Rog Blog: Football, Video Clips & Christmas Shopping


Rog Blog: 12/10

Football, Video Clips and Christmas Shopping

Big Football Weekend I can’t believe that the NFL season is already winding down. A handful of teams can actually clinch playoff births this weekend, including my San Diego Chargers. If they take care of Denver and the Chiefs stumble then it’s playoff time for the bolts. Never would have though that. But hey, can the columnists at ESPN please stop comparing LT to Jim Brown, Barry Sanders and Walter Payton. He’s a great player and a great guy, but let’s hold off on the comparisons just a bit.

Eye Candy: Wanted Dead or Alive Faith Belle steals our hearts once again.

Video Clips: Some of you have already checked out Rog’s Video Clips on YouTube. The Justine Romee clip is still there, but the Brooke Skye vid was too hot for YouTube. I’m looking for more clips to put up there so this goes out to anyone reading. Let’s get some more video clip up there. Just something simple, mentioning the web site. Obviously hot girls are in demand so if any of you know a porn girl willing to plug the site (and their own) get them on video. Short clips on your digital camera will work. If any readers want to give it a shot, that’s cool too. I know you guys don’t want to see my ugly mug up there so let’s get them in.

Eye Candy: Speaking of Brooke Skye Here she is, looking hot.

Christmas Shopping: Once again I’m doing most of my shopping on line. I’ve made one trip to the mall and that is more than enough for me. Two good friends of mine are still in the market for some good stuff. If anyone a line on either of these items, we’ll put together a package of cash and some porn to make it worth your while. The first item is a Nintendo Wii. My good friend Indigo is looking for one of those and she is willing to pay retail+ shipping. I know that it’s worth more than that on Ebay so I’ll throw in 25 DVDs as a special thank you. The other item is the laptop for toy reviewer Savana. She’s still working hard, but has to use the computers at school so the reviews are coming in slowly. If anyone has a line on a basic, reliable laptop, I’ll take care of you with a big ole box of porn. Thanks as always guys and may your holiday shopping be pain free.

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