Temptation of Eve

Temptation of Eve


132 Mins
New Sensations
DIRECTOR: Jacky St. James
THEMES: Plot, Romance, Couples Porn, Cheating
STARS: Remy La Croix, Xander Corvus, India Summer, Bailey Blue, Tommy Pistol,


I watched this movie almost a year ago at award time. I was super impressed then and watching it again now, I am even more blown away. The writing and acting in this movie are among the best I have seen in years. The two leads, Remy La Croix and Xander Corvus are perfect. It’s a good thing they are this good. A script this outstanding would be a waste without great acting to go with it. Remy’s performance is deep, confused and yet wonderfully strong. Xander is creepy, charismatic and obsessed. They play off each other perfectly in a script that is engaging enough to enjoy without the sex. That’s right, I said it. It’s that good. Not that we want to skip the sex. It’s still porn after all. Besides, the sex is pretty good. India Summer stands out sexually. She is only in the movie for a bit, but is gorgeous and really hot with Xander. Bailey Blue also appears in a very energetic boff. I love her long legs and enthusiasm. Remy is the lead and her sex scenes are good. They are low key in compassion to the others, but match her acting performance perfectly. The scene with Xander is a perfect culmination of sexual tension and shows off Remy as a beautiful woman and a dynamic performer. Overall this is a fantastic movie with wonderful performances, a hot cast, really good sex and one of the very best XXX scripts in recent memory.

India Summer & Xander Corvus

Having house guests, doesn’t cramp Xander’s social life. He has India Summer over and on her way to being naked in seconds. Tearing her hose open, Xander gets to India’s pussy in no time. They strip together on the couch, never taking their eyes off of on another. India puts her mouth on his balls and sucks them hard while jerking him off. Great eye contact as she burns a hole right through him with her passionate stare. He turns her around and fucks her from behind. Holding onto her hips he drives that dick home in some really great looking footage. India is gorgeous and looks back over her shoulders to encourage him to fuck harder. The spoon footage looks really good and India reminds us once again that she is one of the hottest women in the industry. They finish up with a very spirited round of doggy that is perfect eye candy and solid sexual energy. He pulls out and paints her ass with a nice big load of ball batter.

Remy La Croix & Tommy Pistol

With all the sexual tension going on, Remy finally just jumps on Tommy while he sleeps. The low light and partially clothed sex make it a very soft scene at the start. They kiss for a while and then she throws her legs up in air so he can slam her hard. Remy’s mind is wandering, but it is still a rather intensely passionate scene. The lighting is subtle and sexy. Remy’s legs look good wrapped around Tommy’s body and in the middle she gives him a really good looking blowjob. He flips her over and spends some time licking her lovely ass from behind. From there he grabs her hips and works her in doggy for a while. From spoon, Tommy pulls out and shoots all over her belly. While romantic and moody, the overall eye candy here makes it pretty hot as well.

Bailey Blue & Xander Corvus

Bailey Blue is a blond with a history with Eve. She took her job and now she shows up for a date with Xander. The date goes well and the sex begins. Seizing on the opportunity to make things really uncomfortable, Xander pushes Bailey against the wall right outside of Eve’s door. Bailey has no idea she is being used and just wants to get his cock down her throat as quickly as possible. The little blonde is pretty good on her knees and he rewards her by picking her up and slamming her into the wall while impaled on his prick. They get into some pretty athletic positions with Bailey up on one leg. Nice eye candy to go along with the passionate fucking. She finishes up by jerking his load all over her chest.

Remy La Croix & Xander Corvus

Eve’s first time with Xander is a shown in flashback as the final scene. They were friends and eventually the attraction was just too great. Remy delivers a stunning blowjob with some great hand action and ball sucking. She lifts one leg and puts it on his shoulder to let him pump into her. They use the bathroom sink and fuck each other with same passion we have seen in the dialog scenes throughout this movie. The BJ in the middle of the scene is very hot, but watching her sit on him and ride has to be the highlight of the action. He shoots all over her. Though this was their first encounter, the story that unfolds after is what we have watched and it’s really fucking good.

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