Gym Nymphos

Gym Nymphos
186 Mins
THEMES: Sex at the Gym, Hard Bodies, Big Tits
STARS: Brandi Love, Jewels Jade, Kendra Lust, Diamon Jackson, Bill Bailey, Jonny Sins, Monique Alexander, Rachel Star, Richelle Ryan, Sammie Spades, Brooklyn Blue, Kieran Lee,


Take a bunch of hot girls, put them in the gym with well hung guys and what happens? OK, what happens in the Brazzers universe? Hot sweaty sex, that’s what happens, every time. This collection of babes is quite attractive and you will be pleased to know that they all have very athletic bodies and are energetic fucks. The sex really does match the theme of the movie and that’s a good thing. The opening mini orgy features four babes with very hard bodies taking on two big studs. Diamon Jackson comes out of this scene as the overall winner. Wow she is well built. But don’t miss the incredible abs on Kendra Lust and the super bubble butt on Brandi Love. Monique Alexander follows that one up with a fantastic scene. She is the instructor for a fat camp where banging her is the prize for losing the most weight. Monique is still gorgeous, a great fuck and the facial that closes the scene makes it the best of the bunch. Rachel Star gives a really good work out scene while Richelle Ryan is an extremely boisterous yoga instructor who will really get you going. The finale features Sammie Spades as a horny gym girl looking to score with the personal trainer. I really liked this scene. The pace was excellent and Sammie just puts on a great show. I’d go back and watch her scene over and over. Throw in a hot bonus scene with Brooklyn Blue and you have over three and a half hours of gym related porn that is guaranteed to get your pulse racing.

Brandi Love, Jewels Jade, Kendra Lust, Diamon Jackson, Bill Bailey & Jonny Sins

Brandi, Kendra, Diamond and Jewels are all competing in a fitness contest, Brazzers style, they show off for the judges in shorts and tight tops, displaying some rather impressive muscles in addition to their fantastic curves. Brandi is very cute, with a great bubble butt. Jewels has some serious guns on her. Diamond is the hottest girl overall and she continues to dominate the competition as they move to the swimsuit portion of the program. The tops come off of all of the girls and they get their tits oiled up. Now the fun really breaks out as the judges join them and the girls decide to love each other rather than compete. Pairing up, the girls share cock with Diamond and Kendra showing Johnny a whole lot of oral love. Brandi and Jewels double up on Bill for some hot brunette action. Johnny keeps Diamond busy on a table while Kendra moves over to become a third on Bill’s meat. The group action is pretty solid all the way around. The focus is on the tight bodies these four women bring to the table. Kendra has amazing abs, Brandi’s ass is rock hard and Diamond is just walking perfection. The girls line up on the floor and take two big loads across their open mouths. If you like hard bodies and hard sex, you will live this opening effort.

Monique Alexander & Johnny Sins

Monique is running a fat camp where the biggest loser gets to fuck her. She comes out all hard asses, laying into two flabby recruits in her sexy workout clothes. Johnny (all padded to look fat) can barely make it into the gym. Will her perfect body be motivation enough to get him into shape? His hard work pays off in a matter of hours and the newly chiseled Johnny gets to claim his prize. She drops to her knees and takes his big cock in her mouth. Monique is fucking pretty and any BJ scene always works well. Taking most of it down her throat, she shows him that his efforts are well worth the sweat. Johnny slides his meat between her tits and looks down at that pretty face knowing he gets to fuck her silly any minute. He gives her a little taste and then holds onto her hips while she mounts up and grinds on his big hard dick. Great ass shots as Monique goes totally cock crazy. They do some really good standing action with one foot up on his shoulder. See, Monique is quite the fitness freak and is a great prize. Great body shots as she bends her over a stair climber and lets her show off her legs while she gets pounded. She flips over and spreads really wide for some fantastic deep strokes. They finish out with Monique dropping to her knees and Johnny unloading all over that pretty face. Perfect ending to the hottest scene of the movie.

Rachel Star & Kieran Lee

Going for a straight work out themed tease sequence, Rachel Star shows off her body, especially that full, shaking booty. She is on the equipment and in tight workout clothes as the camera captures all of the fun angles. Her top comes off and that makes it easy for Kieran to come in behind her and grab those lovely tits in his hands. They are big enough for him to lean over her shoulder and suck a nipple. Eventually she spreads her legs and he eats that pretty pussy. Kieran just slips his dick right into that inviting slit while she rubs her clit. Rachel takes a break and sucks his cock. Really good POV footage here as she strokes and sucks that big cock with her finger and wet mouth. Her body gets shown off nicely in both cowgirl and reverse cowgirl. Rachel has great tits and an equally fine ass on display here. He finishes her off by blasting a huge load of hot cream all over her pretty mouth.

Richelle Ryan & Kieran Lee

Richelle Ryan teaches a hot yoga class. One of her students, Kieran Lee, is better at it than his chubby friend. Kieran is having some trouble though because he keeps focusing on her boobs. She lets them out and then smothers him with them. It’s playful and fun, but it also gets us right to the good stuff. Taking out his cock, Kieran feeds it to her and she inhales every last inch. Great blowjob and tit fucking footage here. He stands her up for a few strokes before letting her suck his cock clean. Kieran takes a break to lick and finger her pink folds until she is ready to get slammed again. Love her energy and the way she stays vocal as she enjoys every throbbing inch of his cock in her tight hole. He puts her on the bed and she is well ready for round two. Her legs look good up in the air as he goes really deep. I love the way Richelle always seems in a hurry to get to the next position. Kieran picks her up for some face to face action that has her singing his praises as that big cock repeatedly hits home. She is really wound up and goes off in reverse cowgirl as her shaves slit slams down on his rigid rod. He has a big load saved up for her face and happily blasts her with it. I loved the energy in this scene.

Sammie Spades & Johnny Sins

While Johnny is trying to work with one of his friend, Sammie is shaking her big ass on the Stairmaster. She falls off and Johnny runs over to help out. They engage in some seriously funny stretching routines. It’s dirty, sexy and worthy of a smile. Sammie shows him her best moves on a dance pole, explaining that she used to be a dancer as she shakes her sweet curves. Her moves get his attention and when her tits are in his mouth, she confesses to trying to get his attention the whole time. Sammie puts her lips around his cock and enthusiastically sucks on that big slab of meat. There is something about this sexy girl that I really like. She uses both hands on his cock, slaps her pretty face with it and basically acts like it’s the greatest thing since sliced bread. Johnny returns her enthusiasm by fingering and licking her shaved little slit. She has wanted to fuck him for a while and finally gets her chance when she bends over at the pool and he slides into her. Her curves look excellent in this position and she takes every thrusting inch with a big smile. She gets into reverse cowgirl and grinds her hips, looking at the camera like she knows exactly how hot she looks. There are bigger stars in this movie, but honestly Sammie holds her own thanks to a very sexy body and that mischievous look in her eyes. Their athletic pairing comes to a close when he shoots a load on her face.

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