Rog Blog: A Day in the Valley & Super Sized Movies


Rog Blog: 12/21

My Trip to the Valley & Super-Sized Movies

A Day In the Valley: I took a drive up to the Valley yesterday and it took all of about twenty minutes to remind me why I hate making the trip. After making my weekly appearance on Daily Noise, I posted the winners of the RRFF Polls and hit the road. One would think that a 60 mile trip at 12:30 on a Wednesday would be a fairly easy drive. Not the case at all. Traveling north on the 5 at about 15mph I was in a foul mood before I ever officially left Orange County. My first stop was at the AVN offices to return three huge boxes of DVDs that they sent for review before the award voting. I thought about popping in and saying hello, but figured they would be a little busy with all the changes. So I just dropped off the boxes at the warehouse and took off. Since Lizzy Borden’s 30th birthday celebration was at 9, I had a lot of time to kill. Since I had some Christmas shopping left to do, I called a friend and hit the mall.
I ended up walking the aisles in Wal-Mart looking desperately for a copy of “Topper” to no avail. In the middle of this search I got a call from Robby D. He seemed to get a kick out of the fact that my last minute shopping was not going well. We talked about the fan fave winners and a couple of recent reviews I wrote. (Control 4 and Jack’s Asian Adventure) Poor Robby is going to have to hang out with Celeste, Jana Cova, Sophia Santi and Shay Jordan in Vegas. Sometimes life is rough for a porn director. We’ll have to see how Robby does in the upcoming RRCC nominations. I did end up at Lizzy’s party eventually, but you’ll have to read tomorrow to find out how that went. (With pictures)

Eye Candy: Newly divorced Jenna Jameson looking really good on

Super Sized Movies: Is it just me, or are movies not only getting longer, but actually become better buys these days? In the past few days I have reviewed two movies that really struck me. Christoph Clark’s Angel Perverse 5 is eight scenes of Euro-babe anal action. It also has a running time of 4:49. That’s right folks, nearly five freaking hours of one movie. This isn’t a comp, it’s eight scenes of new action. Then I reviewed Gang Bang 5 from Red Light District. It’s a really cool two-disc set featuring Naomi and Sasha Grey. Each girl gets her own disc with a 70-plus minute gang bang followed by three older RLD scenes. That’s nearly six hours of action. Six of the scenes are comp material, but anyone who likes either of these women gets three great scenes on each disc in ADDITION to the gang bang. So I can’t help but think that in some cases we are just getting a whole lot more for our money these days. When I was watching the Clark movie, the first disc ended at just about the 2:20 mark. That used to be the high end for running time. Those old Anabolic and Evil Angel movies that ran 140 minutes were killer. Now they would seem short. So what do you guys think? Has there been an increase in the value we’re getting from DVDs these days? Do you look for long running times when you’re buying porn? Consider that you’re discussion question for the week. Drop me a line with your thoughts.

Eye Candy: Anyone remember just how hot Cheyenne Silver was? Wow.

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