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LT & the Record: Even though the game was out of reach, that last touchdown in the Charger game was fitting way to end the game. That LT would set the record in front of the home crowd was perfect. Also perfect was the way he choose to celebrate. No sooner did he cross the goal line (for the 29th time this season!) did LT turn to his teammates and motion for them to join him. No individual celebration for him. After the game, the word “I” never left his lips. It’s just really nice to see a pro athlete with that much talent who seems to have even more going for him off the field. Watching Marty tear up talking about the kind of man LT is kind of drives home the point. It also makes me think that someone is trying to make up for karmic nightmare that was Ryan Leaf

Eye Candy: has a new featured girl of the month and her name is Nicole Graves. Another hot babe from this awesome site.

Alt-Porn: So my friend Cindi over at has spend plenty of time defending alt-porn. I respect her opinion and like her personally, but I can’t understand the attraction. With all of the AVN nominated titles that have crossed my desk recently I have had a chance to check out more alt-porn. After a disastrous start with such massive turds as Killing Courtney Luv and of course the King of alt-porn crap fests Neu Wave Hookers I didn’t hold much hope for this latest fad. When Vivid gave NWH mastermind Eon McKai his own label over there, we all started the countdown to when they pulled the plug on this pretentious anti-porn movement. I watched a few movies that were decent, mostly thanks to either Kimberly Kane (Naked & Famous) and Joanna Angel (Joanna’s Angels 2). If everyone in the movement made movies like these two women, then perhaps I wouldn’t hate it so much. I certainly like the women and a change in music is long overdue on the porn scene. Still I have to throw it back to Cindi or even Monstar and find out what they hell they see in most of this stuff. How can a product survive when it so clearly has utter contempt for its core audience? Other than appealing to young bisexual males who want to watch pretentious art school drop out reels on the walls of a rave, what is purpose of alt-porn?

Eye Candy: She may be a punk rock girl, but Felix Vicious is way too hot to be saddled with the alt label.

Reggie Bush: I didn’t watch much of the Sunday night game, but I did manage to catch Reggie Bush’s awesome run. I know that he hasn’t made as smooth a transition into the pros as we might have thought, but he still shows flashes of utter brilliance. That swing pass and run was a perfect example of what I was able to watch for the last few years at USC. It is what I used to call the “Holy Shit” factor. At least once a week, he would turn in a move that left us all just muttering “holy shit.” I’ve never seen a player with a higher HS factor than Reggie and last night the world saw it.

That’s it for today….and it did it all without stooping so low as to call someone’s kids names. Imagine that. (Lighten up Tod. Smile and check your email.)

Eye Candy: A little Animated Porn to enjoy.

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