Rog Blog: Reader Email, President Ford and the Award Nominations


Rog Blog: 12/28

Reader Email, Ford & RRCC

Happy Holidays Welcome back everyone. I trust you all had a wonderful Christmas and are ready to get back to work during this final week of the year. (Week? It’s Thursday already.) I had a really nice three days with my family. It’s always good to get away and have some good food, great company and of course, open presents. Santa (and his helpers) were very good to me this year. In addition to some great DVDs, books, new clothes and perhaps the single greatest universal remote control over, I ended up with a cool little hand held video camera. It’s just perfect for what I need to do on the site. Look out for some great promo videos from Vegas and perhaps even a few video interviews or blogs in the near future. Not to get all sappy or anything, but the greatest gift I got this year was another Christmas with my mother. Just a few months ago, we weren’t sure we would have her around and I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing it was to see her with the grandkids on her lap reading them stories around the tree.

Eye Candy: Yeah, let’s follow up that touching moment with some Love for Sexy Kat Young. How freaking hot is this girl.

Reader Email #1: One of my favorite email regulars, writes in about the Service Animals 23 Review.

Dave or Not Dave Writes:

“wasting time spraying the camera down with ‘bladder

Ha, bladder broth, good one Rog.

Rog Replies: Thanks Dave. That one actually made me chuckle a bit when I read it back. I just don’t know what to call it. I gave up on the whole ‘squirt’ thing a while ago. It is what it is and I got tired of calling it piss. So, bladder broth was born. Shall I add it to the glossary then? Does it have reader approval?

Eye Candy: From our friends at, a little Pillow fight action between two hot girls.

Dead Presidents: I’m always interested in the reaction of people when a high-profile person passes. President Ford was before my time. I vaguely remember him on TV, remember my parents saying that they had voted for him and that my teacher (4th grade I believe) refused to tell us who she had voted for in 1976. I haven’t done a lot of blog hopping because I’ve been hard at work around here for the last few days. I did just enough to see that some completely useless douchebags can’t even show a little restraint for a few days. When someone dies, how about we just let them die without all the stupid posturing? (I really hate it when it’s a blogger that I know is a lot younger than I am, ripping into someone who was before my time as if they lived through it. Dumbasses. See why I hate poli-cheers so much?) At any rate, the US should always honor its fallen Presidents. We should remember that we are able to put politics aside and see people as human, even if only for a few days. And before some of you even type the emails, the SAME thing holds true when President Carter dies. I don’t want to read about Iranian hostages, gas prices or any of that shit. I want to remember the good, the humanity and the service. Rest in Peace Mr. President.

Eye Candy And on yet another totally inappropriate note, Drunk Girls Playing Strip Something or Other

RRCC Nominations In case you missed it, the 2006 Critic’s Choice nominations are up and ready for your….input. Complete List Here.. Take a look and please feel free to comment, question, criticize or whatever you feel the need to do. I am putting up a comments page, so if you have been nominated and want to comment, email me something and I’ll put it up. We’re also doing a guess the winners thread over in the Forum so head over and guess the winners.

That’s all for today. Let’s see what kind of feedback we get on the nominations and maybe spend some time talking about this weekend. Take care.

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