Web Cam Girl Interview: Glitch Matrix

Web Cam Girl Interview: Glitch Matrix

Live web cam shows have become the fastest growing form of adult entertainment. Cam girls work from the privacy of their own home and perform shows for fans around the world. Coming the best aspects of strip clubs, adult movies and custom videos, performers give their fans exactly what they want. As such, Cam Girls are becoming stars in adult entertainment and I have decided to start a series of interviews with some of the hottest web cam models in the business.



Glitch Matrix is a 23 year old busty beauty who has been camming on www.Streamate.com for just over two years. She spends her afternoons on cam, specializing in loud orgasms, anal play and of course showing off her amazing, all-natural assets. Thankfully for our purposes, she also knows how to talk, and turn us all on.

To see Glitch live, visit her at Glitch Matrix on Streamate

Follow Paige on Twitter @GlitchMatrix

Cam Girl Interview: Glitch Matrix

How long have you been camming and how did get into it?

I started camming after I was a peepshow girl in the area I live. I found that the client base was rather small and wanted a broader audience. I found Streamate and livejasmin and just decided that the online scene was for me. I’ve been camming on Streamate for 2 years and a smattering of months. Livejasmin has been a new adventure for me!

Why camming and not adult movies or stripping?

I debated on doing adult movies, but seeing as I’m married I just didn’t feel it would be right. I’ve always found sex to be a little personal and intimate. I would rather not share that part of myself with others, but rather have the fantasy. I did consider stripping at one point but I have two left feet, so I can’t dance worth a damn!

You cam for Streamate, what is the best thing about camming for them?

What I do love most about Streamate is their users. A lot of the users can be rude, sure, but the ones I’ve come to know and love mean something special to me. I love my pervy people, and it makes me smile to know they too are happy.

What is the most common request you get on cam?

Ones that I will fulfill or wont? Lol! The most common request I get is either anal or if I can bring my husband on cam. My Husband and I DO have a profile on Streamate (GlitchandDragon), but we get on very seldom.

What is the strangest request you have ever gotten?

Honestly, to talk about boxing. I mean, it was totally fun and I enjoyed it but I had never heard of a fetish for boxing before!

What is your favorite type of show to do?

I don’t really have a favorite. Any show that pleases my users is my favorite. I love being able to make people happy.

Do you have any kinky fetishes that you wish more people would ask for on cam?

I have a lot of kinky fetishes! Being tied up, electricity (like a violet wand), DP, being flogged. They aren’t as common as I may like, but that’s okay. ^-^

What is the one thing guys should never say to a cam girl?

Just don’t be rude, dude. We don’t care if you think we’re fat, ugly, hairy, etc. We’re us, and we’re people too. Just because we’re in the sex industry doesn’t mean we don’t deserve the same respect you’d give your mother (okay, well maybe not your mother…). We’re putting our bodies out there to be viewed for pleasure — are YOU doing the same? No. Just be polite!

What is the funniest thing that has ever happened to you while live on Streamate?

There are way too many instances to count. I can’t even think of one that would be the funniest.

If you could play any character from literature, TV or Film in a XXX parody scene who would it be?

Man I would have killed to be Jesse Jane in Pirates. So much action! But really, If I had a choice. I’d be Batman. Always be Batman.

What is your favorite technical feature on Streamate?

I love the “tag” system. It always makes me so happy to see what new, cute tags I have.

If you could only watch one show on TV right now, what would it be?

Firefly. -.- *Rages over it being cancelled*

Review the last book you read in twenty words or less.

Fuck. The last book I read was Outliers. It’s about what makes high-achievers different than everyone else.

What is your geekiest guilty pleasure?

Video Games. Oh god, I can’t get enough of them.

Finish this sentence “My day is not complete without….”

Water. =P Or Air. ;)

What Store can you never get out of without spending money?

To be honest? Any gaming store ever. Or Joann’s fabrics.

What is your favorite thing about being a cam model for Streamate?

Like I had said earlier, the people!

Complete this sentence: To be a successful cam girl a model has to….

Be herself. =]

What is one question you’ve never been asked, but always wanted to answer.

I can’t think of one really, I’ve been asked everything from “Do you do anal?” to “Who’s your favorite superhero?”

Finally, which model should I interview next?

Honestly I really love Rachel Storms. She’s been a bit of an inspiration to me. =D

To see Glitch live, visit her at Glitch Matrix on Streamate

Follow Paige on Twitter @GlitchMatrix



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