her head and fucking that pretty face. She rolls onto her back and spreads her legs really wide for the camera. Danny fucks that pretty faced pussy with deep hard strokes. They use a glass toy to get her ass good and ready for the final lesson. Of course every good whore has to take it up the ass. He fills the butt with his cock and pumps hard while she holds on for dear life. Asa reaches back and bangs her own butt while she sucks him off. This is really good anal action without feeling quite as over the top as the first scene did. For the final lesson, Asa shows us that all good whores are happy to take cum all over their faces and pretty bodies. Yep, she’s perfect folks.

Asa Akira & Lea Lexis

Disc two kicks off with a girl/girl affair between Asa and acrobatic hottie Lea Lexis. They share a deep and passionate kiss that gets pretty damn messy. Their wet clothes are see through which makes it hot when Lea pushes Asa’s panties aside to finger fuck her sweet slit. Their sex is part make out session, part power finger play and all hot. The oil gets thick as they slide all over the mat like some XXX rated wrestling divas. Eventually they get naked and really get down to the dirty goodness. Asa ends up on all fours reaching back to finger her ass with four fingers while Lea bangs her twat with four more. The oozing goo gets so thick that it looks like an outtake from Ghostbusters XXX, but neither lady slows down a bit. Great body shots here, especially when Lea gets a chance to show off her strong, lean and awesome she looks. Of course it doesn’t et much hotter than Asa with both of her feet pulled up over her head to be eaten raw.

Asa Akira & Keni Styles

In a change of pace, we see a very artsy turn from David Aaron Clark’s classic “Pure.” Asa and Keni hook up. If you haven’t seen this movie, get a copy. It is really good, super edgy and pretty much a perfect example of how Asa is not only hot, but also a talented actress. He fucks her raw while choking her and she responds by fucking back even harder. There were a lot of great scenes from that movie. This one is good, but out of context it doesn’t hold up like some of the pure gonzo scenes. You have to watch it as a whole to really get the heat. Nothing wrong with watching Asa fuck any time though and the scene is still strong. He pushes her legs up and really works that pussy in mish. They finish with a furious round of mish, a shot on her belly and a long kiss. Seriously folks, find this movie and watch it.

Asa Akira

Next up is a perfect piece of POV filth from Jonni Darkko. He is one of the very best in the business and Asa gives him everything she’s got in this one. She teases in a little pink outfit, shaking her tits and licking her lips invitingly. Down on the bed she begs for cock and he feeds it to her, strikingly slowly towards her face until her lips lock onto their target. He holds her head and fucks her face until she gags. Asa smiles as she manages to take a whole lot. Great close up shots as she works her mouth full of meat and shows off some of the best oral skills in the game. When he fills her mouth with cum she spits it into a champagne flute, enjoying it over and over again before swallowing. Round two has some hard core 69 with Asa staring right into the camera and deep throating like a champ. She eats a second load to finish off pure porn perfection.

Asa Akira & Jessie Volt

Blonde Jessie Volt puts Asa on her knees at once and shoves a super huge cock in her face. As she does with all cocks, Asa takes it lovingly into her mouth and caresses it with her lips and tongue. The outstanding blowjob earns her a healthy round of pussy licking form her cute blonde partner. The girls look really good together and have lots of heat. Lowering her pussy over the cock Asa stretches wide and works her hips until it’s buried in that tight hole. Turning her around, Jessie shows off Asa’s ass for the camera and gives it a lick. Proving that she can do more than just take it, Asa licks Jessie’s pussy and ass like they are made of candy. The grand finale features Asa opening up in doggy and backing up on that massive toy. Once she gets going, Jessie doesn’t stop. She rams that thing in super hard. Asa returns the favor and then serves up her gaping asshole for Jessie to eat in piledriver. Hot strap on action between two incredibly beautiful women here.

Asa Akira &

Standing over the camera Asa shifts gears into full femdomme mode. She taunts us, teases us and is more than a little bit insulting. It’s POV style with Asa spreading her cheeks rubbing it on the camera and calling us losers. This isn’t exactly my cup of tea, but we do get to look at one of the hottest bodies in all of porn and it’s good to see that Asa can play both sides of the dom/sub coin. She finally has a slave to truly smother. Sitting on his face, she makes him sniff her through her panties. Lots of face sitting here as he seems to be running out of air while trying to please her. She leaves to see her lover and comes home full. His job is the same and she sits on his face to feed him her lover’s load. Hot face sitting and humiliation if that turns you on.

Asa Akira

Finally get Asa in a bit of a fetish get up. Bobbi Starr directed this one and it has that look. She is latex with crotch less panties that leave her pussy lips sticking out. Asa rubs herself off and works a glass dildo in and out of her hot hole. Getting down on her knees in front of a mirror, she sucks off a dildo that is stuck to the wall. It’s like watching two of Asa as she slides beautiful up and down the shaft with her lips. This is a beautifully shot scene, but it’s also pure oral filth. Asa drools, gags and worships that cock with her hungry mouth. She moves to another room with a different outfit and squats on the floor while fingering herself. Sticking her ass up in the air she reaches band rams four fingers in there while talking dirty. Very, very hot solo fun to finish out a fantastic collection of scenes from the hottest woman in XXX.

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